Tips on Washing Your Motorcycle Using A Pressure Washer

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2020)

When you use an electric pressure washer for cleaning your motorcycle, it can make your work easy. The stains and dust can be removed without making much effort. At the same time, you have to be careful because overdoing it can be dangerous. To help you get rid of these issues, we will give some useful tips on washing your motorcycle with a pressure washer.

Choosing The Correct Pressure Washer

The first thing is to select the correct pressure washer for your motorbike. Many people assume that all pressure washers are the same, which is very wrong. Each pressure washer comes out in different shapes and sizes and is meant to be for specific cleaning work. If you want to clean the motorcycle without giving any damage to it, then you should choose something with 2000 PSI. Never purchase a gas pressure washer for motorcycle cleaning as its water pressure is extremely high and can fade the paint of the bike.

Use Brush OR Sponge

The best way is to clean the delicate areas is by using a brush or soft sponge. You also need to adjust the pressure of the water, so there’s no harm given to the bike. The micro-fiber sponge is a delicate yet affective sponge to clean your motorbike. If any area is hard to reach, then using an old toothbrush can do the task for you. The safety of you and your bike should be the topmost priority. Cleaning the bike can be an easy and straightforward task, but only if you follow the instructions correctly.

Position The Nozzle Correctly

If you happen to hear that the motorbike of a customer has been damaged, then the reason is the wrong position of the nozzle. If you position the nose too close, it will fade the paint, so keep the nozzle at least two to four inches away from the bike. If the blast of water is too loud, it will affect the wheel bearings as well. Sometimes the mud is too thick, but even then, you should maintain a proper distance while washing. You should avoid the rust and corrosion from developing inside the wires of the bike.

Avoid Pressure Washing

When you are washing your motorcycle, the best thing would be to avoid the bearings, chains, and other electrical parts. Although motorbikes are water-resistant because of safety concerns, it’s better not to splash water on delicate electrical parts. The signal switches and plug wires are fragile and may damage or cause an electric shock to the user. For cleaning such sensitive areas, you should keep a level of 1500 PSI. Don’t forget to position the nozzle at a distance of a few inches. You can use a soft fabric to clean off the bike at the end.

Preparation Is The Key

It will be much better if you stay away from commercial services and clean the bike yourself. You should never wash the bike if you have just arrived from a long trip. Allow it cool down and don’t spray cold water on it instantly; otherwise, it can damage the engine.



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