Best Binoculars For 100 Yards 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Usually, you can find that most binoculars available are ideal for long-distance viewing while you’re looking at buying binoculars. And sometimes, you can have trouble finding a short-range range of good quality. It would help if you had lenses that are more effective than binoculars for short-range target shooting, hunting in dense forests, and pistol shooting, but you do not need the high power or pricey price tag that comes with high-end binoculars. Also, short-range binoculars are suitable because they are lightweight and more compact than areas with a more extended range for birdwatchers, hikers, and outdoor naturists. It may seem like an arbitrary number to pick a binocular starting at 100 yards, but it’s a pretty decent one. Plinking away with a .22 rifle is a good range. Your full line of sight will always be restricted if you hunt through a lot of trees. It’s nice for the shooting range to be able to hit the nail on the head at 1,000 yards, but in real life, you’re probably talking about much shorter distances, especially if you have to think about shooting in areas where people spend a lot of time.

So, what is the Best Binoculars For 100 Yards distance? We have put together a list of some of the Best Binoculars For 100 yards, keeping short-range use in our purview.

Best Binoculars For 100 Yards (Comparison)

Bushnell Legend L-Series10x

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BNISE WR-1111B10x

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Vortex Optics Crossfire HD10x

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Bushnell Legend L-Series

Bushnell Legend L-Series

The principle of Bushnell splitting them in this way is an effort to give you the best possible performance within three different price ranges (in their opinion).

Series E

So you have the Bushnell Legend E Series binoculars as a base or starting point,


Series L

Then comes the L series, which, by incorporating several higher-end components, builds on the E series and is what I would describe as mid-to-high-range optics and generally offers the best bang for your buck, in my view.

The M Series

Finally, you have the Legend M series’s high-end binoculars that rely a little less on cash value and more on outright results.

The L series includes the most models in the Legend range (5): the 8×42 and 10×42 models are the most common, but there are also the larger 10×50 and high-power 12×50 models and the camouflaged 10×42 Realtree edition.

All use roof prisms and have a body shape with a single bridge.

Optical Functionality

  • Glass ED

The inclusion of extra-low dispersion glass elements inside their lenses is the most significant enhancement to these and sets them apart from the cheaper Legend E series. This ED glass helps them decrease the number of chromatic aberrations when the light passes through the lens. The effect is a view that shows fewer fringes of color around object’s edges.

  • Prisms By Prisms

The roof prisms used in the Bushnell Legend L-Series binoculars are made of high-quality BaK-4 glass, which is fine at this stage but should be expected.

However, what is right is that they have also handled them with a chemical coating that corrects a “phase shift” problem that happens to light when it passes through a roof prism. The outcome is a far higher view of the term than roof prism binos that do not have this.

Multi-Coated Completely

Then I have to check that the optics are fully multicoated, which is expected at this stage once again.

Extra Benefits

It is important to remember that Bushnell uses only glass that is lead-free and environmentally friendly.

The external surfaces that are “Hydrophobic” are often added with special lens coatings. This prevents water from collecting on the window, so you can not only see better when you use it in the rain, but it also prevents water stains and makes cleaning easier. This has a knock-on effect because you are less likely to stain lenses and are easier to clean.

Features Of The Exterior & Chassis

There is a very high-quality Magnesium Alloy Chassis in all Legend Series binoculars, which is an excellent start as many of their direct rivals at this stage would incorporate a less durable (but much cheaper) polycarbonate shell.

Waterproof & Fog proof

The binocular is sealed and therefore wholly waterproof, as you would imagine. It also ensures that the internal glass is produced by applying a dry gas to the interior. Fogging-up-protected.

Protecting Armour

Both versions are adaptable to protect the tripod and with protective rubber armor. Increased grip levels are the added advantages of this and make the instrument less reflective, helping with camouflage note. However, most versions are black, for the 10×42 model, Bushnell also made a RealTree Camouflage version.

Bushnell Unbox

  • Bushnell Binocular Legend L Sequence
  • Cloth Drawstring Bag for washing and storage
  • Belt Loop Holding Case for fast transport and storage
  • Neck Strap, making it simple to hold and use
  • Protecting glass with rubber lens covers

Reported Pros & Cons are:

ED & Lead-free GlassLoose Eyecups
Ultra-wide Field Of ViewLoose Lens Caps
Fully Weatherproof






With a wide measurement range of 396FT with 1000YDS, massive lens design, and 23MM lens, BNISE WR-1111B  marine binoculars are among the best in class rangefinders. These binocular provisions make it one of the most impressive and relaxed viewing experiences for objects without eye fatigue, dizziness, and a wide-angle and HD vision combination.

This set of binoculars is covered with slip-proof, noiseless waterproof rubber housing, along with webbing to give the group the ideal firm grip in any weather conditions, whether in the cold, heat, rain, seawater, or excessive rays of the sun. Also, extra protection against environmental damage comes with the device. These pairs of rangefinders are ultra-durable and feature an unbreakable inner Makrolon housing that can withstand the most stringent requirements while keeping its weight low. The military-grade’s extremely robust architecture can cope with the most significant shocks and vibrations while maintaining stability.

