How Do Hardware Firewalls Work?

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

A firewall is a hardware or software which will protect your computer or network for malicious and harmful viruses or attacks. They act as a strong barrier between the network and the potential attacks when you are browsing online. Firewalls are most commonly used with anti-software to protect the networks from malware and worms. There are two types of firewall systems: hardware and the other is software, and they work differently. Nowadays a firewall has become a necessity for the computers. In this buying guide, we will discuss how do hardware firewalls work.

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware firewalls will filter the information on the internet when it passes from one computer to the other. Most of the broadband users have a built-in firewall, and generally, the hardware firewalls work by analyzing the information being sent over the networks. The information they receive from a computer or a particular network will not be delivered without the permission of a firewall. Nowadays, hardware firewalls have become very advanced, and they are suitable for home and small businesses. They don’t require any proper setup or installation either, and multiple computers can be protected from getting patched on the same routers. The major drawback is that they analyze the information coming towards the network or computer while the information that leaves them isn’t checked. Sometimes Trojan and malware might attack the computer with false information as the hardware doesn’t analyze it.

Software Firewalls

The software firewalls are considered a little better than hardware firewalls as their features are extensive. The most important benefit is that it can analyze the information or outgoing traffic and data. It will stop the computer from becoming a zombie or bot and prevent the computer from getting attacked by malware. There are many other harmful viruses such as worms, which can be dangerous for your network. Another advantage is that software firewalls are easy to customize, and you can configure the settings according to your requirement. If you are online watching a movie or playing a game, feel assured that nothing harmful will come to your computer’s way. The major disadvantage of a software firewall is that it can protect only one computer at a time, so the service is limited compared to Hardware firewalls.

Additional Protection

It is not a bad idea to use software and hardware firewalls for your network or computer. However, please use an additional anti-virus along with these firewalls. There is another option that you can use both software and hardware firewalls together as they can provide layers of protection. Mostly the software firewalls are used with anti-virus as the firewall will stop only a known attack while the anti-virus will control the unknown attacks too. It is better to stay secure and stop your computer from getting tricked through unknown malicious software. It is beneficial for all the internet users to keep their software updated and don’t click on instant messages that pop up frequently. All these methods can keep your system safe and secure.



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