Best Laser Engravers Under $500 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Laser engravers have become popular in recent years, and every professional has included the tool in his working tool kit. If you are looking to start a new business or are already in the woodworking business, buying a laser engraver for your work efficiency is a good option. A laser engraver can be expensive, but some excellent quality laser engravers are available under $500. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Best Laser Engravers Under $500 (Comparison)

Laser EngraverPower 
Yofuly 3018pro-M7 W (Laser)

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SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO120 W

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Orion Laser Engraver40 W (Laser)

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Yofuly 3018pro-M

Yofuly 3018pro-M

Yofuly 3018pro-M Laser Engraver is a great product that will help to make your engraving task easier. The engraving machine has many useful features that make it one of the top products in the market. If you have been disappointed with the highly expensive engraving machines and feel that less expensive machines might not be able to give satisfactory performance, then Upgrade 7000mW Laser Engraver CNC will prove you wrong. The product is available at a budget-friendly rate but boasts off some of the best features. Most professionals have felt that precision and accuracy is not offered by most engraving machine. The end product and the results are often not as accurate as they want them to be. This machine provides a high precision rate and will help you to customize products accurately. It has a large work area that will help you to deal with large scale projects. The speed adjusting settings help you to adjust the speed according to your needs. If you are planning to start a home-based business, then this model is perfect for beginners. This comes with an excellent instructional manual with all the necessary details that you will need to make the machine work. It comes fully assembled, and you can start working with it the moment it arrives at your workshop. If you are looking to deal with some heavy-duty tasks, you can rest assured that the high-performance engraving machine will give you positive results. It can cut through large and thick materials easily and will provide you with customized and accurate products. It is easy to use and comes with a variable speed that can help you work efficiently with all kinds of materials, including wood, plastic, cardboard, and many more.

Upgraded Control Board

The brand has introduced a new and upgraded model of this engraving machine, and this model has an upgraded control board. The functional control board will help you to do the operations more accurately. The upgraded cardboard comes with a driver chip that helps to bring more accuracy to the operation. It comes with a fan that can help sink the heat after prolonged use of the engraving machine.


Upgrade 7000mW Laser Engraver CNC has a sturdy shell that enhances the working of the machine. It offers durability, and you wouldn’t have to invest in maintaining the engraving device. The user will not be required to get the machine serviced often as the sturdy shell extends the life of the device. Once you have invested money in the product, you will not have to replace it for a long time.

Offline Controller

This model comes with an offline computer that can help you adjust the engraving machine without connecting it to the computer. It also comes with an SD card rooter that can help you root the G code files offline. You can adjust the X, Y, Z axis, and it can be done manually when you are offline. The spindle and laser head can also be opened offline without connecting to any device.

Safety Features

The engraving machine comes with safety goggles that can help you to track your progress safely. Your eyes will be provided with full safety if you wear the goggles during the operation. The laser engraving tasks can be risky, and your eyes can get a laser injury while operating the machine. These goggles can protect your eyes and make them safe and protected during the operation. The baffles on each side of the engraving machine can help you monitor your work procedure.

Upgraded Control BoardThe Laser Is Floppy
Manually Adjust XYZ Axis
Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction




SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PRO CNC machine is a perfect tool for beginners and will help you deal with engraving projects at a beginner level. If you want to get an introduction to CNC learning, this machine can be the best option. It is versatile and allows you to perform various tasks with a wide range of materials. If you love woodworking as a hobby or are a professional, it will help you customize the woodworking patterns. You will be able to create exquisite designs and form products that you have always wished to develop. This machine helps bring your vision to reality and helps you to produce the best of your ability. If you are coding engraving models and are a student of woodworking, this model is the perfect machine. It comes with easy to read manual and has all the details about how to operate the machine. There are also some extra details provided in the manual that will be able to enhance your CNC learning. The engraving machine comes with an effective working area and makes it one of the top choices for students and beginners. It can cut and engrave all kinds of materials. Cutting through thick wood can be a challenging task, especially for beginners. This engraving machine makes things simple and easy for you and will help you complete your projects quickly.


The machine has a good engraving depth and can cut through various hard materials. It can cut hardwood, plastic, cardboard, PVCs, and PCBs. The device can help you to handle small scale and large scale tasks. You can customize your products and design them as you have in your vision and in your mind. It is a perfect machine if you want to learn CNC and want a career in the woodworking industry in the future.

