Which Pressure Washer Is Better? Electric Powered Or Gas Powered?

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2020)

If you are finally out in the market and plan to buy a pressure washer, you will be highly confused. The reason is a common dilemma that will keep going on in your mind. Do I need an electric or gas-powered pressure? Many people assume that both do the same kind of tasks, but they look and function differently.

Power Ratings

If we talk about the pressure of an electric-powered washer, they give out 2000 PSI. They have a motor that features 15 amps easily. The axial cam design and induction motors have some other great features in most electric washers. Even the cheapest models of gas-powered pressure washers have much higher pressure when compared to electrical appliances. A standard model will produce a maximum of 2800 PSI, while the average one will produce 2500 PSI. This type of PSI is suitable for severe to easy cleaning jobs. Some commercially designed models can produce 7000 PSI, which is massive. These types of washers are only ideal for professionals.

Water Flow

The electric-powered pressure washer will deliver 1.4 to 1.5 GPM, and it will be challenging to find something more than that. The gas-powered pressure can efficiently deliver much more than 1.5 GPM, so in this feature as well, they turn out to be the winners. In many of the models, that highest GPM turns out to be more than 2.5, which is enormous. The gas pressure washers come packed with more reliable engines and durable pumps.


If you are looking for a pressure washer for the cleaning job at home, then electric pressure is the washer for you. The gas washers have harmful fumes which are not suitable for non-professionals. Many people buy the washers for the outdoor cleaning tasks, so we can’t pick a winner here. The electric pressure washers are light in weight and compact, but they need to be connected with an electrical outlet. The gas-powered appliances are more reliable and better for commercial use. The oil and filter also need frequent changes, which is why it is suitable for experts.

Diesel, Kerosene, Electric Pressure Washer

Almost all the pressure washers need diesel, Kerosene, or electric power to work. Most of them are an excellent choice for either domestic or commercial use. For the cleaning tasks to turn out to be perfect, the water needs to heat up to a certain level. The diesel and kerosene will warm up the water while the electricity will power up the unit effectively. The electric power could also be used for heating the water, but it will require a lot of hours; that is why hybrid designs were introduced.


The electric pressure washers are economical and come in compact designs and small sizes. The gas-powered pressure washers are more powerful and have more robust features, but proper maintenance is required for it. You need to make up your mind that for what purpose you are purchasing a washer. It is a matter of personal choice and the budget factor as well.



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