Best Crossbows For Home Defense 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Crossbows are ancient weapons, but when protecting your house, they can still be useful. Their reusable ammunition keeps the cost of practicing low. It is a matter of choosing lightweight, reliable, and relatively strong to find the right Crossbow for home protection. Especially for individuals who does not have much experience with crossbows, finding the right balance can be challenging. While we would not promote reckless shooting on this platform, at one time or another, when an intruder comes to your home, you will need the best Crossbow for self-defense. There are increased restrictions on purchasing weapons. You’ll need a tool that is accurate, effective, and strong.

Therefore, having the Crossbow for self-defense, a non-gun home defense device in your home, will be useful. I will describe the Best Crossbows For Home Defense in this article.

We have made a list that balances strength, usability, and reliability to make it a bit easier to search for the right Crossbow.

Best Crossbows For Home Defense (Comparison)

CrossbowsSpeed (Fps) 
Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR375

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter II350

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BladesUSA Eagle II222

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow comes with many unique features to add a new and exciting level to your archery game. Thanks to these features, users can take advantage of the equipment and improve their skills. Some of the benefits of this bow are:


When you want to hunt animals in the jungle, the Barnet White Tail Hunter is very handy. Without any complications, this Crossbow can strike and quickly destroy the target. Barnett is a famous brand, well-known for making excellent crossbows and many archery equipments. It has created several crossbow models that are suitable for individuals of various ability levels and interests. The Whitetail Hunter STRR is one of the best crossbows made by the company.


The Crossbow is compatible with the 118.6 ft-lbs kinetic energy BARNETT 17455 Crank cocking system. The floating bristle arrow retainer of the Soft Look is to avoid dry firing from the safety viewpoint. In the kit, finger safety reminders include string and rail lube wax. Relatively lightweight, with single bolt assembly and anti-dry fire TriggerTech trigger, the Fiberglass composite move through the riser. This comes as a ready-to-hunt kit that includes 4-32 millimeters Multi-Reticle Scope, two 22-inch Headhunter Arrows, Lightweight Quiver, Rope Cocking System, & Lube Wax.

Safe To Use & Easy Handling

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow guarantees users the utmost security. It features the proprietary Soft Lok floating bristle arrow retainer to stop dry shooting. This device can control the pressure of the arrow on the bow with this function. As a result, the chances of dry shooting are significantly alleviated. It is easy to catch, carry and transport since this bow is super lightweight. Besides keeping a snug grip on it, you can walk about easily without tiring your arms and shoulders.

Effortless Assembling

This one does not bring you through the tricky assembly, unlike conventional compound crossbows. At the time of installation, it calls for minor modifications, which can be done in no time without putting in too much effort. To mount all the attachments, only a single bolt is enough. Also, to assist with the setup, the kit comes with a manual that provides self-explanatory instructions. The one-bolt assembly, therefore, is straightforward and convenient.

Intense Shots

The bow provides the arrow with a significant amount of kinetic energy. Every shot is then released with excellent strength and intensely penetrates the target so that the game dies on the spot, with minimal pain. These two intense shots often assist you when the game is placed at a very long distance. This department is a specialist in meeting goals that are located at a distance.

Camouflage Exterior

The camo-exterior of the Mossy Oak bottomland is worth noting as it allows for protection in the wilderness. This inventive pattern keeps the gunman secret and gives him more space to trust during shooting.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Camouflage ExteriorStiff Cocking Device
Convenient Assembling




Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

All In One

A great option is Barnett Whitetail Hunter II. Barnett is one of the world’s most well-respected labels. With high-quality designs and materials that fires quickly and accurately, they generate modern crossbows. Barnett crossbows combine performance, good looks, and a price in a bundle that provides something for everyone. It is a lightweight, compact hunting crossbow powerhouse that is more than able to take down big game. It combines a high-quality crossbow base with the ability to pump fast arrows with plenty of kinetic energy while staying lightweight and compact for excellent maneuverability while hunting. Due to its size and guy, it is the perfect Crossbow for both experienced shooters and beginners.

Finest Quality

Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a commodity of high quality. It is a powerful and productive bow that is explicitly made in the USA. It has a unique function and is mostly installed with all the necessary accessories you need. It is one of the best compound bows. It comes with a cocked axel of 16.125 inches to axle width. It stays lightweight, making it excellent for tight spots for handling and maneuvering. It weighs 6.4 pounds, making it light. It has a draw weight of 150 pounds and an incredible pace of 350 fps. For hunters of all skill levels and sizes, particularly those with smaller frames, this makes it an excellent crossbow. It has a flexible Realtree Xtra pattern that allows you to hunt year-round easily.


For hunters on a budget, Barnett produced the Whitetail Hunter II, so this Crossbow is not fitted with a top of the line scope. You can get a regular 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope from Barnett with this Crossbow. It’s already mounted on the crossbow stock, and you’ve got to see it on your own. This scope has no light, has a clear vision, and offers 4x magnification. It is waterproof and shock-resistant as well.

