Best CNC Machines For Small Business 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

CNC routers are the perfect engraving tools if you have a working wood business. Some great CNC brands make good quality CNC machines for small business. If you own a small business and want to get the best router, then this post may be beneficial for you. Here are the three of the Best CNC Machines For Small Business available on the market today.

Best CNC Machines For Small Business (Comparison)

CNC MachineWattage 
SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO120 W

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BobsCNC Evolution 3600 W

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SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer120 W

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SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO is the perfect router if you want to carry out the operations related to CNC. The machine can also be useful for dealing with small woodworking activities. It is ideal for students who have just started learning about CNC routers and their working and can also be perfect for small business environments. The router is as durable as you want it to be, but it offers many great features and is a good value for the price you pay for it. It is perfect for light milling operations and is a useful tool if you run a small business. The motion control of the machine is incredible, and it helps to complete the CNC tasks quickly. The software is open source and is highly suitable for small shop owners and beginners. It is easy to use and is flexible to operate in any environment. The motor head of the machine is flexible and smooth and is perfect to use for various materials like softwood, soft aluminum and PCBs. It can engrave wood and plastic in the best way. The engraving results that you get using this machine are ideal, and you would be glad to add this CNC machine to your tool kit. It comes packed with some of the best features that can help to make the engraving easier. If you want to fine-tune the CNC machine or make it more flexible, then you must buy a laser engraver and attach it to the machine. This would help to make the machine more flexible and would prepare it to have smoother operations. The router is easy to assemble. It comes with an instructional CD, and if you play it along with installing the router, the task becomes pretty easy for you.

Power Adapter

Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO is new and improved router launched by the developers. The developers have made many safety improvements in this model which makes it a lot safer than before. The adapter of the router is more reliable to use, and you don’t have to be troubled about your safety anymore. The machine has a strong built and is prepared to give a durable and long-lasting performance. Even if you work with the laser module, you can work with the machine for a long time.


The machine is fully integrated and has some of the best integration features that make it one of the top model CNC machines in the market. Main board and custom software is integrated. The communication line between the hardware and software of the CNC router is seamless.


The machine is suitable for cutting various materials like wood, plastic, PVCs and soft aluminum. It can be used for multiple projects as it has appropriate features for handling massive duty projects. The CNC router can also handle and deal with several types of materials without any problems. The manufacturers have provided the instructions for assembling. If you get stuck and find it hard to manage the router, then you can contact the customer support team, and they will assist you with exceptional services.


The best thing about Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO is that it is designed for complete beginners. If you haven’t used a CNC machine before then, you can rest assured that you can use this machine by just following the instructions provided by the developers. The router tool is perfect if you want to start learning about CNC and its different projects. If you like woodworking as your hobby or are in the profession of woodworking, then this machine can be perfect for you.

Built With High Quality MaterialsDoesn’t Have A Limit Switch
Comes AssembledOperates With Open Source Software
Handles Soft Materials Well




BobsCNC Evolution 3

BobsCNC Evolution 3

If you are looking to manufacture your custom stuff at your workshop, then BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router is all you need to get. This functional machine comes with some of the best features that can help you to work efficiently with your CNC projects. The device comes with a lot of useful accessories like a wooden frame and a cut-out tool. The frame of the machine is sturdy and robust and is perfect if you build furniture. This is one of the best devices if you are into the business of engraving wood. The machine operates finely and gives you accurate results. If you love to build custom made stuff that people will fall in love with instantly, then you can’t go wrong with building stuff by this machine. It comes with a laser-cut that make the operation accurate. It comes with many accessories that are packed in a kit. You can install it to software for motion control as it is suitable for software. However, if you want to run it efficiently, you must connect it to a computer that runs on Windows operating systems. The CNC machine is not made for building large size cabinets and is suitable for smaller projects. If you own a small business and don’t have much experience using a CNC machine, then BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router may be the perfect bet for you.


BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router is accurate and can deliver a fantastic performance. It is suitable for all types of small projects. The router changes its direction the moment it gets instructions to do so. It comes with a high accuracy rate and will make your projects successful. It is a reliable machine that has a sturdy built which helps in giving accurate results. You will be able to create rounded corners for square and other engraving bits.


