Best Hardware Firewalls For Large Business 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

The Cyber Security Statistics has revealed that 43 percent of all data breaches are done at large enterprises. It is essential to protect the network of your business from hackers and malicious attacks. Multiple brands manufacture the best hardware firewalls for a large business. They can help to stop viral attacks and can keep the data safe at your business location. It is essential to pick the right enterprise firewall and make a difference and protect sensitive data. This guide will help you to pick the Best Hardware Firewalls For Large Businesses. If you are not a tech expert, then this guide will be helpful for you. Here are the best firewalls available on the market right now that can help to run your business safely.

Best Hardware Firewalls For Large Business (Comparison)

Hardware FirewallPorts 

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Dell SonicWall TZ60010

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Cisco ASA5506-K98

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ZyXEL ZYWALL 110 VPN Firewall comes equipped with a multi-core CPUs and is perfect for a large business. It has the fastest VPN and can deal with an extensive network that deals with multiple computers. The firewall performance is fast and accurate and is one of the best in the market.

High-speed networking performances are required to ensure that the data and sensitive information at your business location are protected. The 1 Gbps firewall and the 300 Mbps VPN will fulfill all your demands and will satisfy you at its best. You would not have to worry about the protected data at your office and don’t fear your rivals stealing your information. The device can handle all kinds of high bandwidth demands and be able to deal with all kinds of applications at your workplace. The device comes with exceptional features, and without sacrificing the security, it will help you get your data safe and protected.

The design of the device is exceptional as it comes equipped with entirely new and advanced hardware platforms. The platforms can handle a large amount of data and give you the protection that you will ever need in your large business corporation. The ZyWALL110 VPN Firewall delivers the best performance and is a high-speed system that is powerful. The Zyxel strives to maximize consumer satisfaction and has launched a device that is second to none. The product is reliable and offers the highest quality. If you are looking for a safe or reliable system then nothing can beat this high quality Firewall by ZyXel.

Reliable VPN Connections

The device has a fast processor and boosts the capabilities to prevent the attackers from decrypting VPN tunnels. The VPN encryption algorithms of this device give exceptional performance. The Message Digest 5 (MD5) feature guarantees that you will enjoy secure external communications. The ZyWALL 110 provides you with the safest VPN connections and ensures that you enjoy maximum security. You can now, without any worry, take care of your business communications.

Non-Stop VPN Service

The ZyWALL 110 VPN Firewall is a reliable device, and it delivers a non-stop VPN services. The dual-WAN never fall back on the support and gives a powerful performance at all times. The two WAN connections switch to the backup connection, and the primary link never fails so that you don’t get disrupted between business operations.

Unlimited Business Mobility

The hardware firewall offers the best mobile business operations, and you can bring your device at the office and still protect your data even if you are using a new device. This device offers unlimited business mobility and has a Tunneling Protocol that is perfect for mobile devices. The ZyWALL 110 is compatible with a wide variety of mobile Internet devices and can run conveniently on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

ReliableCrashes Easily
Enhanced Customer Convenience
Quick Setup



Dell SonicWall TZ600

Dell SonicWall TZ600

The Dell SonicWall TZ600 series is a high-quality firewall and is well suited for any organization looking to get enterprise-grade network protection. The device will provide you with extensive security and will help you to deal with the data protection. The SonicWALL Tz series will provide broad protection and will allow you to enjoy advanced security services. The services consist of on-box and cloud-based anti-malariated-spyware, which helps you to stay prevented from all kinds of malware and other viruses. The application control and intrusion prevention system (IPS) will help you protect the business material you don’t want to get leaked. The URL filtering is excellent, and with this device, you will be able to remove all the data once you have used a particular computer. It can encounter the trend of encrypted attacks. The TZ series has the best processing power and can inspect encrypted/TLS connections. It can fight against the latest threats and will protect your data at all costs. The device comes with Dell X-Series switches, and the selected TZ series firewalls help to manage the security of the additional ports. The high quality Firewall will help to protect your data in the business corporation.

Secure Mobile Connectivity

If you are looking for a secure Firewall, then the Dell SonicWall is the best option for you. It is

Built-in with a multi-core parallel-processing hardware and features gigabit Ethernet ports that gives your business network additional protection. The SonicWall TZ firewalls deliver high-speed deep packet inspection, and the firewall can deliver the best performance. The TZ Series uses a single-pass and follows the stream-based inspection technology and can conveniently deliver a latency-free performance. The deep packet inspection of simultaneous network streams makes sure that there is no malicious virus attacking your system. It also comes with an optional 802.11ac wireless extends that gives you secure high-speed networking, and you can conveniently use all the Wi-Fi enabled devices.

