Best Crossbows For Survival 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

A crossbow is a perfect weapon for small, medium, and large game hunting. It’s ideal for target practice as well. The modifications in crossbows help modern bow hunters practice their craft with greater accuracy, so if you’re getting into hunting but don’t want to deal with live ammunition, the crossbow is a great option. Technological advancements make today’s crossbows more potent than ever. There are plenty, however, to choose from them. You don’t have to be a skilled archer, and you don’t have to be interested in learning primitive survival skills to enjoy shooting in the market with the best survival bow. Using bow and arrow there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the most of your new urban survival skills.

Now let’s get this in the open right out there. Crossbows, mainly due to Daryl Dixon’s use (Norman Reedus) in The Walking Dead, have become one of the top alternate weapons of choice. But the real question is whether or not the crossbow will be a useful weapon in an apocalyptic or post-collapse situation in real life. While a firearm is the go-to for many when it comes to having a survival weapon, it turns out that, at least in many circumstances, the crossbow would make a good tool for self-defense as well as hunting. We have listed some of the Best Crossbows For Survival below. Do check them out.

However, as with any sort of weapon, the use of the crossbow in a survival situation has advantages and disadvantages, and you need to be conscious of all of them. What follows is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of using a crossbow, based on various aspects of bow use.

Best Crossbows For Survival (Comparison)

CrossbowSpeed (fps) 
Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR375

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Killer Instinct BOSS 405405

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CenterPoint Sniper 370370

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Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

High Performance

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR Compound Crossbow with full hunting accessory kit in Mossy oak Bottomland | Specs: 375 Feet Per Second, Weight 6.6 Pounds, Axle width 18.125 inches, Dimensions: 34.875 X 20.125 inches.


Composite fiberglass move through riser with single bolt assembly and TriggerTech anti-dry fire trigger.

Safety First

Smooth Look floating bristle arrow retainer to avoid dry firing| Finger Safety reminders| String and rail lube wax kit includes


It is compatible with Barnett 17455 System for Crank Cocking.118.6 Kinetic Energy (ft-lbs).

Ready To Hunt

4×32 mm Multi-Reticle Sight, two 22-inch Headhunter Bows, Lightweight Quiver, Rope Cocking System, & Lube Wax Mostly mounted vessels included in the kit.


Barnett will keep equipping them with the right crossbows as long as hunters keep hunting whitetails. The Whitetail Hunter STR, the latest addition to the famous Whitetail Hunter® series, creates a lightweight, manageable profile that can be handled by hunters of all sizes and abilities. Step-Through Riser (STR) technology, by incorporating the stirrup directly into the riser, reduces the crossbow’s length. This crossbow hunts light and fast-375 feet per second quickly, combined with an overall weight of only 6.6 pounds. With all the accessories you need and only one bolt essential for assembly, the Whitetail Hunter STR comes ready-to-hunt. Safety features include a Trigger Tech button, anti-dry fire technology, finger safety alerts, and a proprietary arrow retainer.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

High PerformancePoor Scope




Killer Instinct BOSS 405

Killer Instinct BOSS 405

Product Description

Killer Instinct BOSS 405 hits challenging targets at 405 feet per second, a lethal mix of high-octane firepower and agility. For smaller frame hunters, the 6-position AR-style buttstock shortens the total crossbow length but stretches easily to suit a range of medium to taller shooters as well. Killer Instinct is known for its durability and tack-driving precision provided by a new aluminum Micro-Lite barrel that removes excess weight while still providing dead-on accuracy. A balanced and compact shooting machine is created by the new X-Lok adjustable foregrip and easy-to-handle narrow frame. The Boss 405 is sure to yield deadly results, finished off with noise mitigating integrated Dead Silent Pack.

Characteristics Of Killer Crossbows

Killer currently provides two crossbows in their latest lineup. Sold under the name Killer Instinct, drawing weight and speed is the only real distinction between the two crossbows. A relatively lightweight (6.5 lbs. or so) crossbow that provides the right combination of speed, precision, and portability is the Killer Instinct line. Killer crossbows feature creep-free triggers and an anti-dry fire mechanism that will not allow the unloaded crossbow to fire. An adjustable front grip is also included in the Instinct 350 to enable you to customize how the crossbow suits you and your particular shooting style.

Kit Includes

Each Instinct 350 Killer comes as a complete kit and contains:

  • Crossbow the Killer Instinct
  • A reticle scope of 4×32 mm illuminated glass.
  • A tactical side mounts quiver for three arrows.
  • A cocking aid for a rope
  • Three carbon arrows of 20.”
  • Rail lube starter kit
  • Hardware and Tools for Assembly
  • Manual for Owner


On each of the crossbows, Killer Crossbows provides a limited lifetime warranty. The primary wear elements, including cords, wires, cams, etc., are not included, but all the essential things are included. The warranty is only valid for the original customer, so if you are looking at a used Killer Instinct, that is something to keep in mind.

Crossbow Killer Accessories

Killer only has a few accessories currently available in the market as a newer business to the world of crossbows. Each is discussed below in detail.

Arrows of Killer

Under the name of KillerTech, Killer offers their line of arrows. These arrows are available in 6 packs and are carbon arrows 20″ long. Pace, accuracy, and high kinetic energy are optimized for them. Everyone comes with a moon nock and Bohning X vanes preinstalled. You may need to supply your field points and big heads, as with many businesses.

