Best Chainsaws For Arborist 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

The best chainsaw for Arborist is not a simple tool that is suitable for home use. It should have some powerful features so that you can complete your task successfully. The chainsaws for arborists can work faster as compared to the other models and have more power. If you need a chainsaw for Arborist, then you must check out this guide. We have picked out the three of the Best Chainsaws For Arborist that have incredible features and can work well for you.

Best Chainsaws For Arborist (Comparison)

Husqvarna T4357.5 lbs

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Echo CS-355T8 lbs

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Ridgeyard 25cc Chainsaw9.3 lbs

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Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna is a reputable brand that has been making excellent quality equipment for outside space. T435 is top-rated in the market, and the users have many good things to say about it. It comes with some of the best features suitable for Arborist tasks and also is a durable model. The model is designed to fulfill your commercial tasks and can serve with high power and performance. It is also suitable to perform various tasks and can be a useful tool for you. Husqvarna T435 Top Handle Saw is a professional chainsaw that can provide you with excellent performance. You wouldn’t be disappointed after buying it because it has a great power that not many models in the market have. It comes with fantastic safety features that make it easy and safe to use. The chainsaw is perfect for beginner use and can let you complete your tasks in a short period. If you want to enhance your comfort and save time, then this chainsaw is the best bet. It has an excellent cutting power and cuts in the most refined way. It is easy to set up and can start up quickly without any delays. The high-performance unit performs extraordinarily and can help you to complete various cutting tasks successfully. It is perfect for professionals who are looking for a fantastic chainsaw with powerful features. The model can run for a long time and is durable to last for years. It is not high maintenance, and you don’t have to spend money on repairing again and again.

Tons Of Features

Husqvarna T435 Top Handle Saw comes packed with some of the best features that make it the essential buy for every professional. If you are an arborist, this tool can make your work life a lot easier than before. It comes with a 20-inch blade that cuts at a super-fast speed, and you can get a lot of your work done in a less amount of time.

X-Torque Engine

The chainsaw comes with an X-Torque engine and saves energy and prolongs the life of the chainsaw. The tool generates lower emissions and can use less fuel. This model can serve you in the best way if you are looking to complete your tasks in a refined way. It also promotes eco-friendly cutting and can help you to work in a healthy environment.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to using chainsaws. They can be dangerous to use if they don’t come with excellent safety features. The model comes with a safety guard chain with a chain brake, and it can help protect your hands from getting hurt. You will be safe when using the chainsaw because it has all the necessary safety features that a chainsaw must-have.

Fuel Efficient

The power source can perform optimally. Husqvarna T435 Top Handle Saw consumes less fuel while working and promises an longer operational times.

Fuel EfficientSmall Fuel Tank
Quick Release Air Filter Makes It Possible For You To Clean It Properly
Chain Tensioning System Is Easy To Access



Echo CS-355T

Echo CS-355T

If you want to buy a chainsaw that can be bought at a limited budget and still comes with some of the best features for an Arborist, Echo CS-355T Chainsaw is perfect for you. The tool would help you to perform an easy and convenient operation. It is a quieter chainsaw as compared to other models in the market right now. CS-355T has an excellent grip, and it helps to put an enormous pressure while cutting. The extreme protection technology provides you with the utmost safety while you are performing your tasks. The Chainsaw is suitable for harsh conditions as it is water-resistant and blocks dust from entering the Chainsaw. The model has an instant start up and turns on the model without many efforts. You have to load the battery, and the Chainsaw is all set and ready to be used. You can start it with a smooth pull trigger and start operating it immediately. It is perfect for beginner users and is also ideal for professional Arborist. The CS-355T has an excellent motor that can help you to perform various tasks naturally. CS-355T Chainsaw is perfect for professional use and is also an excellent choice for homeowners who like to perform small home tasks efficiently. It has excellent cutting efficiency and makes working easy and less time-consuming.

Powerful Engine

The powerful engine can allow you to perform your operations at a fast pace. It will enable you to perform a variety of tasks. The engine is durable and can help you provide long-lasting durability. The Chainsaw can be used for many hours continuously as it allows for you with excellent efficiency.

