Best Crossbows For Self Defense 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Crossbows are antique weapons, but when defending your house, they can be helpful. Their reusable ammunition keeps rehearsing expenses low. Finding the right home defense crossbow means choosing one that is conservative, trustworthy, and sensibly amazing. Finding the best for you, particularly for people who do not have a lot of involvement with crossbows, can very well be elusive. There are increased restrictions on purchasing firearms. You’ll need a tool that is accurate, effective, and strong. We have compiled some of the Best Crossbows For Self Defense below. Do check them out.


  • In self-preservation, the most obvious strategic advantage offered by a crossbow is that it can take shots without making a noise. Unlike a gun that delivers a report that will give your enemies a chance to locate your area easily, the use of a crossbow will not reveal your location.
  • It is possible to reuse the bolts as you can easily lift and load it once again. This is because, after being shot, it is still in excellent shape.
  • As a result of its high infiltrating power, it is savage when terminating within its effective range.
  • Also, because of its lack of backlash while firing, a crossbow has greater accuracy compared to a weapon.
  • Finally, in places with strict gun rules, you can easily possess this kind of weapon.

Therefore, having the Crossbow for self-defense, which is a non-gun home defense device in your home, will be useful. Below details are the best crossbow you can get for self-defense in this article.

Best Crossbows For Self Defense (Comparison)

CrossbowDraw Weight 
XtremepowerUS Multifunctional Crossbow80 lbs

Check Price

KingsArchery Crossbow80 lbs

Check Price

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II160 lbs

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XtremepowerUS Multifunctional Crossbow

XtremepowerUS Multifunctional Crossbow

The XtremepowerUS Multifunctional Crossbow kit is suitable for hourly hunting and is made of forged steel for high durability. Fast speeds of up to 160 FPS are delivered by its computer cam system. This crossbow also features anti-dry fire and safety and defense mechanisms for auto-cocked triggers. For exceptional precision, it comes with a 4 x 32 mm lens and comes complete with an 8mm diameter steel ball.


One of the most user-friendly and realistic solutions available on the market today to quickly and precisely cock a crossbow. The fully adjustable stock and foregrip can be modified up to 0-2.5″ for a customized shoulder fit with confidence. The bow assembly is constructed for bone-crushing speed with pin-point precision 160 FPS with Pin-Point Accuracy equipped with 30” length driven by speed-inspired, Built-in Red Pointer sight to acquire targets easily and precisely this lightweight scope is well proportioned with fully coated optics for a crossbow with a scope of just 4 x 33 mm.

Content Package

  • Crossbowing
  • Scope
  • Fishing Fork Featherless
  • 2pcs Arrow of Featherless Hunting
  • Ball Set of Steel
  • The Red Pointer of Light
  • Torchlight
  • Bag Crossbow
  • Manual

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Made From Strong & Durable MaterialsThe Slug Release Does Not Work Very Smoothly
Precise Shots Straight Out Of The Box
Efficient Scope



KingsArchery Crossbow

KingsArchery Crossbow

Product Description

The KingsArchery 80lb Self-cocking Crossbow features a system of self-cocking that makes fast and simple shot after shot. There are already 3 aluminium arrow bolts in the kit itself, but this collection will include two 12-pack bonus aluminium arrow bolts to give you a total of 27 aluminum bolts! A spare crossbow string and caps combo will be alongside the bonus collection of crossbow arrows, so you will still have a spare of these vital things if you need it. There is also an adjustable sight to help you position your shots on your target. The bow limb is made of compressed fiber glass that is durable. The convenient self-cocking lever makes it simple and easy to use, allowing you to reload your arrows faster so that you can only shoot shot after shot. As well, remember to wax and check your strings to ensure that the screws are tightened as they can get loose over time. This product is also eligible for lifetime technical assistance and a limited 30-day warranty from KingsArchery.


