How To Take Care Of Your Binoculars?

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

Buying an expensive pair of binoculars makes absolutely no sense if you do not know how to keep your binoculars secure. Take care of your binoculars and they’ll take care of you with your binoculars. Some useful hints and suggestions to help you keep your binoculars are as follows.

New Purchaser

Buy binoculars that can endure the punishment you want, depending on the type of use, whether you don’t have binoculars or you intend to buy them. For example, make sure that the binoculars are waterproof, not water-resistant, if you are in water conditions. If you think there is a risk that because of your style of activities, your binoculars will be lost, make sure it will take assault.

Be Mindful Of The Abuse Factor

Find out how much abuse you can withstand with your binoculars. Contact the manufacturer to explain the circumstances for which you can use your binoculars and learn what it can and can not use for abuse. Once you understand how to break the binoculars, during those situations, avoid using your binoculars.

Using A Strap Always

Even if you are using a bino strap, always put the binocular strap around your neck. When the binoculars are picked up quickly and held with one hand without the strap around the neck, most binocular accidents happen. There will be certain times where you don’t have time to put the band around your neck or else the moment isn’t going to be there.

With A Strong Grip Catch The Harness & Check The Strap

Always ensure that when you are carrying your binoculars, you always have a strong grip on the case or the harness. Check the wear and tear of the strap regularly and if all portions of the strap are adequately secure. Check the clips or locking mechanism that holds the binoculars to the strap at all times.

Binocular Bring In Case

If your binoculars are not used, you can still keep them in a padded box. When the binoculars aren’t put back into the case, something always seems to happen to the binoculars. When you are done using it for the day, take a minute and put it back.

Do Not Leave Yourself In Direct Sunlight

Do not leave your binoculars for long periods of time in the hot sun or in the trunk of your vehicle. The heat can potentially cause your binoculars harm.

Carefully & Routinely Clean The Lenses

Read the procedure recommended by the manufacturers on how to clean the lenses. Before wiping or rubbing something on the glass of your binoculars, always try to blow any visible dust or dirt off the binocular lenses. Then, fog the binocular lens with your breath and gently brush off any leftover marks or spots from the binocular lens using a lens cleaning tool such as a Lens Pen or a prescribed lens cleaning cloth or tissue.

Salt Water Rinse Off

When salt water is on the glass or the lens can become scratched, do not try to clean the lenses with a lens cleaning cloth or tissue. First, Place the lens under gently flowing water (depending on whether the binoculars are waterproof or water-resistant.

Do Not Try Yourself To Fix Anything

No matter how easy a fix appears to be, let the issue be taken care of by a specialist.

The Life Of The Eyecups Extend

With an occasional wipe of a vinyl or rubber preservative on the rubber eye cups, you can prolong the life of the rubber eye cups. When your eye cups roll down, when you are done using your binoculars, still roll them up.



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