Crossbow Maintenance Tips

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2021)

Proper Crossbow Maintenance is necessary to ensure optimum use and longevity from your purchase.

It takes time and effort for a good Hunt. The more time and effort you spend on average, the more shooting opportunities you have. If a weapon cannot maintain regularly, it can reduce its accuracy, equipment life reduced and cause weapons failure or personal injury.

Good chances are few and far, so you want to ensure that your gear is working when you fire once in a lifetime. Here are some tips to keep your bow crossbow to the best of its results.


Look for some sweets or snacks. We should replace anything out of the ordinary with the line. Apply cable wax as needed.


You want your string to be as pristine as possible, just as the cables. We place the string under a lot of pressure and can snap or hurt an individual hit. Apply wax string.


It should not crack your service, rips, or harm. It would help if you lubed this as well with serving wax so that your shots have as much strength as possible.


Make sure your cams move quickly and are not blurred or harmed. Your cams should have a visual sign (points for several models) that lets you know that it aligns your cams when you are visible.


Ensure that the limbs bend correctly and do not break or twist. Cracked limbs can be hazardous and should be fixed before using your crossbow because they are under tremendous strain.


Look at the riser to ensure that it is not strained or cracked.


Check that the fence is unimpeded. Use lube wax as needed.


Many moving parts are put under a lot of pressure so make sure your screws are tightened. However, stop tightening. We recommend a low strength lock for your crossbow screws.


Place an arrow on the flight line, and make sure that the arrow’s front does not lift upward. Check also that the retainer can keep the arrows continuously when the crossbow is pointing downward.


It would help if you didn’t shoot damaged arrows because they can cause a dry fire scenario that can destroy your arrows. Broken arrows will also avoid your shot and damage your target rather than a clean image. The key to verify is the nock since a disabled individual can cause a dry fire.

Get Rid Of Dirt

For this one, I suggest using compressed air in a can. Make sure you get rid of any dirt and dust within the rail and any nook or groove. Take 2 to 3 minutes to do this correctly.

  • Still do this after returning from a hunting trip.
  • If you see any dirt on the track, remove it before using any lubricant.

Crossbow maintenance is less demanding than regular bow maintenance, which often leads people to think it is of lesser significance. Nothing could be more accurate; if you keep your crossbow correctly, it will decrease your firing accuracy and individual component’s lifespan.



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