Best Laser Engravers For Tumblers 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Laser engravers can help you to add a personal touch to your gifts and your business. They are an essential tool that every business owner should get. Laser engravers are available at affordable prices and can benefit you in many ways. They can help to increase the business of your profit. If you are looking for the best laser engravers for tumblers, then you should check this guide.

Best Laser Engravers For Tumblers (Comparison)

Laser EngraverWorking Area (mm) 
Uttiny Cylindrical Engraver100 x 200Check Price
HANDU SKU05-7210 x 250Check Price
Mophorn Laser Engraver300 x 200Check Price


Uttiny Cylindrical Engraver

Uttiny Cylindrical Engraver

Uttiny Cylindrical Engraver is the best engraving tool that can help you to make precise cuts. The device is useful in cutting through wood, paper, cloth, plastic rubber, and many other materials. The device has an engraving area that is large and spacious, and the cutting speed is also great. This machine makes your engraving tasks quickly and comfortable, you must consider to get Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver. The machine allows you to give a fine and organized touch to the materials, and you wouldn’t be disappointed with the outcome. The high-performance machine is durable and would work for hours without any hassle. It comes with a laser engraver fan that does let the smoke and dirt fly around your workshop. You can enjoy working in a clean environment because the machine allows you to do so. If you want to shape precise and accurate characters and personalize the products, then Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver has all the ability to do that for you. The machine can be connected to the computer as it comes with a USB port. It supports all the international standard font, and you can create and personalize your structures using that feature. The engraving machine gives precise cutting and enables you to form the best custom made products for your workshop. You will surely increase the profits of your business if you own Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver. The machine comes equipped with a sturdy and durable motor that allows the users to make precise cutting. The control board is extremely accurate and will let you produce custom made products for you. The machine can be assembled quickly, and if you follow the instructions carefully, it can be easily installed. If you decide to buy Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver, you will surely be able to change your products’ outlook.

Cylindrical Engraver

The high-performance engraver is designed for engraving cylindrical objects. The cylindrical objects can be hard to engrave, and many professionals complain that not many machines can do perfect engraving for cylindrical objects. The engraving area is vast that lets you work on the device according to your preference and needs. The device is made with stainless steel that can withstand sturdy and abundant materials.

Adjustable Lens

The machine has multiple features, but it comes with a powerful feature that makes it one of the most powerful tools. It has an adjustable lens that can help to adjust the materials easily during the operation. The focal length can be adjusted according to your needs. If you want to fix the materials to the left or right, handling the materials easily is not an issue anymore. The adjustable head of the machine will let you handle even the hardest of materials with ease. The adjusting speed is fast because the device comes with an adjustable lens. The adjusting speed is also much more accurate as compared to other machines in the market.

DIY Engraving

The Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver allows you to change the size of the picture according to your needs. You can also change the font of the text and personalize your work like never before. The machine is compatible with various images and text formats and can help to personalize the products.


The best thing about Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver is that it is portable and lightweight. It can be stored in a small space and is perfect for shops that are not too big. It can also be carried easily from one place to another. The machine can work well in all situations and can help you to deal with various projects. If you are looking to design unique work of art and it gets hard doing it manually, then this portable Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver can do the job for you.

Designed For Cylindrical ObjectsDoesn't Engrave Flat Materials
Adjustable Focal LengthConfusing Manual





HANDU SKU05-7 laser engraving machine is a powerful engraving machine that can help you to carry out your tasks in a significant way. This machine is durable and one of the best tools that come packed with great features. The device can make precise cuts and gives efficient performance. The machine comes at a relatively cheaper price and will be able to serve your purpose efficiently. It can be the next best tool in your workshop because it will help you engrave and add a personalized touch to your products. If you are looking for a machine that can help you take care of your large-scale engraving projects, then a DIY 7000mw laser engraving machine can help you do that efficiently. The thicker wood and hard materials can cut through easily using this engraving machine. It comes with an adjustable speed features that can allow you to adjust the speed and alter it according to your needs. It can cut full images through different types of materials. You can use the machine by connecting it to your computer or other systems easily. The machine is made with stainless steel material and is waterproof. It can withstand harsh conditions and will still perform brilliantly. The working area of this machine is made of metal, and it can cut through hard materials like stone and wood. The DIY laser machine is all you need to get to perform heavy-duty tasks with comfort.