Safety Features

The chainsaw can be dangerous to use, and many people end up in hospitals because their tool doesn’t have the right safety features. This model comes with some of the most significant features and makes it possible for you to perform the tasks most efficiently without any interruptions.


The model comes with plenty of power and can allow you to deliver a fantastic performance. The Chainsaw is easy to start and has an excellent grip. The handles are great and can make it easy for you to hold and operate the Chainsaw. The plastic that has been used on the casing is durable and can provide you with smooth, long-lasting operations.

Easy Maintenance

The Chainsaw provides efficient operation and can help to use the tool efficiently. It is easy to maintain, and you don’t have to get it repaired now and then. If you have any problems with the Chainsaw, you can fix it yourself as it comes with an excellent manual. The machine is durable and wouldn’t usually get faulty, but it does create a problem. It can get fixed quickly.

Cleaning System

Most engines can turn to be faulty if dirt and debris get into it. This model comes with some of the best features that can help you clean the Chainsaw efficiently. This can help you to prolong the life of the unit and use it for a long time.

Lightweight & Easy To Carry AroundDoesn’t Come With A Carry Case
Durable & High Quality ConstructionNot Fuel Efficient
Comparatively Quiet




Ridgeyard 25cc Chainsaw

Ridgeyard 25cc Chainsaw

Ridgeyard Petrol Chain Saw is powered by gas and comes packed with all the powerful features. It is light in weight and easily portable, and the body is made up of high-quality ABS. The chain saw is so durable that you will be impressed with how well the performance it gives to the user. It delivers the highest power of 900W and cuts any material with high efficiency. Even if you use it for a long time, you won’t feel tired. The chain saw gauge is 0.058 inch in size and can cut timber, wood, lumber, and firewood. No matter what type of wood you are planning to cut, it won’t take much time to complete your work. It is designed in such a way that it can accommodate any 10-inch bar quite easily. Another important and useful feature is the decompression valve, which makes it easy for the motor to start up without heating. The best thing is that it provides a lot of safety features for the convenience of users. You can use it for commercial use and get the best results. The chain catcher will protect your hand from getting injured, and even if the chain breaks, you will be safe. You will not regret purchasing this handy tool and can make your work a lot easier than before.


The gasoline Chain Saw is manufactured using the latest ABS technology. It is durable, and you can use it for long hours without getting tired. It can cut any 10 inches bar of wood or timber quite quickly and has enough safety features to protect your hand from getting any injury. The Chain saw gauge is only 0.058 inch in size, making it portable and easy to transport from one place to the other.


Ridgeyard Chain saw it is powered with 900 Watts and delivers a high speed of 9800 RPM, which is massive for cutting or logging. The high efficiency can make things easy for users as it is much better than other options in the market. You can use it in the lumber yard or chop as much wood as you want. It is also an excellent choice for a garden trim at your house.

Chain Tensioner

The chain saw has a beautiful feature, which is chain tensioner. It is mounted on the side of the saw and has a choke and stop control attached to it. The best thing is that it is suitable for cutting a large variety of wood, bamboo or ice sculptures.


The gas-powered Chain saw has a powerful cutting capacity and can do the most demanding jobs without much effort. The quality of cutting is superb, and you can cut a lot of woods and timber with it. You will mostly see this chain saw being used for commercial purposes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home. Garden trimming will become easy if you have this handy saw at your home.

Lightweight & Portable

The chain saw is light in weight and portable, which is why it has become the top choice among many people. The comfortable grip makes your tasks easy, and power is regulated at regular intervals. The motor is not only easy to start but boasts of a lot of efficiencies. The chain guard and chain brake can save the user if there is a kickback during operation.

Gas Powered

The chain saw is powered by gas, but the best quality is that it doesn’t consume much of fuel while working. You can save your money, but the performance will be high end. The motor will not heat up even when you are using it continuously for many hours. The auto tensioning system is quite good. You have to be cautious while cutting small twigs because if you don’t pay attention, it can be dangerous. It is easy to swap the bars and chains, and they won’t malfunction once you fit them properly.

Fewer EmissionsComparatively Not As Powerful
Easily Cut Through All Forms Of Wood



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