Best Brush Cutters For Skid Steer 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

No matter what your task is, you want your skid steer to perform at its maximum on every job site. To help you with that, we will be talking about the best brush cutter for skid steer in this guide.

The brush cutter for skid steer can help take care of various jobs like snow removal and cutting tall grass. It can also help to shift rocks and can also navigate through rough terrain.

The brush cutters are designed to make your skid steer go the extra mile. You don’t have to settle anything less because we will review the Best Brush Cutters For Skid Steer.

Best Brush Cutters For Skid Steer (Comparison)

Brush CutterGPM 
Streamline Industrial VIR20160297619 to 31

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Harleman Brush Beaver19 to 36

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Harleman Brush Beaver 78"19 to 36

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Streamline Industrial VIR201602976

Streamline Industrial VIR201602976

Streamline Industrial is a famous and well-known brand that is known for its quality products. The brand is an expert when it comes to manufacturing chainsaws, lawnmowers, and brush cutters. The Streamline Industrial VIR201602976 brush cutter product has an extraordinary capacity and can go beyond an average capacity and give a fantastic performance. The engine helps boost the efficiency of up to 20% and makes the device one of the best in the market. The commercial machine can help you take care of a wide range of tasks and sort out all the issues quickly. The following features of the Streamline brush cutter makes this device one of the best in the market.


The best feature of Streamline brush cutter is that it comes with a quality handlebar. If you have ever used a brush cutter, you must know that a good quality handlebar can make a difference in the brush cutter’s performance. The design of the equipment is efficient and helps you to work for prolonged hours. If the designed handlebar is weak and not well designed, then it will be painful within minutes while you operate it. This tool is completely different and comes with an ergonomically designed handlebar.


The Brush cutter can be used with a wide range of attachments. It can be used with a saw blade, a grass blade, and also a trimmer. The machine offers versatility, and most users will appreciate this feature. If you invest, this tool will turn out to be one piece of equipment.


This brush cutter by Streamline is an appealing product. It has a high capacity engine, which is certainly adequate to give an excellent performance. The two-cycle engine helps to cut and clean the dirt efficiently. If you are looking for a brush cutter with a high-quality engine, this brush cutter is the best choice.


The handle available on the cutter is adjustable, making it easier for you to perform your tasks. This feature is rare and not commonly found in most brush cutters. The brush cutter provides the best comfort and can be used by right-handed and left-handed people. The shaft attached to the machine is very straight and can allow you to cut beneath bushes and complicated areas with ease.

Best Selling

The Streamline Industrial Brush cutter is of the top-selling cutters available in the market. It comes with numerous features that you will make your operation secure. The powerful hydraulic motor can get through thick bushes and clear the area without any issues.

Superior Quality

The machine is well built and offers superior quality. The machine is well designed, and every little detail has been taken into account. The commercial-grade machine is a rare option in the market and offers the highest quality and performance.


The cutter looks very much like a cutter deck. The upper side of the blade is covered. This feature is suitable for beginners because it provides them with extra safety. The machine also offers high-grade safety and comes with a boosted hydraulic motor and also comes with an efficient cushion valve. This helps to amount of power that is dispensed by the motor.

Safe To UseMotor Is Challenging To Maintain
Hydraulic Motor For Maximum Efficiency
One Year Warranty



Harleman Brush Beaver

Harleman Brush Beaver

Harleman Heavy Duty Brush Beaver 72 inch Cutter Shredder helps to take care of a wide range of tasks on the job site. It can cut trees and bushes and can take down even the most robust and hardest trees. The machine can take down 10-inch diameter trees in seconds. The machine can take care of a lot of stuff for you and can brush away the dirt and debris located in your area. It can take care of the little brush clearing jobs and comes with all the features that you are looking for. The machine offers two models, and both the models are designed to fulfill all the duties well and satisfy the performance. The extremely heavy duty model is not ordinary and offers maximum and extreme performance. The machine comes in two sizes, a 72 inch and a 78 inch. You can choose and buy the one that suits your needs.

High Quality

A massive duty brush beaver isn’t an ordinary machine, and it stands out for extraordinary performance and power. It can take down bushes and trees and help you to complete your tasks in no time. The machine is super efficient as it doesn’t cause any friction. The low friction of the machine helps to reduce the amount of heat that is being produced by the machine. The cutter is cooler as compared to other machines.


