Best CNC Machines For Beginners 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Woodworking is a profession that is widely popular all over the globe. Woodworking professionals can find it hard to perform woodworking tasks manually, so it is essential to have woodworking tools. An important tool that can make woodworking procedures easy and comfortable is the CNC machines. There are some great CNC machines available that are a perfect fit for beginners. The following are the three of the Best CNC Machines For Beginners available on the market right now.

Best CNC Machines For Beginners (Comparison)

CNC MachineWattage 
TopDirect CNC Machine5.5 W

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SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer120 W

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Yofuly 3018 Pro7 W

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TopDirect CNC Machine

TopDirect CNC Machine

The TopDirect CNC Laser engraver CNC kit is most suitable for beginners who have just started their woodwork business. The professionals who own a small business and need to handle small scale engraving and woodworking tasks can find this machine useful. The device comes packed with a router, and you can take down the router if you want to perform the functions without the router. The operation is made easy and comfortable using this machine because it comes packed with so many beautiful features. You don’t have to invest extra time to build and assemble the device as it comes constructed. It is well equipped and gives you all the power to perform your woodworking tasks. The device is easy to use, and if you follow the instructions, it will become easy for you to operate the machine as a beginner. It is durable and made with high-quality materials and guarantees you a long run for years to come. The device is incredible, and the cutting machine gives you so much space to handle the tasks conveniently. The router comes with a supported rail system that can make the tasks more easy and quick. It comes with a microprocessor that ensures that the machine works smoothly and swiftly. The control motion of the software is powerful and makes the machine move quickly during the operation. If you want to take up some engraving tasks and you are a complete beginner, this machine has some reasonable features that will help you get satisfactory results.

Upgraded Version

The Laser engraver model is the updated version and has all the features that were lacking in the previous model. The lower plate can now be installed quickly, and you don’t have to follow a lengthy procedure to assemble the lower plate. The installation mode is now improved and organized, and by following a few and straightforward steps, you can complete the assembling process. The speed and accuracy of the installation are also greatly improved as compared to the previous model.

Violet Laser Module

The violet laser module with a laser kit enables you to work more efficiently. The high laser promotes the engraving power of the machine. You can now print the images easily without investing a lot of time and effort. The images can be read directly in all file formats, which makes this machine a lot more versatile than before.


The CNC routers provide you with some of the best safety accessories that no other brand offers. The machine comes with high-quality safety goggles that can help you to use the device comfortably for long hours. The goggles will protect you from getting any injury in your eyes and will allow you to get precise and accurate results.

Simple Assembling

The machine is easy to assemble even for people who are not professionals. Most of the machine parts come assembled, and you don’t have to make any installations and follow lengthy procedures. The device’s core components are already firmly attached and assembled to the device when it arrives at your workshop. The machine can be hand-assembled by beginners. You have to follow the instructional steps, and you will be done with the process of installation.

Wide Range Of Use

The machine is suitable for a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, PCB, and soft material. Some CNC routers are not suitable for carving on harder materials, but this CNC router can help you to do that easily. The hard texture of items can be easily engraved and cut using the machine. If you have any further questions about the device, you can contact the team and inquire about it.

Can Be Easily Connected With Multiple Operating SystemsThe Wooden Construction Is Not Durable
Elaborate Cutting SpaceEngraves Flat Surface Only
Easy To Use & Assemble



SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

The SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer CNC Machine comes efficiently assembled and makes it more accessible from the beginning to the end. It is a new edition and is the latest model of the CNC routers in the market. The router comes packed with such great features that will be hard to find in other brands. The desktop CNC router will allow you to start your operation in 15 minutes. Most CNC machines take 2 hours to assemble, and then the process can be started. The other CNC router machines available are time-consuming and can make it hard for you to complete your operations in a quick time. The device is not challenging for the beginner to use and is also suitable for professionals. The new version of the machine is equipped with many new and improved parts and makes it one of the most favorable devices for professionals of woodworking business. It has an excellent design and also comes with some of the best features. The machine also offers unique safety features that can protect you from getting any injuries. If you are a beginner or own a small woodworking shop, this model is the perfect fit for you. It is available at a relatively affordable price and wouldn’t break your heart if you purchase it. It is an excellent addition to your tool kit and will help you to complete your operations efficiently.

