Best Laser Engravers For Pens 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Custom engraving is something that every workshop owners dream of. Customized products can help new businesses to increase their sales and attract more customers. Laser engravers for pens can be the best option if you want to personalize your products. The machine lets you produce something unique and will help you to connect with the customers personally. Here are the best laser engravers for pens that can be perfect for professionals and beginners.

Best Laser Engravers For Pens (Comparison)

Laser EngraverWork Area 
Glowforge Plus18” x 20”

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Axiom Precision Iconic28.4" x 37"

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KKmoon Laser Engraver15” x 15”

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Glowforge Plus

Glowforge Plus

If you want to print beautiful and unique products for your business, then the Glowforge Plus laser printer can serve your purposes. The founder of the brand created this machine, keeping in view that customization is the key to business success. With the help of this 3D engraver, the professionals can create unique and visually appealing products that never existed before. You can now bring your ideas into reality with the help of this wonderful tool. Personalization has never been this easy earlier. If you want to create beautiful gifts for your family or friends or just planning to start a new business Glowforge Plus 3D engraving machine is the best option for you. If you are good at sketching designs, then the only tool that you need is an excellent engraving machine. The machine can help to create impressive and creative products. You don’t have to rely on factory products anymore and can create your customized products. The professionals are good at thinking about the ideas of some of the most creative products on their desks. Glowforge engraving machines will help to engrave products as you have never imagined before. The device is capable of carving and shaping design from various materials. It can engrave and cut through various materials. You can engrave precisely and accurately through the hardest of materials. The power that you will have in your hands with this engraver is phenomenal. The machine can be the perfect gift for you if you want to create wonderful products. The 3D engraver boasts some of the best features that you can hardly find in any 3D engraving machine.

Easy To Setup

When you buy a new engraving machine, the hardest part is to learn how to set it up. If you have thought about printing a design, then the Glowforge 3D laser printer is a great option. The machine uses a regular outlet and Wi-Fi to engrave the machine. It also comes with a tutorial and helps to make first prints. The device comes assembled, and it is not hard to install it once it arrives at your home.

Live Camera Review

The machine comes with a live camera preview that can help you view the design before it is printed. The preview will help you to analyze your creation before it gets printed. If there is an issue with the print, then the live camera preview will help you make any changes. The preview will help you to analyze the design and alter it the way you want to. You can position the design the way you want to and settle it with your mouse and finger.

Design With A Pen

You can draw your design on the materials and can view the design directly on the machine. You can watch the design transform and bring your vision into reality. Simple doodling with the pen can help you to transform small designs into a masterpiece. The onboard cameras can help you to scan the design and turn it into a real product. You can resize the designs and personalize them the way you want to. The beautiful prints and designs are just a button away and can help you to create beautiful designs.

Customize & Assemble

The best thing about this fantastic laser engraver is that you can view your designed products in minutes. Customizing and assembling your products is just a minute away. If you want to launch your creative products in the market and start a new business, then the Glowforge 3D engraver is the best machine for creating the best products. You have to create your design and watch the magic happen.

Precise ResultsDoesn’t Work Offline
Equipped With Onboard CamerasA Bit Slow
Easy To Assemble




Axiom Precision Iconic

Axiom Precision Iconic

The Axiom Precision Iconic CNC Router comes with some of the best features, and there are rarely a few products in the market which are having high quality features at an affordable price. The machine is made with some of the best technologies and will help you master the skills of engraving. The engraving machine enables you to create designs that you have in your mind and bring them to reality. If you are looking for an entry-level CNC machine, this engraving machine can do the job. The device comes with three sizes, and you can choose the one that is according to your needs. The three sizes allow you to handle various projects, and you must check out the features of each size before considering buying the engraving machine. The machine has so many powerful and easy to use features that your engraving jobs become easy and comfortable. This machine can help to boost your business and help you to make a big name in the industry. It comes with a DSP pendant controller that allows controlling the machine in the best way. This feature is rare, and it doesn’t come with devices commonly. The machine also comes with various useful accessories that can help make your engraving jobs simple and easy. You will receive a package that is tailored to suit your needs. You will be able to satisfy your CNC needs with the help of this engraving machine.