Software Compatibility

DIY 7000mw laser engraving machine has software compatibility that can help you to engrave through any material. The engraver comes with software, and it is also widely compatible with many other software. If you create something in Adobe, you will be easily able to transfer it to the device. You can try out various fonts and designs as the machine offers a wide range of compatibility.

High Performance

If your engraving projects involve engraving into thicker materials, then a DIY 7000mw laser engraving machine might be the best pick. The device comes with adjustable speed and can cut through even the hardest of materials. It is an excellent option if you want to cut through hard materials like wood, rubber, steel, and other materials.

Easy To Use

The best thing about the DIY 7000mw laser engraving machine is that it comes packed with useful features. It is easy to use because the manual is so easy to understand. It can be perfect for beginners, and if you have just started using an engraving machine, then a DIY 7000mw laser engraving machine will do the job for you. It comes assembled, and you have to follow a few steps to get started with it.

Can Carve Through Hardest Of MaterialsDoesn’t Engrave Jewelry
Functional Stepper MotorDoesn’t Engrave Patterns Well
Supports Various Formats



Mophorn Laser Engraver

Mophorn Laser Engraver

The Mophorn Laser Engraver machine has an engraving area of around 12 by 8 inches. You will be surprised to see it has a new light integrated inside. In contrast, the machine and electricity mechanical movement have been designed in such a way so the user can use it with precision. It is equipped with water cooling laser tube and can deliver a high power of 40W. The laser engraving machine has a built-in USB port connected with both a computer and a laptop. There is new technology software named CorelDraw, which is included in this machine to give the best results. It can work well with multiple graphic formats that are EMF/JPG/PLT/WMF and much more. You will have to understand that all engraving machines aren’t capable of carving or cutting metal and ceramics. The laser graver has a portable LCD, making it easy for the user to check or read the details. The CorelDraw Software and LCD both can recognize all forms of images, which will include JPG, BMP, AI, PLT, and a lot more. The machine’s design is sturdy as it is made with quality aluminum and won’t get any scratch. You will get durable quality, high precision, powerful performance, and high compatibility with this laser engraving machine.

CO2 Laser Tube

Mophorn Laser engraving machine comes packed with a CO2 laser tube which can deliver 40W. It is advanced and sealed off with the right technology. A high concentration of CO2 gas is produced because of high-pressure discharge. It will provide a wavelength of 10.6um, which is suitable for cutting and engraving both. The machine offers a wide range of applications making things easy for the user. The laser tube is manufactured using quality materials and it can last long.

Laser Head

The laser engraving machine contains a premium laser head that gives a reliable and high-quality performance. It makes the machine durable and efficient, and you will be delighted to see the return of engraving. It will provide the ultimate precision and high capacity. It is easy to engrave non-metal materials such as rubber, acrylics, bamboo, wooden, and paper.

Accurate LCD Panel

When you have a precise LCD, it will be easy for you to check the machine’s condition. There are temperature and laser power displays that will clearly and efficiently observe the state of the engraving machine. There are additional accessories like laser switch, emergency stop switch, power switch, and a lighting switch.

USB Connectivity

The engraving machine is employed with a USB port that can easily connect with a laptop or desktop. The connection is convenient, fast, and compatible with different platforms. The USB connectivity will offer more precise and better control over engraving projects.

Package Content

The package also includes smoke pipe, the laser engraver, water pump, smoke fan, power wire, USB Cable and a USB key. The accessory bag and an instruction video along with manual will make assembling easy.

Heat Dissipation

The engraving machine has another beautiful feature that can offer effective heat dissipation. There is a pipeline exhaust fan, which makes sure that the machine doesn’t heat up while operating with it. The air vents can also cool down the air at regular intervals. It will reduce the heat from all the electronic components improving the lifespan of the machine.

Wheels & Handles

The wheel and handles of this engraving machine are very convenient to use. Four rotational wheels can save up a lot of force while moving the machine. The direction can be changed quickly, and you can use the device according to your requirements. The engraver has a cover that is equipped with a handle. It will make the opening and closing quite convenient.

CorelDraw Software

The machine is equipped with new technology, CorelDraw Software, and offers both newly seal and newly draws. You can employ both these functions for carving and cutting works. The software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It can support all the forms of graphic formats. CorelDraw Software can recognize all kinds of images, which will include JPG, BMP, AI, PLT, and a lot more.

Durable & Gives Quality PerformanceCutting Speed Needs Improvement
Compatible With Different GraphicsLaser Head Is A Little Short
Can Carve & Cut Different Metals



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