Common Mistakes To Avoid In Laser Engraving

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2020)

Whether you are a professional or a beginner learning the proper usage of laser engraving becomes a necessity. It would help if you avoid common mistakes, or it can do either harm you or the machine. The laser engraving method is an advanced laser marking, and it is a common practice where many objects are engraved using a laser. In this buying guide, we will discuss common mistakes to avoid in laser engraving.

Engraving Fabric With The Laser Burns Through Materials

If you are engraving fabric with a laser engraving machine, it needs some useful techniques to protect it from burning. You will have to understand how much fabric can resist or what temperatures are suitable for it. If there are heavy fabrics like denim, canvas, and leather, they can withstand a high level of pressure during engraving. When you are handling weak materials setting up a temperature according to it will be a better choice. Usually, the temperature should be set at 100% and power at 10%.

Acrylic Doesn’t Produce White Engraving

If you want to make sure that the acrylic doesn’t provide a frost white engraving, the application of acrylic should be correct. Usually, two different types of acrylics are used during engraving. The acrylic turns white during the engraving process, so such a variety comes in handy. It is suitable for plaques and awards but won’t be the right choice for cutting or handling polished flame edges.

Inconsistent Glass Engraving

Most of the time, when the laser hits the surface of the glass, it can use either chip or break it. You have to use a lower resolution, which features 300 DPI, and it will bring out a better outlook for the grass. The white frosting looks right to an extent, but it shouldn’t spoil the glass’s appearance.

Wood Engraving Gives Different Results On The Same Setup

Wood happens to be one of the friendliest materials because they can be cut and engraved easily. However, woods may have distinctive features, and the results may vary when they are cut or embedded. The light form of woods like cherry or maple will give a good contrast while the laser may burn away some parts of the wood in other cases. The denser woods need more power and effort to be cut or engraved. Maple and alder are one of the best woods for engraving, and they will produce a rich contrast as well. If you are carving bare wood, it can create issues like providing a lot of smoke and debris during the process.

Laser Engraver May Not Be Very Fast

Usually, the laser engraver may not be very fast or give the best of performance. It may be because of smoke or debris build-up inside. You need to regularly clean your machine from the inside to avoid such fundamental issues. The device can be maintained regularly if you follow proper instructions given inside the manual. If you are witnessing these common issues, frequently check and clean the optics, and it will improve the performance instantly.



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