Best Chainsaws For Alaskan Mill 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If your job is to work with wood, then you must know that a chainsaw is an essential tool that you must have. A chainsaw is not difficult to use, and if you practice a little bit with it, you wouldn’t have any problem in making your tasks easier. A chainsaw will allow you to make less effort and can make your work even more skillful and professional. If you are looking for the best chainsaws for Alaskan Mill, we can save you from the struggle to find the best one. We have chosen the three Best Chainsaws For Alaskan Mill. Read on to know more details about them because one of these might be the right pick for you.

Best Chainsaws For Alaskan Mill (Comparison)

Husqvarna 460 Rancher60.3 cc18.5 lbs

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Ridgeyard 22" 52CC52 cc18.3 lbs

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Husqvarna 455 Rancher55.5 cc12.8 lbs

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

If you are looking for a high-quality Chainsaw, then Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw might be the right one. It comes in many sizes, and it is compatible with different types of bars. It can cut and log the wood into various shapes and sizes. The machine has increased power that can help you to cut even the most durable materials. You will have full control and energy and can do a variety of tasks with it. The saw is easy to handle, and you can make precise cuts and get a more refined outcome. The tensioning adjustments are quite easy, and you can start it up quickly. It has no maintenance issues and would last for a long time and give an efficient performance. The brand is known for providing the best features so you can fully complete the tasks efficiently with this chain saw. It comes with many great safety features that can protect yourself when you are performing your tasks. It has been engineered and optimized to give powerful performances and is made with genuine parts. If you wish that your chainsaw keep running for years at its best, then Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw might be the right pick for you.

Time Between Refueling

It comes with a massive gas tank that allows you to work without refueling it for a long time. The powerful engine consumes less fuel that can help to prevent the refilling often. If you don’t like a machine going for repairs and refueling too often, then these features would attract you. The machine also doesn’t emit exhaust and harmful gases and is environmental friendly. It prevents any health pollution and makes it possible for you to work in a healthy environment.


Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is a bit on the heavy side, and people who have thin bodies might be concerned about using it conveniently. If you don’t have a strong body, then the chainsaw’s vibrating control feature would help you reduce stress from the moving chainsaw. It is a great safety feature because when users get fatigued, they end up causing significant accidents while using the chainsaw.

Adjustable Oil Flow

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw oil pump is adjustable and can help you to adjust it according to the weather conditions and the type of work that you are going to do with it. If your work conditions are damp and your task is demanding and heavy, then you can set the oil to flow so that you get less fatigued. If you are not cutting softwood, you can run the chainsaw at peak power and efficiency. This will help you extend the life of the chainsaw and save you from spending money on the repairs.

Powerful & FastLittle Bulky & Hard To Move
Easy To UseMight Create Problems When Gets Hot
Starts Up Quickly




Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC

Ridgeyard 22" 52CC

Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC is a heavy-duty chainsaw with all the features to help you complete various tasks. The tool has maximum strength and the power to perform even the hardest of tasks. It is durable and can last for many years without any maintenance and issues. The low vibration design style makes it easy to operate the chainsaw and help you to perform your tasks at a fast pace. The tool is not noisy and doesn’t create a lot of noise when it is at work. It comes with a start and stop switch and makes it possible for you to start the tool quickly. Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC helps you to make the operation smooth and makes the operation comfortable. The air intake system of Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC can help to prevent the dust from entering inside the engine and automatically cleans the engine. This helps to extend the life of the engine of the chainsaw. The machine can be used for doing multi-tasks like tree pruning, land cleaning, and other tasks. The build quality of this tool is fantastic, and it is made with durable materials. The cutting power of Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC “can help you perform even the toughest of tasks. If you are looking for a tool that is high quality and comes with some of the best high end features then this chainsaw can be a great buy for you.


Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC has a powerful motor and delivers maximum power and performance when you are doing your task. The tool comes with high end and high-quality features that can help you to perform your tasks with maximum strength. It is durable because it doesn’t need high maintenance. You can perform various tasks using this tool as it is a useful tool and will be an excellent tool for your professional tasks.