The CNC router is perfect if you are looking to handle woodworking projects. It has a sturdy construction and can perform flawlessly. The machine does engraving operations without any hassle. The operation is done quickly, and you don’t have to invest any extra time and effort to manage the tasks. It is a trusted performer and will be great for you if you have a small woodworking shop.


BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router comes with some of the best features and comes with a laser-cut frame. It comes with a rail system that helps the machine to move faster and quicker. The machine will help you to get proper carving on the wood and make it easy to use. You will be able to work with perfection and works with extra flexibility. The machine is capable of creating complex designs and works efficiently or extended hours.

Rigid Wood Frame Provides StabilityNot An Excellent Option For High Precision
Easy To AssembleProximity Switches Have A Bad Quality
G-code Based System



SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer is the latest version of 3018 Desktop CNC DIY kit series. The best thing is that it has not only updated to a new version it now comes pre-assembled for the users. It will just take about 15 minutes, and the assembly will be complete. The latest version is also based on Grbl v1.1 PROver and has a GRBL offline control as well. It has become more powerful but more silent than before. Toshiba TB6S109 will add more life and powerful performance to give more convenience. The machine has recently included Optocouplers, and it can protect the main board. The main board will be protected against any damage or hard stops. Usually, the CNC router machines make some noise when you are working with them, but this machine eliminates signal noise. You can handle your projects with more convenience, longevity and consistency. The body of the CNC router machine is made with aluminum and will give more stability if you are interested in milling. The quality of the machine is that you can mill a variety of materials and clean up more comfortable than before.

Efficient Pre-assembly

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC router is the newest and latest edition of 3018 desktop CNC. It has more power-packed features and comes packed with an efficient pre-assembly. You can assemble the machine in a matter of 15 minutes while earlier it used to take at least two hours for assembling. It will be the right choice for beginners and work well for professionals too.

High Quality

The CNC router machine is manufactured with high quality all aluminum body and the oxide blue look adds to the pleasing construction. It will give the machine a premium and clean look, but it may get some scratches so you will have to be careful. The high quality and smooth operation from this machine will help you tackle different projects.

Safety Design

The acrylic baffles are 5mm long, which means they can block any pieces of wood or other materials which are cut. You can safely monitor the machine without any blockages or damage to the machine. The engraving process will not take much time, and it will be easy to handle.

Offline Controller

The offline controller of the CNC machine is 1.8 inches wide and comes packed with a TFT LCD. The best thing is that you can view the readouts pretty easily, which are displayed very clearly on the LCD. You can even control the CNC without connecting it to a computer.

Laser Module

If you are a professional and experienced CNC engraving enthusiast, you will probably be looking for an upgrade. You should add a SainSmart laser module kit into the CNC router machine and make your work even better than before. The user can unleash the hidden talents and be more creative in the engraving process.

Safety Features

The CNC router machine has come packed with a lot of safety features while the design is something to look out for. The main board is also upgraded, and this is why it doesn’t create any noise. No matter you are beginners, a hobbyist or a professional, you can improve your commercial business with this machine.

Perfect For Every Type Of User

The beginners, hobbyists, crafters, woodworkers, industrial designers, educators, Engineers, Jewelers and many other people from different industries can make use of this machine. They can engrave a variety of materials and make their work hassle-free.

Emergency Stop Control

The PROver is equipped with a stop control, and this can work well if the project goes out of hand. You can stop the machine with the emergency control. The button is not only visible but also easy to operate. You can turn it on and off in a matter of a few seconds. The immediate shutdown system of the machine protects it from damage.

Acrylic Safety Baffles

The acrylic safety baffles is a newly added feature in this CNC machine. It will block the pieces of wood and other materials which are being cut. The machine will remain free of dust and other potential blockages. Each baffle is about 55m wide in length and very easy to use.

Made Of Suitable Quality MaterialsNo Limit Switch
Doesn’t Require Any AssemblingExterior Of The Machine Gets Scratched Easily
Easy To Operate & Handle




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