  • Simple to use 80 lb of self-cocking crossbow
  • Includes a total of 27 aluminum arrows
  • The Bow consists of durable fiberglass
  • The self-cocking system makes it easier and faster to reload.
  • Contains string and caps for spare crossbows

Smart Crossbow

The crossbow is very good for people of all ages. KingsArchery provides 27 metrics that works faster and stay durable. Attaching or assembling nuts. It acts as a goal measurement and looks lovely as well.

Fastening Speed

For hunting, a crossbow requires speed. You get FPS speed comfort by creating a tool from KingsArchery. The quickest crossbow not only delivers easily, but also provides precise hits. Draw 80lbs crossbow weight with arrow and measurement point prior to shot. Just note, in your string, use wax and verify that the screws are tightened. This is it-shooting and tracking down your target.

Durable Fiber Glass Made Crossbow

Friendly crossbow by KingsArchery. The 3 aluminum arrow bolt package comes in 27 bolt packs. With an 80lbs bow, it is lighter to pull. For a bow made of fiberglass, it is simpler to set the indicator. In addition to the bow, sight for target measurement, limbs and string for protection of the wrist as well as precise shot hit.


KingsArchery is a well-recognized business in the field of archery and provides useful resources for archery in this market. The client likes the role of their product and takes their career with them. Expert shooters recommend the best crossbow. You are getting useful kits in the box for your preparation. That helps advance the development of your skills.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Self-Cocking Feature Is PerfectArrows Provided Are Only Applicable For Training
Budget Friendly



BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II

All In One

A great option is Barnett Whitetail Hunter II. Barnett is one of the world’s most well-respected labels. With high-quality designs and materials that fires quickly and accurately, they generate modern crossbows. Barnett crossbows combine performance, good looks, and a price in a bundle that provides something for everyone. It is a lightweight, compact hunting crossbow powerhouse that is more than able to take down big game. It combines a high-quality crossbow base with the ability to pump fast arrows with plenty of kinetic energy while staying lightweight and compact for excellent maneuverability while hunting. Due to its size and guy, it is the perfect Crossbow for both experienced shooters and beginners.

Finest Quality

Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 is a commodity of high quality. It is a powerful and productive bow that is explicitly made in the USA. It has a unique function and is mostly installed with all the necessary accessories you need. It is one of the best compound bows. It comes with a cocked axel of 16.125 inches to axle width. It stays lightweight, making it excellent for tight spots for handling and maneuvering. It weighs 6.4 pounds, making it light. It has a manageable weight of 150 pounds and an incredible pace of 350 FPS. For hunters of all skill levels and sizes, particularly those with smaller frames, this makes it an excellent crossbow. It has a flexible Realtree Xtra pattern that allows you to hunt year-round easily.


For hunters on a budget, Barnett produced the Whitetail Hunter II, so this Crossbow is not fitted with a top of the line scope. You can get a regular 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope from Barnett with this Crossbow. It’s already mounted on the crossbow stock, and you’ve got to see it on your own. This scope has no light, has a clear vision, and offers 4x magnification. It is waterproof and shock-resistant as well.

Reliability & Construction

Barnett will never release a crossbow made of anything less than superior materials of high quality. Made of stainless steel, all components of the Crossbow make the weakest point reliable. Overall, it’s robust. At just 18.25 inches wide and 34.25 inches long, it is compact and lightweight. So it’s easy to fly long distances and keep your objective on track until you’re ready to shoot.

Easy Assembling & Usage

It is quick and shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to assemble the Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter. You’ll need the riser to be connected to the rail and stock, ensuring the cable and strings are in the right slot. Take a few hex bolts afterward to stabilize items.

Finally, what you need is to attach a quiver and a stirrup. The owner’s manual makes this super simple, and if you’ve never assembled a bow before, it shouldn’t scare you. The factory’s Whitetail Hunter II ships were primarily constructed. For fast cocking, it comes with a rope cocker. However, with an incorporated connection point, a crank cocking system may also be used.