Reliability & Construction

Barnett will never release a crossbow made of anything less than superior materials of high quality. Made of stainless steel, all components of the Crossbow make the weakest point reliable. Overall, it’s robust. At just 17.75 inches wide and 32.25 long, it is compact and lightweight. So it’s easy to fly long distances and keep your objective on track until you’re ready to shoot.

Easy Assembling & Usage

It is quick and shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to assemble the Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter. You’ll need the riser to be connected to the rail and stock, ensuring the cable and strings are in the right slot. Take a few hex bolts afterward to stabilize items.

Finally, what you need is to attach a quiver and a stirrup. The owner’s manual makes this super simple, and if you’ve never assembled a bow before, it shouldn’t scare you. The factory’s Whitetail Hunter II ships were primarily constructed. For fast cooking, it comes with a rope cocker. However, with an incorporated connection point, a crank cocking system may also be used.


It comes with the ability to fire 103 ft. lbs behind bolts of up to 350 fps. From K.E., It is well balanced so that the center of gravity lies closer than the front of the bow to the shooter. Compared with other mid-range crossbows, it shoots very well. The pull of the trigger is smooth, and the bolts fire correctly. This will be a feature that increases your accuracy if you do a lot of offhand shooting.

Power & Style

It has a draw weight of 160 pounds with 103 pounds of cinematic capacity. It offers plenty of power with excellent precision. It has plenty of power to chase almost all horses and take down your aim game.

Whitetail Hunter II equips with high definition camo in style, with attractive skull design patterns in the pattern. The skeletonized stock lightens this bow and also gives an edgy look.

Limbs & Stocks

This Crossbow also has several features that can be enjoyed by the utilitarian. It has logos on the split extremities and over the trigger guard. It has passing grip and finger guards to secure you.

His adjustable butt pad will help you find the sweet position when you are ready for the clip. Whitetail Hunter is right up your alley if you look for a crossbow that feels as good as it seems.

Trigger & Safety Specs

With a free TriggerTech trigger upgrade, the Whitetail Hunter II comes fitted. It’s one of the best triggers available today in the market. The money for this Crossbow is worth only the TriggerTech metal injection molded motivation. It’s one of the few triggers with zero creep and a smooth pull of about 3 pounds. Of course, to make sure you’ve correctly loaded the arrow, it comes with all the safety features, including anti-dry fire and even nock sensors. If you haven’t correctly loaded the arrows, the button won’t engage.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Compact & LightweightNo Shoulder Sling
Excellent Value For Money
High-Def Camo Pattern




BladesUSA Eagle II

BladesUSA Eagle II


BladesUSA Eagle II Crossbow resembles a rifle or shotgun rather than a bow. It has a wooden fore-grip that makes it look quite a little different from most crossbows. The drawing weight of this bow is 150 pounds. At around 222 fps, it shoots. That’s a lot of stability. It has a method that is easy-to-draw. That’s a 27-inch. It is one of the best crossbows for hunting and target shooting with handguns. To allow cocking, it comes fitted with a foot stirrup. Several crossbow reviews say that this is a fun, accurate, and powerful crossbow. It’s one of the cheaper models, but it’s worth it.


The vision of the Eagle 2 is quick and powerful and allows for windage and elevation changes. It is recommended to remove the included sight and add a red dot scope or multiple reticulum scope for extreme target shooting or hunting use. Any of these would significantly increase your precision and make it easier for you to destroy shots from longer ranges than you will use the sight included.

Design & Arrows

The Eagle 2 ships BladesUSA with two 14-inch bows. The arrows used here are aluminum and have a total weight of 229 grains, including the shaft, brass insert, and field trip. The Eagle 2 will work fine with any 14″ bows. The style, with its solid wood stock and foregrip, of the BladesUSA Eagle 2 is perfect. Aluminum is the rail and other components of the store and is very solid.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Unique DesignNo Warranty
Excellent Accuracy & Power
Attractive Solid Wood Stock & Foregrip



Guide For Best Crossbow For Home Defense

The silent activity is an essential advantage of Crossbow in its use as a self-defense weapon. Indeed, you don’t want your attacker or other people to know your position when you’re shooting or attacking your attacker.

The Crossbow does not have the characteristic noisy gun bang. Such a charge will draw the attention of the attacker and others. It may also reuse the “ammo” or bows of the Crossbow. You can move quickly to where the tool has landed and reuse it when it has not been damaged.

Interestingly, the Crossbow allows you to fire at a distance relative to weapons like knives and swords. Therefore, from a distance, you can easily target your attacker. This helps you to reduce the chance of your attacker’s close-range attack.

Finally, even though you are a novice using an arrow cross, you will reach high levels of precision when aiming at your attacker. The crossbow framework holds the bolt and the string, so you have to squeeze the trigger.



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