Best CNC Machines Under $2000 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

CNC machines are helpful for professionals because they can help turn the materials into the structures you envision. CNC machines must-have tool for every workshop owner as it can help them quickly do their tasks. CNC machines are a useful tool, and they tend to be expensive. If you are looking one of the Best CNC Machines Under $2000, we will be introducing you to some of the CNC machines that fall under your budget.

Best CNC Machines Under $2000 (Comparison)

CNC MachineWattage 
BobsCNC Evolution 4600 W

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BoTaiDaHong 3040400 W

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BobsCNC Evolution 3600 W

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BobsCNC Evolution 4

BobsCNC Evolution 4

The BobsCNC Evolution 4 is one of the most powerful CNC machines that can help you to simplify your tasks. It gives precise and accurate cutting and is a must-have tool kit for every professional. If you want to create your custom made products and are looking for a machine to simplify the procedure, this model of CNC machine would work best for you. It has powerful features and performs better than the rest of the CNC machines available in the market. The machine has got favorable reviews from all the people who have used it because it never fails to give out the best performance. The machine provides an ample space to work on, and your large scale projects are made easy and straightforward because of this fantastic CNC machine. The device has such great features, but it still comes at an affordable price. The CNC machines with similar features are way more expensive than Bobs CNC and sometimes lack efficiency. The machine delivers a wonderful performance and does the precise and accurate cutting. It can cut through hard and robust materials and doesn’t fail to impress you every time it comes in your hand. The assembling procedure of the machine is simple as most parts of this CNC router comes assembled. You have to read out the instructions carefully, and you will be done with the installation. The cutting tool of this CNC router is sharp, and it cuts through hard materials easily. Most professionals complain that they are not able to deal with large scale projects with most CNC machines. This model satisfies every professional’s needs and ranks as one of the best CNC machines in the market. If you are looking for a high-quality device at a budget-friendly price, then Bobs’ CNC evolution could be the best option.


The machine delivers a fantastic performance because it has all the powerful features required to perform demanding tasks. Engraving and carving have never been this simple before. The machine is accurate and will give you precise structures that you will be impressed with. If you want to do more than just engraving on softwoods, this machine can do that. It comes with a powerful motor and functions flawlessly for long durations.


The BobsCNC evolution has a sturdy frame that makes it a durable machine. It has a sturdy design and structure and can handle heavy-duty tasks. If you are a beginner and have just started your job as a woodworker, this machine will serve you best. The design is functional and lets you deal with some of the most demanding tasks. The rigid frame of the device is sturdy, and it gives a quality performance in every large or small job.


The machine is versatile and can perform various tasks without any problems. It has an excellent adjustment system that makes it suitable for almost any kind of job. The machine is efficient and adds more versatility to the router of this CNC machine. It gives clear and precise cuts and can cut through all types of materials. You can create circles or cut the material in any shape because the CNC machine will support you in everything you do.

Delivers Accurate ResultsUnstable Alignment Of The Screw
Large Workspace For Convenience
Rigid Laser Cut Frame




BoTaiDaHong 3040

BoTaiDaHong 3040

BoTaiDaHong drilling CNC machine has an effective operation and works significantly when you use it for a particular task. It is one of the lowest-priced CNC machines in the market and has powerful features. It is reasonably priced, but it still comes with great features. The machine can handle all kinds of CNC projects efficiently. It provides a large working area and can help you to work efficiently if you are taking up a large scale project. It can engrave various materials like wood, plastic, PCB, and PVC. It supports Linux and Windows XP and has significant features despite the low price range. The machine is popular because it is flexible and can deal with all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. It is easy to set up and is also easy to use. It is portable and lightweight and can be carried around easily while you perform your tasks. The best thing about this CNC router is that it is equipped with the best control and support system that makes this machine one of the best choices in the market. It can be operated with software that is sold separately. The plate of the CNC router is made with aluminum steel that makes it one of the most durable CNC routers in the market. The sturdy built and design of the machine makes it an excellent tool for every professional. It delivers smooth and accurate cuts and gives efficient performance.

