Best Hardware Firewalls For Home 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Online safety is also essential, just like the physical security of your home. All of us want to ensure the best protocols in place. If you are looking for the right firewall for home use and wish to keep your data secure and prevented by unauthorized access, then getting a firewall is a good option.

Most homes in the world have access to the internet. When connected to a network, sensitive data has a chance to get stolen, malware, ransomware, and key-loggers can be installed by hackers to hijack your device. People use the internet at home for a variety of reasons.

If your children are playing games and you check your bank balance often then, it’s important to keep devices private and secure. We will be listing down some of the Best Hardware Firewalls For Home and minimizing the risk of malicious software installed on your systems.

Best Hardware Firewalls For Home (Comparison)

Hardware FirewallPorts 
Cisco ASA5506-K98

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Protectli Vault FW6A6

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Cisco ASA5506-K9

Cisco ASA5506-K9

Cisco ASA5506-K9 Network Security Firewall is designed for home use and can also be perfect for a business setting. The model comes with an ASA5506-K9 system and offers unified threat management. It comes with various features, including application control; web filtering, firewall, IPS, and application control. This network security firewall also offers a VPN and advanced threat protection. The network also protects you against the known threats and will prevent your system from the risk of any expected threat. Cisco’s continuous threat intelligence features ensure that the firewall for home recognizes the newer threats when they become apparent. In addition to this, the system can do dynamic analysis and offer protection from the unknown threats that are not too apparent. The firewall features a 950Mbps firewall and provides the best threat protection that you will need for your home system. It offers an exceptional level of protection that will exceed the expectations of home and business owners. If you want to use the internet safely and don’t want your personal information to be leaked to the hackers, then the Cisco Network security firewall is the best choice for you.

Wireless Access Point

Cisco can operate as a wireless access point and comes with a controller that works efficiently. It comes with an extended wireless capability. It doesn’t come with a wireless interface of its own, but it offers 4 LAN points. The 1Gbps data transfers help you to keep your data safe and protected.

Exceptional Security System

The network security firewall offers exceptional security and is perfect for home and business networks. The device is reasonably priced and would not break your bank. The home-based system will provide you with the best security that you wish to get for your home. The device comes with enhanced features, and the advanced threat protection provides you with an exemplary service.

SSL Inspection

The growing trend of encrypted threats has made firewall protection even more necessary for your home. The Cisco hardware firewall also provides SSL inspection and DPI SSL inspection. The device can handle additional access points, and the home users will be fully satisfied with Cisco’s functionality and security.

Customization Options

The Cisco hardware firewall unit comes with several customization options. Some home users feel that the customization options are hard to deal with without any prior experience. The manual is provided along with the device to follow the instructions to change the default settings. However, the default settings are useful and provide sufficient protection to the majority of home users and business owners.


The Cisco Hardware Firewall provides enterprise-grade threat protection. It ensures complete online protection in a business setting and home setting. If you are using the internet to shop for products online or your children play games, you can trust the security system at all costs. The model will keep your data safe and will help you to catch up with your work.

Eight PortsMight Not Be Suitable For A Single Data Center
Advanced Malware ProtectionLithium Metal Batteries Required To Make It Work
Integrated Threat Defense






ZyXEL ZYWALL 110 VPN Firewall has been designed with multi-core CPUs and gives the best and the fastest VPN and firewall performance. It gives an unmatchable performance and beats the rest of the firewall available in the market.

The device has a high-speed networking performance, and it can go up to 1 Gbps firewall and give an outstanding performance. The device is designed with a300 Mbps VPN and keeps up with the high bandwidth of the demands that the home users and business owners expect. The device gives a powerful performance and can handle today’s applications and help you achieve optimal performance without sacrificing security.

The device is designed with innovative and completely new and advanced hardware platforms. The ZyWALL110 VPN Firewall can deliver uncompromising performance and will go on high-speed site-to-site and can also deal with client-to-site VPN.

The brand Zyxel has manufactured this model using the latest technologies and strives to maximize consumer satisfaction. You would not regret getting the product because it is made with excellent materials. The brand boasts of reliability and provides you with a quality firewall that can help to protect your online security. The good news is that the device comes with a lifetime warranty.

Reliable VPN Connections

Today’s processors have become fast and have increased the capabilities and possibilities for hackers to decrypt VPN tunnels. The VPN cryptographic algorithms and Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) will not guarantee the secure outbound communications you wish to protect. The firewall supports the more advanced Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) and provides the safest and fastest VPN connections that no other product offers. It also ensures maximum security and is sufficient for business communications.

