What Is A Rough Cut Mower?

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2020)

The rough cut mowers are designed for trimming tall grass, weeds, and bushes on rough and challenging terrain. Sometimes the grass and bushes that you need to cut cannot be handled with a standard push mower or riding mowers and this is where the rough cut mowers have to come in. The cutting jobs require a lot of patience and hard work, so if the mower is not suitable, you cannot complete your commercial tasks on time. In this buying guide, we will discuss what a rough cut mower is and why you need it.

What Makes A Rough Cut Mower Different From Other Mowers?

There are many differences among regular mower and rough cut mower. The rough cut mower is more durable and has a lot of powerful features. It has got a sturdy blade that will help you cut dense outgrowths. The blade is heavy duty and won’t break down even if you are cutting thick grass or even small trees. Many rough-cut mowers come with a stump jumper, and the best thing is that they immediately take a turn when hit by a rough surface like rock or stump. The spindle will not damage, and the user will be protected against accidents. The heavy-duty materials which are used for the construction of rough-cut mowers are durable.

They have also got decks that feature 11-12 gauge steel while the reinforcements underneath are also suitable for cutting. The large tires, powerful engines, and multi-speed transmission will help the user adjust the machine and its height according to user requirements. The thin and thick growth will be natural to handle when there are so many powerful features compared to a regular mower. They mostly weigh around 300 lbs, and it also gives the mower some momentum to push tall grass or saplings by using the front and lower bars.


The rough cut mowers come in two forms that are small push mowers and large pull behind decks. It will depend on what you need to cut, so purchasing the mower according to your needs is the right choice. With the walk-behind model, you can push the machine from one place to another, and it can even clean the toughest of spots. It is very suitable for cutting ditches and trails through the wooden areas. The most common rough cut mower is a walk-behind model, and they are very versatile and easy to use.

The pull behind rough cut mowers is an excellent option for those who want to cut massive patches inside the rough area. They have got more extensive decks and easy to move around. You will also need to have a new vehicle equipped with a PTO shaft and pull the rough deck with a lot of ease. If you don’t have those additional accessories, it will become an expensive option. Both types offer a clean-cut, and the operation is vibration-free. You can look at both the mowers and choose what is suitable for you.



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