The collection also boasts an additional feature of providing nitrogen gas within the binocular, which, even under too severe conditions, including those of rainstorms and high humidity, prevents fogging and mold on internal lens surfaces.

The device’s lenses have a BAK4 Prism on them, which features a clear, sharp image to give and display every little detail of an object with vivid contrast. BAK-4 prism systems create a perfect three-dimensional image, and their construction increases light transmission.

Built-in Rangefinder Compass

  • Each time you observe from the eyepiece, there will be synchronization in the view; and then distance and objective size count
  • Switching the lighting to indicate the data in a dim light situation
  • NOTE: At night and day, this cannot block this turn.
  • Professional glass for optical use
  • To boost the quality of view and strengthen the transmission of light, we have equipped:

26mm eyepiece, more comprehensive view and more comfortable;

  • 50mm objective lens, more light coming in and brighter view drive
  • Completely multi-layer, sharper and clearer vision coating
  • BAK4 Porro prism, no dart tip, higher light transmittance.

Waterproof Nitrogen-filled

  • Instead of surface water-resistance, this 10×50 series is waterproof for professional floating.
  • Nitrogen-filled inside, avoiding leakage of dust or water inside
  • Durable rubber anti-slip structure, minimizing the risk of dropping or breaking

Reported Pros & Cons are:

BaK-4 PrismHeavy
Strengthened Non-slip Rubber Finish Gives Improved Shock Resistance
Integrated Directional Compass & Scale Rangefinder



Vortex Optics Crossfire HD

Vortex Optics Crossfire HD

The Vortex Optics Crossfire HD Binoculars from Vortex is a reliable option for an all-around optic, strong enough to observe distant objects and feature a generous objective lens for a bright shot. For watching nearby birds, animals, or insects, their 6 ‘close-focus distance is optimal. For comfortable use during hours of observation, they come with a Vortex GlassPak belt.

Using high-definition glass, an index-matched lens design, an XR Plus anti-reflective coating, and phase-correcting roof prisms, the Crossfire HD provide views with minimal chromatic aberration, excellent color accuracy, edge-to-edge sharpness, and optimum light transmission.

For Fog and waterproof output, the housing is nitrogen-filled and rubber armored for a non-slip grip. The short bridge provides your hands with plenty of space, and even when wearing gloves, the large focusing knob is simple to use. Twist-down eyecups are ideal for users wearing glasses. They can mount the Crossfire HD on a tripod for hands-free use and the steadiest view, using the separately sold tripod adapter.

Optical Performance

  • Magnification 12x
  • Objective 50mm lenses
  • Increase reception, visibility, and brightness with completely multicoated lenses
  • Roof prisms for phase-correction enhance the right color, contrast, and transmission.
  • The angle of view 5.2°
  • At 1000 yards, the 273 ‘linear field of view.
  • Birding-friendly 6 ‘Distance of near emphasis
  • Pupil exit: 4.2 mm
  • Relief of the eye: 15mm

Utilization & Handling

  • The short-hinge bridge eliminates weight and provides more weight for handling.
  • Slim form factor roof prism feature
  • Inter-pupillary distance adjustable: 60-75 mm
  • Oversized knurled wheel-focusing center
  • Textured right eyepiece diopter ring
  • Soft Tapered Silicone Eyecups Twist-up

Information About Construction

  • Harness with a zippered accessory pocket for GlassPak binoculars
  • A slip-resistant grip provides protective rubber armor.
  • Nitrogen-filled, waterproof and fog-proof

First Impressions

The Vortex Crossfire is fresh out of the box and elegant, lightweight and straightforward to handle. Via rubber tethers, the objective lens caps are affixed so that you can not lose them, and the eyepieces have a reversible one-piece cap with a flexible bridge. For those with smaller faces like mine, this is a useful feature as you can put the lids back on without flattening out or placing the binocular back at the full inter-pupillary distance to store them. The narrow roof prism design and large grip area will also make these desirable for those with small hands. The brace has a supportive foam collar.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Decent Resolution (Perfect For The Price)Not As Bright As 56mm Glasses (Short Field Depth)
Well Built
Better Than Most Operating Extendable Eyecups




In selecting the correct binoculars, the accuracy of your binoculars is also a significant factor. If you’re using your binoculars for a few journeys, then the quality does not matter as much. Still, if you choose to use it for a long time, then you should get binocular that is made of using high-quality materials and a high-quality framework to provide you with a long lifetime.

The binocular’s quality will also decide how well the features operate regularly, so if you use any of the features a lot, it is essential to get a quality binocular. Finalization

You will need a pair of waterproof binoculars, have the feature of a rangefinder, and can last through a lot of violence, whether you are going on a whale-watching trip or going to hunt in a wet environment. Since the details you get from a binocular rangefinder can help you in many circumstances, we highly recommend that you get one now so that you can report your findings much more accurately and that you can hunt much more effectively.



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