Reliable Performance

The Zyxel VPN Firewalls delivers a reliable and non-stop VPN services that you are expecting from a firewall. The device comes with dual-WAN failover and also comes with fallback support. It also comes with two WAN connections. One primary and one for redundancy and the Zyxel VPN Firewalls can switch to the backup connection automatically. If the primary link fails, then the switch returns to the primary connection once it comes back online.

Zero-Configuration Remote Access

The device comes with Virtual private networks and will provide your businesses with a secure and convenient way. It helps you to share company resources with partners and your customers. The device has typical VPN solutions and is suitable for non-technical users and will help you to configure. This will reduce their usability and will bring convenience to the users.

Unlimited Business Mobility

The Firewall promotes dynamic, mobile business operations and will help you build a safe and secure business environment. TheZyWALL110 VPN Firewall offers unlimited business mobility, and the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) VPN is perfect for mobile devices.

Enhanced Customer Convenience

The Firewall will help you to locate firmware updates and will also identify correct versions for your device. It also manages the installation procedure well. The ZyWALL110 VPN Firewall solves the installation issue with its new Cloud Helper service.

Cloud Helper FeatureDevice Is A Bit Loud
SecureVPN Disconnects Often
Compatible With iOS, Android & Windows



Protectli Vault FW6A

Protectli Vault FW6A

If you have a business that depends on providing online services or managing different data, you can use Protectli Vault FW6A firewall micro appliance. At the same time, it can be used at home if you want to save the network from potential attacks. There are many malicious attacks that your network can get if there is no proper firewall. The valuable information from the computer may get stolen if the firewall is not powerful enough. The Protectli Vault six ports will solve all these issues. The internet provider default routers can’t finish off these tasks with perfection, and this is where the firewall micro appliance becomes useful. It will classify different kinds of traffic, which will make browsing and surfing securely. The power consumption with this hardware is lower as compared to other options. You will not have to worry about the electricity bills going up, and one of the most powerful features is that it can classify applications depending on the port and encryption. The best thing is that it is versatile for different platforms like PC, mobile, etc. Parent controls are available on this system, and if you want to track your kid’s activity, you can do it with ease.

Install Any Software

The best thing about Protectli Vault 6 port is that you can install any software on it. No matter if it is Sophos, Ubuntu, or untangle, the port will support all of them. All the devices can run smoothly as it has been tested for safety with a variety of well known operating systems. The hardware port is compatible with every platform, which makes it a convenient feature for all users. There is a LAN and WAN port if you want to connect the device at your home or any other place. You can install and configure the settings by reading the manual.

Maximum Security

With Protectli Vault 6 port, you will get maximum security with coreboot. It is transparent, audible, and open-source device firmware. The installation process is easy and can be installed by the users themselves. The Wi-Fi support on this firewall is top-notch. The machine learning techniques will protect the data, activity as well as devices from potential attacks. The vault features six Ethernet ports and a quality AES-NI too. No matter what your surfing habits, you can keep everything in control. Arranging data will also become accessible as the RAM offers 8GB.

4G Failover

The hardware firewall port is open-source ready, and fully customizable. There is a 4G failover available in this port, which will keep the internet connection fast and secure. Being a user, you will be happy as the internet connection will never be lost. The best thing is that the customer support team is based in the USA, and if there is any inconvenience, you can get in touch with them. They will solve all the issues happily. The device is indented for experienced people, but it doesn’t mean that others cannot make use of it. If you get it installed from an electrician, it will be better to save yourself from an accident.


Protectli Vault port comes packed with all the useful and powerful features. The best quality is there are no fans, and it doesn’t create any noise. There is a case that will act as head-sink, which is why it is 100% silent and safe. Your electricity bills will drastically come down as it consumes less energy that is not more than 15W. The Os is not preinstalled, and the hardware is tested well with pfSense, untangle, OPNsense. It will also be compatible with many other popular open-source software solutions.


The Vault port will keep your network security as it is compact. It comes packed with US-based support, while the 30-day money-back guarantee offers a lot of conveniences. The port is equipped with a new technology Intel Dual-Core Celeron 3865U, and the 2MB smart cache makes it massive. Barebones are available as an additional component, and it depends on the user if they want to install it or not. The coreboot BIOS is also an optional feature which can be used according to your requirement.

ReliableSetup May Be Difficult For Beginners
Quiet When Operational



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