Less Noisy

The best part about Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC is that it is less noisy as compared to other chainsaws in the market. You are surely not going to disturb your neighborhood while performing your job as this machine doesn’t create a lot of noise when it is turned on. It has a low vibration design and makes the operation of the tool easy and straightforward.

Air Intake System

The cleaning air intake system of Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC helps to keep the engine clean. The debris and dust don’t get inside because of the cleaning air intake system. Most chainsaws stop working efficiently when the dirt and debris get into the machine. If the tool comes with Air in-take system, it will last for a longer time, and you wouldn’t have to invest in replacing it or getting it repaired.

Easy To Maintain

Ridgeyard 22″ 52CC has easy maintenance and can help you to prolong the life of the machine. The side mount chain tensioner can help you to maintain the machine and keeps it efficiently working for a long time. It is simple and easy to operate and is super versatile to perform various kinds of tasks.

Balanced DesignReplacement Bar Of The Machine Is Hard To Find
Easy Adjustability & Simple To OperateThe Chainsaw Doesn't Have An Aluminum Crankshaft
Easy Fuel Tank Accessibility



Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw offers excellent quality and value for the user. There are plenty of models available in the market, but this particular model is about 20 inches wide. It can easily cut down the bars, which are 13-15 inches long. The engine is powerful and boasts of a 60cc engine that is compatible with cutting a lot of bars. You can handle all the logs and cut it according to your requirement with the powerful lumbers. The fantastic Lowvib feature is also useful, which is made according to the size and power of the engine. The Gas chainsaw delivers a powerful performance as the engine is powerful, and other features also support it. There is an X-Torq engine with a wide range of RMP, which provides added power and so much control. It helps handle the saw, and you can make smooth and precise cuts or measurements. The chain brake is activated with inertia and will save your time, effort, and comfort. The chainsaw works on gas and is very easy to use. The tension buttons can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user. You can keep working correctly in your field, and there won’t be any maintenance issues. You can cut timber, firewood and many other things easily.


The Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw is 12.8 pounds in weight, and the best thing is that it can be used for commercial purposes. The 445 rancher Chainsaw is also the right choice for home and landowners. It is a heavy-duty saw which can make things easy for every customer. It has been getting good reviews from people too.

Power Source

The Gas Chainsaw is powered by gas and is engineered to give the best performance. You can keep it running for the best of results as it comes packed with a lot of accessories. For the safety of the user, there are Chainsaw chaps, gloves, and a helmet. You can wear all of them and make your cutting tasks easy. A side-mounted chain attached to the tensioning system will help you adjust the saw pretty quickly. You can handle a lot of work in a few hours.


The engine of this Chainsaw is powerful and can work well without increasing the consumption of fuel. The X-torque engine is designed especially for lowering the use of fuel and will reduce emissions too. There is a two-cycle engine, and this feature is not offered in many other chainsaws. You can purchase a chainsaw case, chain, and sharpener as an additional purchase if you want some extra accessories. The minimum speed of power is 900 RPM, and it reduces the vibration even when it is in use.

Air Filter

The best thing about this chainsaw is that it has an excellent air filter facility. It releases a tremendous amount of air very quickly. If you want to clean or replace the air filter, that is also an easy task, and it won’t take too much time either. You need to know the basics, and your work will be done. The air injection system inside can keep the airflow clean by removing dust and debris out of the saw. As a result, you get an improved and durable engine life.

Chain Oiler

The chainsaw is power-packed with plenty of features, but the automatic chain oiler is the best one. The bar and chain are provided with regular oil, which makes it safe and easy to use. You have to purchase the oil for this bar and chain separately. The gas chainsaw is packed with only a 2.6-ounce bottle of fuel, so you need other long-term use.


The ergonomic design of the Gas chainsaw will help the users deal with this machine quickly. The landowner can make the most of it because it is powerful but easy to handle. Thanks to smart technology and top-notch features. You can cut trees, lumbers, and cut firewood according to your requirements. The cutting is smooth, and it can handle to cut down 13 inches of wood pieces in a few minutes.

Powerful & Easy To UseMay Overheat After Continuous Use
Easy To Start It Up



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