Best Laser Engravers For Wood 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

A laser engraver is an essential tool that is a must-have for every hobbyist and a professional at a woodworking shop. The machine helps to work with flexibility at your workshop. The device can help to customize the products and make your business flourish. If you are looking for laser engravers for wood, then you are at the right spot. Our team of experts has done extensive research and looked for the best laser engravers for wood available today.

Best Laser Engravers For Wood (Comparison)

Laser EngraverPower 
KKmoon Desktop Laser Engraver7000 MW

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WAM Direct 3018Pro3000 MW

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TopDirect CNC 3018 Pro5500 MW

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KKmoon Desktop Laser Engraver

KKmoon Desktop Laser Engraver

KKmoon Portable Engraving Machine is one of the best engraving tools that has been tested and certified. The machine comes with some of the most powerful features and a wide range of accessories to make your tasks easy. The woodworking engraver has a large cutting area and will help to complete heavy-duty tasks. The KKmoon Portable Engraving Machine can help to engrave deeply. The cutting is done with precision and accuracy and can manage all kinds of tasks. The machine can help to engrave and cut through various hard materials. The engraving machine is portable and lightweight and can be easily carried around your working area. The device comes assembled from the factory, and you don’t have to make any extra efforts to assemble the machine. The engraving machine is easy to start, and the moment it arrives at your workshop, you are ready to use it instantly. If you want to get the driver and software installed, it is an easy job. A beginner can do the installation, and you don’t have to call out the support team to install the software. When you open the software, it automatically gets connected to the device. The machine is compatible with various formats and can allow you to get your output in different formats. The engraver is compatible with a wide range of lasers and can help deal with heavy-duty tasks. The laser focus of the machine is easy to adjust and can make the operation easy and comfortable.

Gyroscope Protection Device

The engraving machine comes packed with a gyroscope protection device that makes the operation easy. The tool can help to record the positions and directions of your work. The built-in gyroscope will help to record your progress during the operation. If the machine is touched accidentally and something goes wrong with the machine, then this gyroscope device will prevent the accidents by getting stopped automatically.

Rail System

The rail systems of this machine are impressive and will help you guide the router in the best way. If the rail system is connected with the best software, then working this machine is phenomenal. There aren’t many engraving machines in the market that comes with such a brilliant rail system. It helps to make the working of the machine efficient and long-lasting. The rails help to adjust the settings and speed of the device that helps in controlling the motion of the engraving during the operation.

Easy To Understand Manual

KKmoon Portable Engraving Machine comes with a handy and easy to understand manual. The manual has all the information that a beginner would require to run the device with perfection. When you buy something with your precious money, the first thing that you wish to learn is to run it accurately. The manual that comes with this engraving machine is simple and easy to read. The manual is easy to access and is also easy to read. The content that you require is easy to find, as the manual is so organized and well made.

Engraving Area

KKmoon Portable Engraving Machine comes with a large engraving area that helps you take large-scale projects. If you are ready to take up big wood engraving projects, this device may be the most sensible choice. Not many engraving machines offer this large working area to handle your big scale projects. The working area’s quality is world-class and durable, and you can place hardwoods without any issues.

Well Built & DurableError Messages In The Middle Of Operation
Comes With A Gyroscope Protection DeviceDoesn’t Cut Through Thin Pieces Easily
Comes Assembled



WAM Direct 3018Pro

WAM Direct 3018Pro

The WAM Direct 3018Pro laser engraving machine can help to handle your woodworking tasks with perfection. The tool is versatile and flexible and helps you to take care of your heavy-duty tasks easily. The laser engraving machine can help to complete your tasks with precision. It comes with various industrial-grade features that makes this machine one of the top-rated laser engraving machines. It has a wide CNC display panel and can help to operate the device efficiently. The laser has excellent power output and will help you reach your goals with perfection. The machine has a great carving speed and will help to carve the materials with perfection. The engraving area of the device is spacious, and it will help to deal with heavy-duty tasks. The laser engraver is perfect for various materials like wood, plastic, crystal, stone leather, and many other materials. The machine is compatible with multiple formats and can make the operation functional and useful. You will get precise and accurate results after using this machine. It comes with a powerful laser and will make you a professional engraving. It comes with such great features that can help you to engrave and carve like a professional. The machine is perfect for hobbyists and professionals who want to deal with massive duty projects. The laser engraver is easy to use and can help deal a variety of projects.

