Things To Consider Before Buying A Robot Lawn Mower

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

The market for robot lawn mowers is increasing significantly, and it will continue to grow in the coming years as well. Innovation and features are being developed at a rapid speed. You should look for several features and consider everything before purchasing a robot lawnmower. In this buying guide, we will talk about the things to consider before buying a robot lawnmower.

Lawn & Battery Size

The size of your lawn depends a lot on when you are searching for a right robot lawnmower. There are different sizes of lawns, and the cutting area won’t be the same as well. The entry-level models are equipped with small-sized batteries, and they are designed to cut small-sized yards only. Such models can cut down 400 meters at the maximum while the bigger lawnmowers can cut up to 3,000 square meters or more. The big lawnmowers have potent batteries, large cutting blades, and sturdy motors as well. They will be more expensive than the small-sized models. It would help if you saw what can fit in your budget or what size your lawn is.

Gradient Of Slope

The motor’s power needs to be checked and has more impact than the speed of the mower itself. The motor of the lawnmower needs to be sturdy, as cutting the steep areas is not possible without it. Usually, small-sized lawnmowers can easily handle steep areas, but if your garden has a rough spot, you need to consider the steepest gradient and then choose the perfect model. You can also calculate the gradient of your slop before purchasing a lawnmower.


Almost all the robotic lawnmowers have safety features, and it can prevent people or pets from getting into an unfortunate accident. They are programmed in such a way that whenever they hit an obstacle, they will stop down automatically. Apart from that, look for lift and tilt sensors that will automatically stop the blades when they hit something unexpectedly. The blades attached at the base of a robotic lawn mower cannot be accessed until you lift or tilt the mower. Safety features vary with different models, so you need to look at it as well.


Most of the robotic lawnmowers are equipped with a control panel that can allow you to adjust variables that is the days of cutting, hours, or height of the blades. The advanced level of robotic lawnmowers has built-in technology and features Wi-Fi and other useful features. It will help the user check the performance of the lawnmower on their Smartphone. Many other models have weather sensors, and they won’t cut in rainy or wet conditions and save the user from an accident too. If the lawnmower gets stuck, it will also notify you with an alarm. Checking the price range is another crucial factor, but it does not mean that features should be limited.


The robotic lawn mower should have a good LED display that is easy to understand. It is a good idea to check how the entire system actually works. You need to check out the manual and see if the display is easy to understand and clear.



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