Killer Cocking Devices

For use with their Killer Instinct crossbows, Killer provides a rope cocking system. The cocking system is designed to minimize felt draw weight by more than 50 percent and give an even cock for improved accuracy. A universal design that is usable with various crossbows in the market is the Killer rope cocker.

Scopes Of The Killer

With their crossbows, Killer offers a pro-grade 4×32 mm illuminated glass reticulum sight. The scope is of high quality, and keeping zero does an outstanding job. We considered the fit and finished to be exceptional, and it does a fantastic job of preventing the optics from fogging up with the coating on the lenses.

The Case

For the Instinct line, Killer provides a lightweight soft-side scenario. The case is designed for a crossbow with a narrow limb and has extra padding to ensure that your crossbow remains secure during transit. For adding extra gear and storage for your bows, the case also features tactical MOLLE loops on the exterior.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Killer also offers a KI Deadening™ string suppressor package in addition to the accessories mentioned above. These suppressors quickly mount to the top of the risers and do an outstanding job while firing to minimize string slap. They are reasonably priced and are an addition that we would suggest. A side mount tactical quiver bracket is also provided by Murderer. You can get your arrows in a more comfortable location than the standard cross mount seen on many other crossbows with the KI Deadening TAC quiver mount. This bracket connects under the crossbow to the Picatinny rail and allows the arrows to be stored along either side of the crossbow forend, increasing accessibility significantly.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Compact & LightweightOnly Three Bolts Included
Easy To Setup & Cock
Consistent Accuracy




CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370

The Name

CenterPoint Sniper 370 is a Crosman product, a leading airgun and crossbow manufacturer with many successful designs. The name fits this item, as it has tremendous precision and pace. This crossbow is small and lets you maneuver in the wild! So pack this crossbow and shoot like a pro while you’re out for hunting some deer or other big game. If books have a bestseller, we can claim Crosman has the Sniper 370. If you are looking for an affordable and robust crossbow while keeping an eye on the budget, you can choose one right away!


In our effort to help you find the right crossbow for years to come, here’s a peek at the Sniper 370 specifications:

  • 370FPS arrow speed,
  • Draw 185lbs, draw weight
  • 130lbs of kinetic energy,
  • Length of 36 inches,
  • 9 pounds by weight,
  • 5 lb trigger pull,
  • Twenty-one inches wide uncocked, 18 inches wide cocked.

These criteria are not all, but they help you determine whether it is a good match for your hunting needs. It did not feel sluggish like this bow; it was not too technical to comprehend either. This crossbow is also the right choice for beginners due to the simple assembly, and the advantage is that it is a full purchase with bolts, quiver, scope, shoulder sling, and a rope cocker. You’re not going to have to purchase accessories separately. Some of these accessories seem to be of cheaper material, however. On the CenterPoint Sniper 370, the protection system eliminates ill shots and the chance of injury. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is as easy as it sounds. It kills, it ends, like a real sniper, except without a sound!

Build & Design

The construction of any crossbow plays a crucial role in the field’s effectiveness. One Look at the CNC-machined cams tells you that at a staggering pace, the bolts will fly out! The composite limbs, similarly, hold the total weight to a minimum. This crossbow’s grace and lightness are enhanced by the CNC-machined rail, the aluminum riser, and the stock, giving it an edge. Beginners and experienced hunters like this crossbow equally, as the Sniper 370s draw weight, and lightweight style is manageable for all hunters. With the adjustable stock option, you can customize the crossbow according to your hunting style. The comfortable and smooth trigger makes shooting quick, while the quad limbs complete this bow’s Look and accuracy. You find a full hunting partner in the Centerpoint Sniper 370, which increases your experience and strengthens your hunting ability. You would not have to focus on pulling the trigger or holding the bolt. Now you can concentrate only on the goal, and it’ll be down sooner than you know! And many accessories, the Sniper 370 comes with it. To perfect your target, you can use the 4-32 scope, while the pass-through foregrip helps add balance. Since you do not see it on other crossbows within the same price range, the rail on this crossbow is a luxury feature.

Security Features

There are two active protection mechanisms on the Sniper 370 crossbow. One is the Anti-Dry Fire system, which eliminates incidents and injuries from dry fire. This trigger protection device decreases the probability of an ill shot, ensuring every time there is a direct hit. Many crossbows have only one of these protection mechanisms, but in every way, Sniper 370 provides you with a good time!


Each hunter welcomes the accessories that are included in the Sniper 370 purchase! Bolts made of carbon supplied by the manufacturer complement the crossbow speed and are light enough to rip through the air! A quiver for your arrows holds access to your hunting weapons, making you a fast hunter. Easy transport is possible with the shoulder sling that comes with your crossbow. Your arrows and crossbow stay in place while you stealthily step around in the bush! The rope cocker eliminates pressure, guaranteeing hours of hunting fun, to top it all.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

FastFront Heavy
Compact & Lightweight
Included Scope



A crossbow is a fantastic weapon in a post-collapse world, but it is not suitable in any survival scenario. If you have one target or time to reload between firing, a crossbow won’t help defend against a group of assailants

However, if you’re a decent shooter, you’ll have much more luck in a hunting situation. When hunting, you usually have one target and don’t have to think about reloading quickly after reaching the target. A crossbow makes a perfect firearm backup, and if you don’t have access to a firearm for whatever reason, a crossbow is an excellent second option.



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