CNC Machine Maintenance Tips

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2020)

CNC machine maintenance is necessary if you want your machine to work for a long time. Even if you are looking to sell your used CNC machine, the buyer will look at its maintenance. If you have managed proper maintenance of your CNC machine, it can save your money as there will be no machinery failures. It is a powerful machine that can handle the most complex machining tasks efficiently. If you need to maximize the output level, proper maintenance is required. The most important thing is that person operating this machine has to be well trained and know how to maintain the machine. If you are not careful, the most critical components can wear and tear and cost you a lot. In this buying guide, we will be discussing some of the best CNC machine maintenance tips.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

The operator needs to maintain a regular maintenance schedule and be disciplined. You need to clean the grime and scrap the material built up on the exterior or interior of the machine. You can take a rag and clean the machine regularly using simple techniques. When you keep the machine clean, it will not have any residue or debris inside, which will ensure excellent performance.

Keep Record

If you don’t maintain your CNC machine, it will cost you a lot of money. The spare parts of the machine take a lot of time to reach your area, and the shipping costs are high too. You need to keep a record of the maintenance history and diagnose any mechanical issues. You can take it to a technician once in a while and get to know how well your machine is maintained. They can give you some tips on improving the life span of the machine even though you don’t have much knowledge about it.

Check The Fluids & Grease In The Moving Parts

The working of CNC machines depends on fluids, which include hydraulic and other lubricants. Make sure that you keep changing these oils and lubrications according to the instructions given on the manual. Keep a vigilant eye on the working of machine to make sure that it is not consuming fluids very fast. There is a proper grease requirement, which will help the moving parts work without any wear and tear. You will be surprised to know that you can save a lot of money by handling the fluids in a better way.

Keep Spare Parts At Hand

If you happen to face a mechanical issue or a breakdown in the middle of the project, it will be troublesome. The spare parts cannot be found quickly, and the next thing is the high shipping fees. You will have to wait for a lot of days for the shipping parts to arrive, and it can lower your output levels. The most useful thing to get rid of this painful situation is to keep spare parts in surplus so in case if you have an issue you can use them.



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