Power Adapter

The engraving machine comes with a new power adapter that is packed with new and useful features. The device is protected from over-voltage, and the power is controlled and stabilized due to the functional power adapter. The power adapter prevents the machine from getting high current and high temperature. It doesn’t let the machine get warm, and it won’t overheat even if you use it for hours. The integrated circuit design is built smartly and will give you stably charge the engraving machine.

Offline Controller

The engraving machine comes with an offline controller. This feature helps you to download files without connecting to the computer. The high-performance machine is compatible with a wide range of software, and the software can be controlled in the offline status as well. You don’t have to connect to the computer anymore if you want to download files because the offline controller lets you do that without going online.

VersatileThe Surface Needs To Be Flat For Engraving
Premium Power AdapterCustomer Service Is Not That Great
Functional Offline Controller




Orion Laser Engraver

Orion Laser Engraver

Orion Laser Engraver cutter has a 12 by 8 inches cutting table and delivers 40W. It comes packed with many features like detachable wheels. The design is elegant, and the combination of blue and red dot pointer makes it even more appealing. It covers a cutting or engraving area of 300 by 200mm. The internal components are powerful, which helps you cut various types of materials that are non-metal. You can cut through materials like glass, bamboo, leather, wood, acrylic, and plastics, which are 3mm in diameter. The working surface is the double duty and equipped with a stable clamp. The clamp works well for the irregular objects while the leveling boards will ensure laser designs which will appear flawless. The laser engraving machine can be used when you take out of the package as it is pre-assembled. The machine is compatible with CorelLaser and CorelDraw and most of the printers and scanning machines. It is also compatible with TIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, WMF, EMF, and PLT. There is a fan that is integrated inside, making sure that the noise levels are improved. The ventilation will drastically improve, and the machine will give an excellent experience to the users.

Digital Control Panel

The digital control Panel of this engraving machine is equipped with an LCD. It will help the user to monitor the temperature on the laser tube. You can adjust the laser power with the help of the control panel according to the engraving material’s thickness and length. You also can shut down the power immediately using the emergency button in an emergency.

Red Dot Guidance

There is red dot guidance on the engraving machine that can indicate the engraving points without any issue. It will mark the path of the machine and identify the sizes and position. The machine is an excellent choice for beginners as it is easy to operate, and they will also understand where they have to place a particular product for engraving.

Dual Engraving Platforms

The machine’s engraving platforms are dual, and that is why it can handle different materials consisting of various shapes and sizes. The level board can handle most standard products like cell phone cases and plaques. The stability clamp is another beautiful feature, and it can hold irregular objects like trophies and various ornaments.

Laser Power

The dual power source of this laser engraving machine can provide continuous energy to the laser tube. The lifespan of the device is long-lasting due to this great feature. It is a good choice for beginners as well as hobbyists and at the same time it can serve the commercial purposes well.

High Quality Reflecting Mirrors

The laser machine has reflecting mirrors which are manufactured with some of the best quality materials. It is a dependable and functional choice and has the most powerful features as well. You need to clean and maintain it well because if the laser beam has dust or smoke buildup, it will not work correctly. If you want to keep the finishing of the mirror and don’t want to see it burnt, you need to take care of them.

40W Laser Tube

The laser engraving machine is equipped with a 40W tube. It can provide sufficient energy for engraving and cutting different objects consisting of various shapes and sizes. The total lifespan of this machine is 2000 hours of operation. The product also features a laser hazard class VI.

Built-in Exhaust Fan

The ventilation system of this machine is high end as it is equipped with a built-in exhaust fan. It will not only speed up the time of installation but increase the efficiency of ventilation too. The work surface is also very versatile as it can cover 12 by 8 inches of an engraving surface. You can accommodate bulky items and materials of different dimensions with the help of a control board.

Detachable Wheels

There are four removable wheels attached at the base of the machine, and they will help you move the device or even fix it in different directions while working. The exhaust fan will not let the device become hot and increase portability. The touch controls are highly upgraded too.

VersatileThe Cutting Display Is Not Clear
Digital Controls
Integrated Cooling Fan



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