Best 3 Point Log Splitters 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you own a tractor, then you must know how important a 3 point log splitter can be for you. It can help you to make your log splitting tasks more comfortable and more straightforward. It can help to reduce your fatigue during the job and make you feel more comfortable. The 3 point log splitter would prevent you from the hassle of dragging a trailer. The wood splitters are the best solution for you, and a must-have tool for you. Here we present the Best 3 Point Log Splitters to you that can help you manage your task and get things done.

Best 3 Point Log Splitters (Comparison)

Log SplitterForce 
Powerhorse 1196522 Tons

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Titan Cat 1 19833520 Tons

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Boss Industrial 3PT13T2113 Tons

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Powerhorse 11965

Powerhorse 11965

The Powerhorse 11965 log splitter comes with some of the best features and can help you to perform various tasks. This is one of the best log splitters that have excellent attributes and can be the best solution for your high-end tasks. The log splitter can fit on to any tractor, and it can split large logs instantly. You don’t have to hold and carry the splitter on to the logs because the log splitter will do the job for you. If you have a weak body structure and find it hard to carry and move large machines and heavy logs, this model can be perfect for you. It can easily split logs that come in a diameter of 14 inches. It even can split larger logs than this since it has a high end and incredible power and capacity. The splitter can split logs that are thick and strong and will never disappoint you. The machine comes with high-quality tires that can help you to move and use the machine far from home. It can run well on flat surfaces, and if you want to work on rough surfaces, we suggest you go slow. The model is perfect for people who are looking for a high end and upgraded version. It isn’t the most powerful log splitter in the market, but it has all the right features that make this model an excellent tool.

Power & Convenience

The powerhorse splitter comes with industry-standard features and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in the market. The manufactures have tested the machine, and it is also certified, so you don’t have to worry about putting the machine to testing before use. The machine has all the power that you need to split logs and offer portability and mobility.


The machine can be used to split logs for various purposes. It can be great from home use and can be useful for cutting the logs to fire a campfire. The splitter is lightweight, and it is super easy to bring the machine to the logs and split them.

Engineered To Perform

When you own this tool, you can be assured that your log splitting tasks are more comfortable than ever. It used the tractor hydraulic system to create a splitting force. The tool comes with some of the best features to assure you that the machine can take care of high-end tasks without any maintenance. The machine has superior sealing and is durable enough to last for years.

Built To Perform

When you purchase the powerhorse log splitter, you know that you own a tool that you can trust completely. The logs that are too large to split can be taken care of quickly because converting the machine to vertical splitting is secure and safe.

PowerfulDoesn’t Come With Supply & Return Hoses
Built To LastOnly Works With 3 Point Tractor Category 1 & 2




Titan Cat 1 198335

Titan Cat 1 198335

Titan Cat 1 198335 Hydraulic Log Splitter is one of the best log splitters to use in an agricultural setting. It can be perfect for professional use and is ideal for splitting logs of any size. You will settle for this machine once you see it and use it for your professional log splitting tasks. This model is one of the top-rated log splitters in the market and is the best value for money. It has an affordable price and comes packed with all the useful features that you will require for your log splitting tasks. The machine can be suited to all kinds of functions and has the power to tackle heavy-duty tasks. This is one such tool that you have been looking for a long time. Titan 3 Point Cat 1 Hydraulic Log Splitter is an easy-to-use and efficient machine that can easily split lumber and logs. With just a pull lever, you can handle the task well and cut the log into several pieces. The machine is easy to install and move and can be carried to different areas to perform various tasks. You can easily integrate it to your tractors hydraulic system and complete the log splitting tasks with the breeze. It comes with great power and force and can perform the toughest of jobs with ease. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that is available at an affordable price and has high-quality features, then Titan 3 Point Cat 1 Hydraulic Log Splitter is one of the best purchases in the market.

Easy To Use

The model is easy to use and can be suitable for a beginner as well. The log splitter is perfect for use with tractors and helps to perform your log splitting tasks. They are ideal for performing various tasks such as agricultural and contracting jobs. The tool wouldn’t be suitable for residential use, so avoid using it for any such purposes or for maintaining your home garden.

