Tips On Choosing Binoculars For A Western Hunt

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

As they claim, the West is a place full of big games, full of promises, full of future trophies. As such, hunting in the West is the dream of most of this nation’s sportsmen and women. For this reason, many hunters consider this trip a significant investment that takes a lot of resources to pull off a good trip, including selecting the right binoculars for western hunting. If you’re there to go after Antelope, Cattle, Deer, or Moose, you’ve got to prepare carefully.

Optics and Glass are practically inseparable for a significant Western game. From the giant Rocky Mountains full of dark timber and aspen to wide-open and expansive views to massive juniper flats and rolling oak brush, Western hunting is full of scenarios. The games are often heavily spread through rugged, often untracked terrain.

The time of the season will determine your hunting style, depending on the game you are chasing. Without binoculars, relying on chance instead of skill, you’ll wander. Nearly all sportsmen and women know this. So, they still go for a high-quality pair of binoculars. We spend a great deal of time each season looking through the window, whether it’s open country antelope hunting, high country mule deer hunting, or archery elk. Having quality binoculars offers a decisive advantage when hunting in Wyoming’s vast landscapes. Here are three of our tips for a western search on picking binoculars.

Consider The Quality

A confusing thing to shop for could be binoculars. There’s a different opinion for everybody, and you’ll find choices ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Do not let it make your mind spin. However, it should not be difficult. Higher quality glass makes lighter, which is especially noticeable at dawn and dusk. At both ends of the day, it will prolong your glass time. Glass of high quality can also enhance sharpness, distortion and color, reducing eye strain on hunts that needs a lot of glassing.

To find a decent quality, you don’t have to buy an ultra-high-end binocular. But at various price points, there is a disparity inconsistency. You get what you’re paying for, like everything. Decide on the best budget you can afford when looking at binoculars and use that as your starting point.

See Size & Power

You want binoculars that will be flexible enough for any adventure when selecting optics for western hunting. You will need a combination of lightweight portability and adequate strength. In the 8-30 to 10-40 range, we usually suggest anything.

If you were to ask ten different guides, you’d get several different responses between 8x and 10x binos on the pros and cons. But most are likely to conclude that either is going to work just fine. In a lightweight and compact package that is simple to bring around on a mountain hunt, both will give you ample strength and field of vision.

Consider Warranty & Reliability

Finally, the binoculars will be jostled, rained on, pushed in backpacks and mocked in general. So longevity is essential as well. Be assured and choose quality binoculars that are waterproof and water resistant. In addition to longevity, make sure you inquire about the guarantee. Often it’s the warranty that can tip your decision one way or another when all other aspects seem similar.



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