High Speed Performance

The Firewall delivers fast and flawless performance and provides remote and mobile users with the feature of native VPN access. This allows the network resources behind your TZ firewall and protects your data efficiently and effectively. TZ firewalls support can help you secure SSL VPN connections and is compatible with Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows 8.1, Mac OS X, Kindle Fire, and Linux devices.

Easy Access To Files

The TZ firewalls provide you with a flawless performance and help you to work smoothly at your workplace. Users can get easy access to files, applications, and resources. The files can be accessed from any location, and the business operation can be taken care of safely without any issues. You can now be productive from any location and continue to work effectively from any location. The SSL VPN connection comes scanned, and if there are any hidden threats, they will be automatically removed. This will help to ensure maximum security and will keep your data safe.


The Firewall is perfect for large scale businesses as it provides you with extensive protection and safety for your data. The users will get enterprise-grade network protection, and you can freely work in the office because you know your data is protected and safe.

The devices offer deep packet inspection, and you don’t have to put any traffic restrictions on file size or protocol because your network is safe and secured.

Secure Wireless ConnectivityLacks The Security For Additional Ports
Integrated Wireless Controller




Cisco ASA5506-K9

Cisco ASA5506-K9

Cisco ASA5506-K9 Network security appliance is the first adaptive and threat-focused next general firewall. It is designed in such a way that it can protect your computer and data from the advanced level of threats, especially malware. It will protect the entire continuum before, after, or during the attack. It will also help URL filtering and prevent intrusion at regular intervals. It will control the network and control every activity keeping the security intact. If you own a large business protecting sensitive data and internal/external networks from online attacks, it is necessary. Cisco firewall appliance is suitable for your business needs, and you can choose a size or type according to your requirements. The Cisco hardware firewall will protect every device that you have in your office. It will create several checkpoints within the network so the online interactions can be improved. The firewall is also equipped with a VPN business feature, and this is going to be a suitable choice for enterprises that have remote offices. The interface of this appliance is involved, so it may not be suitable for small businesses where only a few computers have to be protected. Even though it is complicated for small businesses, it turns out to be a perfect choice for medium and large enterprises.

Flexible Firewall

Cisco Network security firewall is equipped with powerful features and is one of the most flexible appliances. It offers the user complete unified threat management (UTM) services and can protect your business network. The setup is easy, and you can connect it with switches, routers, servers, and even computers. It will also support a VDOM feature, and the business network can be connected to multiple virtual firewalls too. The threat management solution is managed via cloud, hardware, or software and you can pick one according to your requirements.

Advanced Security

The hardware firewall is made using advanced security and will give maximum protection to any network. The threat protection is of the superior level, while web filtering happens to be efficient. The intrusion prevention system and application control are robust features and make things convenient for big businesses. You can also integrate this firewall with security software as it is compatible with many of them. It is one of the most versatile firewalls we have in the market today.

VPN Function

The VPN function in this hardware firewall is capable of preventing the data from breaching. Large businesses have to deal with a lot of data in one day, and it is hard to organize it systematically without a firewall. The deep packet inspection will be of high quality, and no hacker can steal the private information of the company. The network capability of WI-FI is functional and efficient at the same time. The best thing is that it can synchronize the security software and firewall quite easily. There are many scams and online hackers around different networks, but they won’t be able to harm the business.

Filtering Function

The filtering function of the firewall is quite innovative, and it can act as filters that will allow any malicious traffic towards the network. Most hackers use malware to access the private information of an enterprise, but the firewall will keep a barrier in between. Due to the filtering function, you can control the sites that the users can access within the system. The installation is straight forward and doesn’t take much time either. The user can simply connect the box into WAN or router, and the results will be perfect. The stateful packet inspection is a useful feature as it will protect the shared files through Google drive or drop box.

Easy To Setup

The firewall is easy to set up, manage, and use, which turns out to be a suitable option for businesses with many offices at different locations. Most of the firewalls don’t protect the cloud storage system as they are not part of the internal network. The best thing about the Cisco firewall is that it will create a virtual network and protect the cloud storage system. It will make use of the site to site VPN tunnel and protect the data stored within the cloud system.

Eight PortsComparatively Expensive
Easy To Install & Manage




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