Best Benchtop Drill Presses For Metal 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

There are many benchtop drill presses available for metalwork, but the question is that which one of them fits your needs the best? If you are looking for some high-quality benchtop drill presses, then this post is the right place for you. We will be reviewing the three of the Best Benchtop Drill Presses For Metal that could prove to be the best tools for your job. Let’s take a quick overview of the devices.

Best Benchtop Drill Presses For Metal (Comparison)

Drill PressMotor 
JET 716000½ HP

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Grizzly Industrial G09251/3 HP

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Shop Fox W1668¾ HP

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JET 716000

JET 716000

The JET 716000 drill press can tackle the toughest jobs and is portable to move around quickly. The drill press has an adjustable speed, and this feature makes the tool easy to use. The powerful motor of the machine makes it easy to cut through hard metal and other sturdy materials. If you want to cut deep into metal and want to do the job accurately, the Jet drill press is the best option for you. The jet drill press is a famous brand that manufactures the best tools for performing efficiently in the workshop. The Jet Drill press is one of the best tools that the brand has built, and it has gained a lot of attention. The Jet drill press is the best option if you work at a workshop and have to deal with metal tasks. The machine has a solid built and has the power to work efficiently in your workshop. The tool provides you with accuracy and power, and you can complete your jobs efficiently in a short period. The device is easy to adjust. It is sturdy and can drill deep holes in metals and other sturdy material. It comes with a large table that helps to use it conveniently and can cut through the sheet metal. The tool is also quiet and doesn’t create much noise while it is operating. The drill press is an excellent value for money and offers some of the best features at an affordable price.


You will be extremely satisfied with the performance of this machine because it has a powerful motor. It also comes with some great features that can help you to perform your tasks efficiently. The machine will deliver the best performance, and you will never be disappointed with the results achieved by using the tool. If you are a professional and want to use the machine for heavy-duty tasks, then Jet drill press could be the best pick for you. The device is made with great quality material and also has all the features required for a high-performance machine.


The robust and sturdy construction of the machine promises you that you will not have to invest in a new machine any time soon. The durable construction is made with cast iron and will help you to achieve rigid and stable results. It is top-notch equipment and ensures that your job is done with efficiency. The durable construction makes the machine highly portable and easy to use. It has a flexible body and can be placed in any direction and positions. The rollers that are situated at the base make it functional. The durable construction offers excellent stability and control over the machine, and you will be able to handle the tool in the best way.


The machine is capable of performing the job with accuracy. You will get accurate results because it has the best features that enhance perfect accuracy. The powerful motor has the best power and can perform the task with higher efficiency. It can drill various sturdy materials and can drill precisely. It also helps you to drill holes of different sizes and measures accuracy.


The drilling machine is made with various components that are flexible and versatile. It is versatile and can handle multiple tasks with proficiency. The powerful motor can help you to drill through multiple materials. The drill press comes with variable speed that can help you to adjust the speed according to the requirement. It also comes with a lot of additional features that can help to enhance the operation of the tool.

Large Bench TableChanging Speed Is Not Easy
Steady & DurableNo Work Light
Good Value For Money



Grizzly Industrial G0925

Grizzly Industrial G0925

If you have a cramped workshop that doesn’t have ample space to work or store, then Grizzly Industrial G0925 benchtop drill press is the best option for you. It is compact and small in size and despite its compact size can perform heavy-duty tasks. It is perfect for projects that need a lot of detailing and intricate work. It offers a lot of accuracy and efficiency and can perform the best during your challenging and demanding tasks. The variable speed it offers ensures you to adjust the speed during your projects according to your convenience. It will be useful to carry any heavy-duty task and wouldn’t disappoint you in carrying out various projects for your workshop. The benchtop that it comes with is movable and can be tilted in any direction. It is easy to assemble and use and can carry out demanding tasks like in fast and quick ways. The adjustable table gives you the option to adjust the drilling angles according to your convenience. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that can work well in your workshop and can help you complete your tasks efficiently, then the Grizzly Baby benchtop is a good option for you. It comes at an affordable price and also has a lot of features to offer and is also from a brand that is reliable and trustworthy.