High Quality

The CNC machine is made with good quality material and lasts for a long time to come. It has an aluminum design and has a durable and sturdy body. It offers stability and will allow you to operate the machine in the best possible way. The device comes in a blue color that makes it visually appealing as well. The premium looks and feel make the machine one of the best CNC router machines in the market.

Safe Design

The machine comes with acrylic baffles and can block the flying pieces of the materials. It can prevent any injuries and will help you to do a safe operation. You can monitor the engraving process easily because the machine comes with some of the best safety features.

Offline Controller Display

The machine comes with a standard offline controller that can help you to control the machine even offline. The controller is newly designed and comes with a 1.8 display and will allow you to view the readouts easily. The CNC router can be controlled easily by connecting it to a computer.

Laser Module

If you are a professional and want some exceptional features in your CNC machine, you can add a laser module kit to the device. It can make the engraving procedure simple and easy for you. It will allow you to explore your creativity and ability.

Pre Assembling Is EfficientNot Suitable For Aluminum
Made With High Quality Aluminum
Offline Controller




Yofuly 3018 Pro

Yofuly 3018 Pro

The Yofuly 3018 Pro can emit a power of 7000mW. The control engraving machine has got three -axis PCB milling carving machine. The aluminum heat sink is made with aircraft aluminum shell. It can control heat and ensure that there are no heat emissions. The best thing is that it is easily adjustable and connects well with different industrial laser graving machine and its equipment. You can rotate the laser from left to right, giving the device a better focus for handling engraving effects in a better way. The focal length will provide efficient and precise results. The power interface is integrated with the full metal and shielded with a sturdy shell. The USB interface can change, and you can plug into any device according to your requirements. The exterior casing is designed in such a way that it can ensure the long life of the control engraving machine. The top-quality fan protects the machine from heating up and lessens the number of emissions. If a short circuit occurs, it can automatically cut off the power supply and protect the machine from harmful damage.

High Quality New Version

The CNC 3018-pro has been upgraded with the latest features and is much better than the previous model named CNC 3018. The control board is equipped with the latest technology, which has improved the life span of the machine. The control board has a heat sink and external fan which are attached inside. The sturdy shell on the interiors makes the machine more durable.

New Offline Controller

The offline controller is equipped with 1 GB storage capacity, which means that you can now handle your tasks more efficiently. You don’t even need to connect it with a computer and adjust the X, Y, and Z-axis locations for engraving a variety of materials.

SD Card Reader

The CNC 3018 pro is highly equipped, and the SD card reader is another powerful feature. It will help store all the essential G-code files in the root directory. The best thing is that there is a spindle that you can open or close manually.

Laser Module

The laser module of this CNC machine has got a powerful 7000mW to deliver for the user. The laser focus is 0.1mm full, and it can give precise and concrete results. The laser engraving power is very high and will be available for long term use. The images are printed efficiently and will save directly into JPG, BMP, and SVG. There are safety goggles and other protective gear in the package you can wear before starting your work. You have to protect your eyes from the laser injury as it can be hazardous.

Wide Application

You can carry a wide range of applications with this powerful CNC machine. It is suitable for carve wood, bamboo, paper, leather, plastic acrylic, PCB, CCL. You can also handle metal surface paint and metal surface planting quite easily. It cannot work on metal, iron, glass, and stainless steel and jewelry. It can work well on silver, though, and provides the user will a lot of conveniences.

Easy To Install

There are many components, including the core ones that have already been assembled for the users. It doesn’t take much time to install the CNC3018 PRO machine, and it will take only 20 minutes. The structure is so stable and durable, which is easy to handle. There is a proper tutorial that contains all the necessary information about assembling.

Aluminum Heatsink

The outer shell of the CNC machine is constructed with an aircraft aluminum shell. There is a heat sink groove which can ensure the heat dissipation will lower down during the operation. It can emit a lot of power, and the spindles will adjust according to your requirements. You can rotate the focal length from left to right, which will give a good engraving effect.

Adjustable Focal Length

The CNC machine comes packed with an adjustable focal length, and you can adapt it to different industrial engraving machines. The machine types of equipment have different usages, which can be applied for woodworking, leather, and plastic work. Drilling holes into different materials will become very easy.

Offline Controller Has 1GB CapacityWooden Construction Isn’t Durable
Adjustable Focal Length
Sturdy Outer Shell



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