Control Board

The laser engraver comes with an ultimate control board that can help you control the machine with efficiency. It comes with a fan and integrated driving chip that can help you deal with the projects with ease. The device has been created with a steel casing that makes it durable for long term use. It can last for years to come, and you wouldn’t have to replace any parts of the machine. The control board cannot be damaged easily, and you will be able to complete your projects quickly.


The laser engraving machine helps to engrave on a wide range of engraving materials. The device has an excellent cutting capability that can help you to get precise and accurate results. The machine is perfect if you want to engrave on wood materials. If you use the device with the recommended software, then you will get professional results. The machine will give an efficient performance and will work well for your projects.

Safety Features

The laser engraver machine comes with some of the best safety features. The device comes assembled and doesn’t require you to go through any process of assembling. The laser of the machine automatically turns off, and this can be perfect for professionals engrossed in completing their projects. The laser engraver turns off automatically, and the user stays safe and protected. It also gets disconnected from the software and the computer it is connected to.

Comes With The Spindle With Miller CuttersRouter Kit Engraves Only Soft Materials
Upgraded Control Board
Offline Manual Control



TopDirect CNC 3018 Pro

TopDirect CNC 3018 Pro

TopDirect CNC 3018 Pro Laser Engraver machine is powered packed with useful features, and it can deliver the highest power of 5500mw. There is a protective acrylic baffle design, and the device looks elegant and gives a smooth operation. An Arduino GRBL that features a 1.1 board and the double safety design will protect the machine from damage. The sturdy aluminum at the base of the machine will help you tilt the machine into directions. When the engraving machine is connected with a computer, you need to be careful as it cannot correlate well with an external control module. It will interface the communication if you combine it with a blade. You will be surprised to know that most of the parts come assembled, and it will take only a few minutes for you to connect it fully. You can engrave plastic, wood, acrylic, PCB, PVC, and wood with the engraving machine. The laser engraving machine has a cutting area of 30 X 18 X 4.5 cm, which allows the smooth operation of the machine. There is a good quality spindle which consists of a 775 motor and gives out 24 Volts. It is an excellent choice for hobbyists and beginners both as the machine is quite easy to operate.

Aluminum Heatsink

The aircraft aluminum shell is packed with a heat sink groove, and it will ensure the heat dissipation. It will protect the machine from getting damaged, and you can continue having a smooth operation. There is a laser module available, and if you are an experienced CNC engraving hobbyist, this feature can help you a lot. You can use your creativity in a lot of ways, and there is a laser supported GRBL which can be connected with laser software.

Adjustable Focal Length

The adjustable focal length of the engraving machine can be useful if you are working in the industry. The machine is compatible with other equipment of the laser engraving machines. It has a powerful laser and can emit 5500mW. You don’t need to download any files, and all the engraving files will be stored inside the board.


You can adjust the position of X, Y, and Z positions using manual control. You can open or close the spindle manually and change the views of this axis. The carving will come out ideally, and the surface will be very smooth. There is a double safety design, and the layer of brown acrylic on the top protects the machine from getting scratched.

Document Engraving

The engraving machine has an offline board that is directly linked with the GRBL control board. Both the boards are an excellent choice for engraving, and you will not need to store anything on a computer with it. Once the offline board is connected with a network, it will start working as a storage device. No matter how many engraving files you may have, you can access them completely without any issues. You can code and design using this engraving machine and start the woodworking process.

Good For Beginners

The engraving machine is specially designed for a beginner, and if you do not know the machine, it will be still the right choice. You can start CNC learning with this useful tool and complete your projects without taking many hours. If you like woodworking, you can add engraving curved words and many other exquisite patterns.

Control Software

The control software GRBL is controlled by Mach3, and the cutting area is 13 by 8 inches. The top quality spindle features the highest power of 775. The spindle motor will deliver the highest 24Volts. It will work well with Windows XP/7/8/10. There is also an offline control because you will not need to connect it with a computer.

Complete Kit

The 3018 PRO-M engraving machine is a complete kit that can be used professionally and is an excellent choice for beginners. It has a built-in CNC router, and you can create 3D objects from wood, acrylic, and plastic. The aluminum’s soft surface will be easy to handle, and it has got everything you ever need for a CNC project. You can handle it all within the dead line.

Wide Cutting AreaLarge Pieces Of Plastic Are Not Easily Cut
Comes AssembledOffline Control Feature Could Have Been Better
Easy Instructions Manual



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