Safety Features

The log splitter can be dangerous to use, so it is essential to operate them with caution. Titan 3 Point Cat 1 Hydraulic Log Splitter comes with perfect features that can make this tool easy and safe to operate. It allows you to take all the possible safety measures while using the machine. The device is the most reliable tool to use in the market if you follow the safety instructions listed on the user manual.


Many log splitters come with possible risky maintenances and defects. Titan 3 Point Cat 1 Hydraulic Log Splitter is made with high-quality materials and can perform efficiently. It is a top-rated splitter and wouldn’t run into any problems while you are using it. The machine can give a powerful and efficient performance and can work wonders for you.

No Maintenance

Maintenance requirements can vary from machine to machine, but the best part about this machine is that it doesn’t have any maintenance issues. You can use it for hours, and the machine will not stop running abruptly in the middle of your task. The machine doesn’t need any maintenance and increases the lifetime of a machine.

DurableNot Very Versatile
Quick Cycle TimeCan Just Split Vertically & Not Horizontally
Best Safety Features




Boss Industrial 3PT13T21

Boss Industrial 3PT13T21

Boss Industrial 3PT13T21 Log splitter is the perfect solution for tractors. It is recommended for two to eighty cords per season, which is pretty good. It gives excellent value for money, and you can attach it with one or two categories. There is a three-point hitch that is easy to deal with. The three-point log splitter will use the hydraulics of the tractor to operate each cylinder. The splitter has 13 ton of splitting force and it can split wood into smaller logs at a perfect height. It is much better if you switch to the vertical side and can save your back pretty quickly. You can roll large logs from one place to the other. The maximum PSI of this log splitter is 3200, and the diameter of the cylinder is 4 inches. The length of the diameter is 24 inches, and it can split logs up to 20.5 inches. The oil flow of the tractor needs to be useful as it is responsible for bringing force. The log splitter has an easy-to-use control system, and you can use it with one hand operation. The RAM is pretty smooth as it starts automatically and returns to the start position. The log splitter has plenty of useful features that can make work easy for the user. If you want to complete bulk work of splitting woods and enjoy efficient and attractive equipment, the dual-action log splitter will be a perfect choice.

3 Point Tractor Mounted Log Splitter

Boss Industrial Dual-action Log splitter is perfect for all types of tractors. It will ensure that your log splitting is done correctly. The procedure will be efficient and safe so you can protect yourself from any issues. The maximum splitting force of this splitter is 13 tons, and it can split logs up to 20.5 inches.

13 Ton Splitting Force

The log splitter comes back with a 13-ton splitting force that is suitable for carrying out your tasks effectively. You can take on large splitting projects, and a large quantity of wood can be cut without taking much time. The length of the diameter is 24 inches, and the width of each cylinder is 4 inches wide.


You will be surprised to know that log splitter delivers a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI. It shows a lot of energy when you are working with it. The best quality of this product is that it can provide an easy way out to collect the bulk of splitting logs. It can cut the wood in both vertical and horizontal positions. The log splitter is long lasting and durable and you can use it to carry out your projects saving your time and effort.

Easy To Use Controls

The action log splitter is capable of giving out 13 tons of force for splitting. It is most compatible with category one or category two and can attach it with a three-point hitch. The one-hand operation is a useful feature, which means you can use the splitter with one hand and complete your project.

Horizontal Or Vertical Positions

If you want to split the logs in the smaller size, you can do it at the low level keeping it comfortable at waist height. You can also switch to the vertical side and keep your back straight. The upright position is most suitable for large-sized logs to roll in one place.

Easy To Assemble

No one would indeed like to call up an expert to assemble a tool or machine they have purchased. You don’t need to be concerned when you are buying this splitter, as the setup process isn’t very lengthy. You can assemble it in about a few hours and start working the way you want to.

Well Built

Once you have assembled the log splitter, you will realize that the design is quite sturdy and made with quality materials. It is build to last and give the user a smooth and great experience. The advantage is that it will promise you a long and lengthy future for splitting wood. You will not regret investing in this handy log splitter.

Can Be Operated With One HandTakes About Three Hours To Assemble The Log Splitter
Extra Full Log Trays IncludedMore Features Could Have Been Added
Can Split Logs Up To 20.5 Inches



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