If you don’t have ample space in your workshop, then Grizzly Baby benchtop drill press is a good option for you. The workshop is full of equipment already, and it can be hard to stuff another machine in your already congested workshop. The Grizzly drill press is small and compact and can accomplish the entire task that a large-sized drill press can offer. It doesn’t take up much space and is compact to be stored in your workspace.


Many projects are demanding and need extra detailing. If you are involved in such a project, then Grizzly Baby bench drill press is the best option for you. Most drills are just too big, and they are not capable of performing excellent work. This can ruin the projects and are also hard to work with because they are too big. The model of drill press by Grizzly has the power to handle excellent work and gives a performance that is not disappointing. The drill press is the best option if you want to work on miniature projects.


The benchtop drill press has the power to handle challenging tasks. It can deal with detail-oriented work and can give you freedom of movement. The machine allows you to adjust the machine in the best way possible and can help you to get rid of awkward positions. The model will help you to work comfortably and can help you drill through sturdy and robust metal materials. The table can also be tilted in any direction and can help you work diligently.

Durable & EfficientHard To Adjust
Excellent For Beginners & Professionals
Small & Compact




Shop Fox W1668

Shop Fox W1668

Woodstock International is offering Shop Fox W1668 benchtop drill press to the customers who have got many great features. They are known for bringing good quality wood and metalworking machines. They are offering a two-year warranty on this drill press. It has soon become one of the fastest-selling products in the market today. Excellent pricing is another reason why it has become so popular among people. The ¾ HP motor delivers 110 Volts, and maximum power is 1,725 RPM. If we talk about the spindle speed, it can provide the highest potential of 250-3050 RPM. The rate of spindle travel happens to be 3-1/4 inch. The three-piece spindle is another excellent feature which can make your tasks look easy. The drill press is 23 inches long, and you can mount it on a bench pretty easily. The assembling process is quite easy, and the ratings from the customers are top-notch as well. It will give an excellent performance as it delivers what it promises. Cutting a variety of sturdy materials has never been this easy, and you will be delighted to have this drill press in your life.


Shop Fox is a high quality and innovative wood and metalworking machine. The features and power-packed performance ensure that the customers are fully satisfied while using it. If you want to have a versatile drill press, consider purchasing Shop Fox benchtop drill press. It is an affordable option and will give you what you need.


The product is perfect for drilling and a great addition to your workshop. It comes packed with some attachments and helps you sand items pretty quickly. You can drill both metal and wood while dealing with plastic, and other hard materials will also become easy. The combination of power and efficiency in a drilling machine is hard to find.


The motor of this drill press is powerful as it provides a high voltage of 110. It is recommended for both industrial and commercial use. You can handle big projects on deadline and feel at ease. The ¾ horsepower motor will give a powerful drilling performance. Ideally, it can punch holes into a variety of materials at high speed. The HP motor can deliver the highest power of 1,725 RPM.

Easy To Assemble

When you get the package to your house, the drill press will come disassembled. You will get a base, column, dust port, table, headstock, drill and handles. According to the comments of various users, it is quite easy to assemble and will take only half an hour to complete the process. Assembling the drums make take sometime though.


One of the best things about Shop Fox drill press is that it has a powerful motor which can drill a variety of sturdy materials. The spindle speed provides a good range of 250-3050 RPM. The drilling machine can perform unusual duties in the workshop.


The drill press can be adjusted to different angles according to your requirement. You can tilt the table to 90 degrees to both left and right. By changing the height of the table and tilt it according to work requirements. You can use the table for both sanding and drilling. The best thing is that it has the most significant chunk available in the market today.


The total weight of the drill press is 63 pounds and is a little heavier than other drill press in the market today. However, the features are powerful, and they can make your work very easy. The rate of spindle travels is 3-1/4 inch.

Easy To Use

The Shop Fox drill press is easy to use, and you can change the drill speed and engages a useful oscillating feature. It can deliver enough power to the small as well as big holes when you are drilling different materials.


The best quality of this drill press is that it has got all the powerful features but comes at an affordable price. The price range is good enough to fit inside the budget of every user. The drill press has a good design and constructed with quality materials which are tough even to last.

Can Be Used As An Oscillating SanderAssembling Of Drums Isn’t Easy
Powerful MotorLittle Heavy




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