Simple Operation

The machine is equipped with the best machinery and comes with great features. It is simple to operate, and the installation of the CNC machine is also easy. It can be easily controlled by the computer and can give an efficient performance for many years to come. The aluminum alloy frame makes it sturdy and durable and makes it one of the best picks in the market right now. The machine’s design may look fragile at first sight, but when you use it, you will realize that it has all the power that a CNC machine requires. The device is sturdy and robust and is able to handle challenging tasks.

Safety Features

Most CNC machines don’t have sufficient safety features and can be dangerous for the user sometimes. BoTaiDaHong drilling CNC machine comes with an emergency stop button that can help stop the engine in an emergency. It also enhances security and makes it safe to use and operate. The machine delivers excellent performance and can make the engraving more precise and efficient.


The machine is versatile and can cut through hard and sturdy materials easily. The sizeable 3D engraving of the device is satisfactory and doesn’t fail to impress you. The device is versatile and can be suitable for professionals and beginners. It can also be an excellent machine for hobbyists as it comes at an affordable price.

Spindle Motor

The model of the CNC machine comes with a spindle motor and can work efficiently for hours. It runs at high speed and can cut through sturdy materials without much hassle. The machine can cut through your pieces with high precision and accuracy. It also has a stepper motor that can engrave more precisely than any other CNC machine in the market.

Can Be Used Independently Without A ComputerSome Of The Parts Are Made With Plastic
Efficient MotorIssues With The Control System
Easy To Operate



BobsCNC Evolution 3

BobsCNC Evolution 3

BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC router Kit has a router connected with it. The CNC router can cover a cutting area of around 16-18 inches. It can be connected to a USB port and will run on Window, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The laser-cut frame is rigid, and you can handle different projects with it. There is a belt drive on the X and Y axis, and you need to have a little understanding of it. SG20U supported rail system is another useful feature that comes out as a winner for the user. The Z-axis has an ACME TR8, which helps you cut any frame. If you are a student and want some training with the CNC machines, this can be the right choice. It also happens to be a good choice for beginners as the CNC engraving kit comes at an affordable price. It doesn’t come pre-assembled, so you need to be assembling the machine at home on your own. The assembling can take up two to three days to complete, but it will help you understand the working of the device in a much better way. The best thing is that the cost of the machine will remain low if you maintain it well.


BobsCNC Evolution 3 comes into pieces, and the user has to assemble it at home. It will probably take a day or two to complete the assembling process. The best thing is that the machine’s cost can be kept low in this situation, and you will know about the inner working of the device very well. When you have a good understand of the machine, your work will become easy.


The construction of the CNC engraving machine is done with wood, and you have to self-assemble it. Even though it comes out at an affordable price, the features are power-packed. It will give the user a pleasant experience. You will not need batteries to run it as it can run smoothly when connected with the computer.


You will be surprised to see that the CNC router will surpass your expectations. The casing is rigorous, and it will produce quality work no matter what type of project you are handling. It doesn’t create any noise, and emissions levels are lowered when you are working to engraving various materials.


BobsCNC Evolution 3 comes packed with a router and a microprocessor. It has to be connected with a computer to start working, and that can be done using a USB port. It can run on Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. The CNC machine is the right choice if you are interested in woodworking or milling. You can also use this machine as a grinder or laser machine.

Cutting Area

BobsCNC Evolution 3 is very efficient at handling different types of projects. It covers a cutting area of 16 x 18 inches and travels around a small area of 3.3 inches. You can use the machine like a lathe, router, welder, and grinder. It is a perfect choice for beginners and students interested in knowing the working of this machine.

X, Y, & Z-axis

The best quality of this CNC machine is that it comes packed with the most powerful features. There is a GT2 belt drive on the X and Y axis, which can help you complete your project quickly. The Z-axis has ACME TR8, which is also a unique feature not found in other similar machines.


The weight of this CNC machine is 32 pounds, which makes it portable. You can carry it anywhere you want to, and the best thing is that it won’t even take up much space. It can cut many materials and delivers 115 Volts.


The CNC machine is affordable and a perfect choice for beginners. It will teach you how you can work well and get precise and accurate cutting results. If you maintain it well, the machine can last long without giving any extra costs and disrupting your budget. The assembly manual is quite good as it contains a lot of information and helps you assemble without much effort.

AffordableCutting Area Is Not Very Wide
Precise & Accurate Results



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