Comprehensive Manual

The Axiom Precision Iconic CNC Router comes with a comprehensive manual that makes it easy to learn the machine and its working. It also comes with a video library that can help to shorten the learning curve. The manual is easy to understand, and you can use the machine instantly the moment it arrives at your doorstep.


The Axiom Precision Iconic CNC Router is made with an aluminum frame that is rigid and sturdy. The machine doesn’t get damaged and can withstand any harsh conditions. The device can give a quality performance and will help you to work efficiently for hours. The sturdy frame will last for years to come, and you wouldn’t need to replace any parts of the machine too often.

Construction & Accessories

The Axiom Precision Iconic CNC Router has a sturdy build and has a metal frame. It comes with an aluminum table with a large duty interlocking system that can help you control the machine easily. The engraver also comes with an optional stand, and you can use it if you need to use the device in different directions. The toolbox that it comes with has various tools that make the operation easy and comfortable. The tools make the machine with the best tools that can be helpful to engrave the device in the best way possible.

Sturdy Metal ConstructionNot Suitable For Large Scale Projects
Accurate & PreciseCutting Area Is Small
A Comprehensive Manual & Video Library



KKmoon Laser Engraver

KKmoon Laser Engraver

KKmoon Laser Engraver is sturdy and has many useful features. It can deliver 7000mw when the metal engraving operation is going on. You will notice that it has an unusual addition when it comes to power, and it is compact and perfect for hobbyists. You will need a USB to connect it with the desktop or laptop as it doesn’t come packed with a USB itself. It is not a big issue, and you can join it yourself in a matter of a few seconds. The machine can work as a carver and engraver given different situations while working. There is a lot of power, and you can check your image in the 3D version. It will provide you with much more than your expectations as the machine is efficient. If you have a shop and spend most of your time there, this machine can give you a lot of benefits. The software is manufactured using all the latest technology and you don’t have to sacrifice much of your floor space. It will help you input your design in the most beneficial ways, and if you are trying to do something new, this mini carver for metal engraving will be okay. It can handle variety of projects quite efficiently.

Scanner App

The support scanner app in the engraving machine is made with the right quality materials. It will be easy to scan the collection and creation of various things. There is an intelligent algorithm; automatic connection printing is an excellent choice for many. If you want to take a photo from a camera or album in the JPG form or PNG form. You can send pictures to the windows as well as MAC software directly.

Gyroscope Protection

The machine has a built-in gyroscope protection device. When you start operating the computer, this gyroscope will keep recording the position of working from the beginning. If, in any case, the engine displaces, it has an automatic feature that will stop the machine from getting damaged. You can also save yourself from the accident due to this useful feature.


There is a professional file processing algorithm. The software can quickly restore your design from each point of the pixel. There are plenty of image algorithms which present the characteristics of each image perfectly. You can analyze the model for handling woodworking and carving in the best possible way.

Good For Professionals

The engraving machine has excellent features to offer for the professionals to handle and design using Inkscape and CAD software. You can directly and accurately execute all NC files and Dxf files. You can even make complex edits in PS, Inkscape, CAD, and other similar formats.

Handle A Variety Of Projects

The engraving machine is capable of handling various projects, including alumina oxide, copper, and many other thick and non-effective. The cutting and engraving area of the machine is 150mm X 150mm, and that is why you can use it in different directions. You can easily handle projects related to rubber and alumina oxide. You will have to be careful while dealing with stainless steel, alloy, glass, and many other reflective materials.


You will be surprised to know that the bottom of the engraving machine is about 150 mm full, and it requires a depth of 0.5-3mm to cut different parts of the wood. You will need a thickness of 2mm, which is supportive of cutting materials like wood, gray paper, leather, bamboo, and blackening plastics.

Additional Features

The best thing about this engraving machine is that it has many other features. It comes packed with all the assembled parts while the X and Y axis are held together. The machine is straightforward to start, and you need to install the driver and software. You also get a manual that has excellent instructions.

Laser Focus

The laser focus of the engraving machine is quite easy to download and install. It contains all the full features that will directly execute BMP, JPG, and PNG files. There are thousands of engraving materials and resources that can be downloaded and keep you updated. The laser tube can deliver 7000mW.

Laser Focus Tube Is GoodUSB Cable Is A Little Short
You Can Convert Images To Vectors
Can Work On Wood Leather & Plastics



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