The brush cutter is robust and offers top speed rotations. The machine can give an extraordinary performance when it is going at its full speed. It can reach the maximum speed and can make 7,100 rotations per minute. This feature is impressive as not many machines can do that. The speed settings help you to adjust it according to your needs.


The machine is ultra-light and also comes with highly flexible features. The brush cutter, this is the ultimate product for you if you are looking for a product that can give a supreme performance. The machine can cut through the undergrowth lands, and the areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned away easily. You can use it for long hours and will complete your tasks without tiring you out.


The brush cutter has excellent speed and allows you to enjoy a remarkable performance. The machine allows you to clear vast stretches of land and help you complete the tasks at a record time. The four angle adjustment feature can help to clear the land from all kinds of angles and directions. There is no part of the land that cannot be reached using this machine. The cordless brush cutter is the best option that you will ever get for yourself.

Cutting Blades

The blades of the machine offer maximum flexibility and can significantly take care of all the tasks efficiently. The cutting blades come covered up and also are equipped with a safety plate. This ensures the safety of the users and makes sure that you are safe.

Double Safety SwitchLoud
Easy To Navigate




Harleman Brush Beaver 78”

Harleman Brush Beaver 78"

Harleman Brush Beaver 78” is a perfect brush for taking down trees up to 10 inches diameter in seconds with ease. Even if you are looking to do some everyday brush cleaning tasks, the brush beaver can give you all you need. It is 78 inches wide and can handle all tasks with perfection. The cutter is manufactured by Harleman and is of very superior quality. The blades of this brush beaver are made of stainless steel, and you can rest assured that it can last for many years altogether. It is one of the best brush beavers that are available in the market today. The commercial-grade brush beaver has a large size and powerful features. It is equipped with a powerful motor and can clear bushes consisting of different sizes. The brush beaver is packed with another powerful feature, and that is a reversible feature. It will work well when unexpected obstacles hinder your work, and the best thing is that the machine will automatically move away from that area. The safety feature will help the brush beaver stop automatically if it hits something and then starts working again by changing directions. The spindle of the cutter is rather heavy and weighs around 1400 lbs. The brush beaver can be used for commercial as well as casual tasks at home. Manufacturers have offered a good warranty, and you won’t have to spend much on the maintenance either.


Extreme massive duty brush beaver is a durable cutter, and the construction is done with stainless steel. The best quality is that the steel won’t rot, rust, or wears and tears even after continuous use. No matter how large or thick the grass or bushes are, the brush can be used to clear them. The powerful motor helps more significant tasks look natural, and the cutting blades, which are also constructed with steel, are durable. Organizing your hard and keeping it clean is no more demanding thanks to this brush cutter.

Cutting Path

The brush beaver has a full cutting path and clearing acres of land in a short period. The trees which are 10 inches diameter will be easy to cut down as the machine is of very superior quality. It is safe and friendly to use because the operation is easy to understand. Secondly, the reversible safety feature holds back the machine and protects the user from an injury. The operation is quiet and smooth, which is another benefit for the users.


The hydraulic recommendations given in the manual are 19-36 GPM. The blades consist of 4x Reversible AR 400 Steel. The radial load spindle is 14,000 lbs, which is massive, and managing it might be a little tricky. The all-grade 50 steel used for the construction not only looks elegant but long-lasting too. There are two models of brush beaver available in the market one is 78 inches wide, and the other is 72 inches wide. You have the option to choose the best one according to your requirement. The air cooling system will ensure that you can save yourself from the heat while clearing the yard.


The brush cutter is efficient and can clear weeds in a matter of a few hours. When it is not in use, you should place it in a well-ventilated area and far away from any kind of fuel. The blades can cut in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. If you are working on dense vegetation, you have to move on the surface at least twice; weed won’t fall off. The blade, engine, motor, and shaft work together to give an excellent cutting touch. The shaft can be adjusted according to the requirement of the users. It is an affordable choice and delivers what it promises.


The brush beaver is user friendly, and it doesn’t take much time to understand its working. The handles are adjustable, and the anti-slip feature is another convenience for the people. It has been getting good reviews from people due to the powerful features and smooth operation. The machine can minimize vibrations and doesn’t create any noise or give out harmful fumes. There is a quality harness that makes sure that even weight is distributed when clearing dense vegetation off the ground.

Full Cutting PathMay Not Work Well In Small Or Intricate Places
Safe & Secure To Use
Anti-slip Feature Is Good



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