It comes with the ability to fire 103 ft. pounds behind bolts of up to 350 FPS. From K.E., It is well balanced so that the center of gravity lies closer than the front of the bow to the shooter. Compared with other mid-range crossbows, it shoots very well. The pull of the trigger is smooth, and the bolts fire correctly. This will be a feature that increases your accuracy if you do a lot of offhand shooting.

Power & Style

It has a draw weight of 150 pounds with 103 ft. pounds of cinematic capacity. It offers plenty of power with excellent precision. It has plenty of power to chase almost all horses and take down your aim game. Whitetail Hunter II comes with high definition camo in style, with attractive skull design patterns in the pattern. The skeletonized stock lightens this bow and also gives an edgy look.

Limbs & Stocks

This Crossbow also has several features that can be enjoyed by the utilitarian. It has logos on the split extremities and over the trigger guard. It has passing grip and finger guards to secure you. His adjustable butt pad will help you find the sweet position when you are ready for the clip. Whitetail Hunter is right up your alley if you look for a crossbow that feels as good as it seems.

Trigger & Safety Specs

With a free TriggerTech trigger upgrade, the Whitetail Hunter II comes fitted. It’s one of the best triggers available today in the market. The money for this Crossbow is worth only the TriggerTech metal injection molded motivation. It’s one of the few triggers with zero creep and a smooth pull of about 3 pounds. Of course, to make sure you’ve correctly loaded the arrow, it comes with all the safety features, including anti-dry fire and even nock sensors. If you haven’t correctly loaded the arrows, the button won’t engage.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Compact & LightweightNo Shoulder Sling
Excellent Value For MoneyDifficult For Novice
Accurate Crossbow




However, with any form of weapon, in a survival situation, there are advantages and drawbacks to using the crossbow and you need to be mindful of all of them. What follows is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of using a crossbow, based on various elements of the use of the bow.


The size and weight of the weapon is one of the main drawbacks of a crossbow when it comes to a survival scenario. Crossbows are bulky and voluminous, making them more of a hassle than a weapon to lug around. A crossbow is also much harder to hide than a weapon.

That said, the weapon normally comes with a good strap to hold it over your shoulder, making it a bit easier to carry, even though you have to deal with its weight and length.


The fact that it is quiet is one of the best things about a crossbow. You will not warn someone who may be near your position if you have to shoot an attacker or a hunting target. When stealth is needed, this is a distinct benefit. Having said the above about a crossbow, it is not the safest weapon to use in close quarters while it is quiet when firing.

Because of its size, if you do not have enough room in which to wield the weapon, it can be easy to make noise by knocking it into objects around you. This could bring the publicity that you hoped to prevent.


The main drawback of using a crossbow as a survival weapon is the fact that only one arrow or bolt can be loaded at a time.

And reloading after you shoot takes a lot of time (up to a minute if you’re inexperienced) and that time can cost you your life or your dinner. For this reason, you need to be an incredibly good shooter so that the first time you shoot, you reach your mark.


For anyone new to the use of the weapons, a crossbow is simpler to fire than it is when using a recurve or longbow. It is ready to go once the arrow is prepared.

The draw weight is always constant and once the arrow is released, there is no question about hand positioning and holding the draw.

Also, while it takes longer to load a crossbow, it really isn’t any different from a standard weapon when it comes to shooting it, particularly if the crossbow has a scope mounted on it. Essentially, you just aim and pull the trigger to release the arrow in almost the same way as you would fire a gun. You still have to learn to aim a crossbow properly after saying this. The first time, no one can pick up a weapon and be a precision shooter right off the bat and the crossbow is the same thing.

In order to become a good shooter, you will need to practice, which is important to ensure that you strike your target correctly the first time you shoot.


When using it for self-defense and hunting, a crossbow would not have the same range as a weapon, which is a drawback. You are looking at a 25- to 50-yard range with a decent crossbow, although some suggest up to 80 yards and even more than 100 yards are good.

The range depends in part on the arrow and your ability as an archer being used. You can shoot with a weapon at a much longer range than you can with a cross-bow. Having said that, statistically, most gunfire occurs within the range that a crossbow can accommodate conveniently.



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