What Are Different Types Of CNC Machines?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

If you want to understand the definition of a CNC machine, it is controlled by the computer. The operation is performed by feeding a code on it, which includes CAD and CAM. The CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing while CAD stands for computer-aided design. These two features will help you understand the working and understanding of the machine and other feature concentrate on manufacturing. The CNC machine consists of a bed, headstock, tailstock, pedal, chuck, and a control panel. In this buying guide, we will be talking about the different types of CNC machines.

Types Of CNC Machines

Here are some examples of CNC machines, and we will talk about how they work.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

As the name indicates, a CNC laser cutting machine is the one where the laser handles the operation of cutting. The operation code is fed into the machine, which is reflected on the computer. The machine can run automatically when it is connected with the computer. It is used for cutting sheet and will give a smooth surface.

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC refers to computerized numerically controlled, and it is mostly used as a lathe machine in today’s time. The working is quite fast and accurate and happens to be very advanced when it comes to technology and features. It can sometimes work even though you have not planted a code inside the machine. Also, if the worker is semi-skilled, they can work with the machine without making much effort.

CNC Milling Machine

A milling machine is used for metal removing purposes, and it is most commonly used for making gears and drill workpieces like a bore and producing good quality slots. You have to insert a code into the machine so it can start working. The machine is also suitable for mass production like capstan and turret.

CNC Router Machine

CNC router machines do work like other CNC machines, but the only difference is that they can handle many tasks manually. You can do the carpenter work quite efficiently, which includes door carvings, interior, and exterior decorations. The carpenters can also make wooden signs, frames, panels, and good quality furniture. It gives out a very smooth finish to all the products.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The CNC plasma cutting machines work with the computer as soon as a code is inserted into the machine. Hot plasma technology is involved in this machine, which costs lesser than a laser machine. The machine is portable and affordable, as well.

5-Axis Machine

The Five-axis machine consists of 5 axis named X, Y, and Z. The cutting operation is handled using three directions, and two other axis called A and B. The five-axis machine makes your work very easy, and you can create many sculptures in one go.

3D Printer

The 3D printer is one of those CNC machines where metals are printed using different layers. The printer can work well for printing complexes and building and visualize each design in 3D quality. The drawings and designs are created using CAM and CAD.



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