Best Chainsaws For Big Trees 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Cutting down big trees can be a tough and challenging task. It would help if you had a good quality chainsaw for cutting big trees. A powerful and reliable chainsaw can help you to cut down big trees easily. These chainsaws are designed to cut down the most significant trees easily without much effort. On this page, you will find the best chainsaws that can help you cut big trees efficiently. Read on to know more about the Best Chainsaws For Big Trees available on the market right now.

Best Chainsaws For Big Trees (Comparison)

Husqvarna 445 II e-series50.2cc

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Echo CS-59059.8cc

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Dolmar PS-610061cc

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Husqvarna 445 II e-series

Husqvarna 445 II e-series

When you want to cut large trees, you must have a powerful chainsaw that can give a pro-level performance. The chainsaws with maximum power can cost you a lot of money and are not affordable for everyone. Husqvarna 445 II e-series is an excellent option for people who are interested in a budget-friendly option. The model is one of the best that Husqvarna has ever made, and it can provide you the best comfort and ease while cutting the large trees. The chainsaw is however, preferable for professional use, and you will be required to learn using it before doing your task. You can now take on your large projects of cutting big trees without any tension. This chainsaw is reliable and can allow you to work without putting in a lot of effort. It comes packed with all the safety features that you require and has been made using high-quality materials. You can keep the chainsaw running for many years to come as it is made with durable materials. Husqvarna uses genuine parts to make their machines, and you don’t have to spend money on maintenance or repairs. You can operate the chainsaw like a professional and cut the large trees at an expert level. The Husqvarna gas chainsaw has an ergonomic design and is functional enough to give a powerful performance. The machine is easy to start and is made with a smart start technology. The chainsaw has been made by keeping a tree care professional in mind and can provide a quality cut performance.


The chainsaw has high power, and the 50.2cc engine can allow you to give a powerful performance. It works well and can cut large trees without much effort. You will be able to cut large trees in a refined and organized way. This is an outstanding chainsaw and gives an all-round performance.

Easy To Use

Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw can run well once you start using it. It can get through difficult tasks of cutting large trees quickly and do a perfect job. The powerful engine of the machine can allow you to cut large trees and perform hard tasks.


Cutting down trees can be difficult with an average Chainsaw. It can take hours to cut down a large tree, so getting a high-quality chainsaw is essential. Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw is fast and can allow you to cut trees within seconds.

High Quality

The machine is of high quality and can allow you to cut large trees. It doesn’t fall short of any features and has the best quality parts. It is ideal for clearing large trees and branches. It can take down small and large trees and can cut logs with better control.


If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy chainsaw, then Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw is the best buy for you. The tree cutting projects can be hard to complete because average chainsaws cannot perform the task well. It slices through the tree logs and performs that not many machines can perform.

PortableSome People Have Complained About Difficulty In Starting It
Push Start ButtonHandle Opening Is Small
Low Maintenance



Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf

Echo CS-590

If you need a powerful and robust chainsaw, then Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw is the perfect pick for you. You can cut tree branches and can also cut large tree logs. It is not bulky and can be easy for you to carry and use. The machine comes with an easy to understand manual and can allow you to understand the guidance. This will be an excellent investment if you are a professional tree cutter. Cutting trees can be a stressful, but if you have this chainsaw, it can allow you to cut large trees into small pieces in less than seconds. This chainsaw comes with some of the most powerful features and can run for hours. This can allow you to cut down the dead and loose wood. Dead branches of trees can be dangerous and need to be cut off immediately so that they don’t fall off. Echo CS-590 Chainsaw is the fastest way to cut hazardous trees and branches. This machine cuts trees so fast that it can help you to complete your tasks quickly and save a lot of your time. Using an axe or a hand saw cannot let you cut large trees so quickly, but this chainsaw can do the job perfectly.

Well Oiled Machine 

Keeping your chainsaw well oiled is essential, and Echo CS-590 Chainsaw comes with an automatic oiler and can help you to oil the machine automatically. The innovative clutch driven system is efficient and effective. The oil reservoir of your machine will be topped up, and no friction is created when you are using it. It is easy to use and can help you to use it with comfort.

Extended Warranty

If you are spending above $500, you can expect the chainsaw to have some useful features. The product doesn’t disappoint because it comes with a five-year warranty. The chainsaws in the market with similar features don’t have this extended warranty. If you get into any problems with this chainsaw, the warranty will cover the cost of the repairs.

Handle Design

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw has a functional design, and the well-designed handle can minimize the pressure on your body. The chainsaw will have a natural fit in your hand. The grip on the trigger is durable and comes with extra padding, which will allow you to do a comfortable operation.

Premium Chainsaw

CS-590 is a bit expensive, but it is better than many chainsaws in the market. It starts in one go and helps you to complete your tree cutting task efficiently. It minimizes the impact of vibrations. The chainsaw doesn’t have many negative reviews, and the power tool performs well.

Lasting Power

The machine has a large fuel tank and has a 5.7-liter capacity. The fuel will not stop when you are cutting down trees in your backyard. It can allow you to work for hours without any obstructions. This chainsaw is perfect for people who have large cutting trees projects often

High Quality & DurableTakes A Little Time For The Machine To Start Up
Built-in Chainsaw Safety Guards
Vibration Dampening Works Great




Dolmar PS-6100

Dolmar PS-6100

Dolmar PS-6100 is a right chainsaw that gives out excellent performance to the users. It consumes less fuel, and the emissions are low as well. There is a big fuel tank, which allows you to work continuously for 30 minutes with one tank fill. The Air-scavenging technology is top-notch and will give an excellent performance at high torque. The best thing is that it is beautiful garden machinery which will make your garden look neat and clean. It comes packed with a 3/8th pitch 20-inch bar and attached chain. You can cut anything with it, and it won’t even take up much effort. The chainsaw has a whopping 61cc power and has a metal crankcase attached to it. The chainsaw has become a popular choice among people due to its professional-grade class. It will give an exemplary performance, and the design is excellent as well. The chainsaw comes packed with many accessories, and there is a tool-less air cleaner attached to it. The external sprocket rim is easy to use, and if this isn’t enough, the side chain tensioner will give added comfort to the users. It is an excellent choice for personal and professional use.


Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw delivers excellent performance, and it consumes less fuel and low emissions. It will give the user a lot of benefits as it is packed with Air-Scavenging technology. It is suitable for homeowners as well as professional use. You can take care of the smaller yard work and can tackle other big and small tasks at home. It is an accessible machine, as it is quite affordable. The sizeable dual spike bar provides increased productivity. High power to weight ratio provides extra efficiency.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is enormous, that you can continue your work for 30 minutes with one tank fill. It has power as it has a high torque. The pre-cleaning system will clean the air and remove all the dust and particles from inside. It can cut trees, timber, and other materials with high efficiency. The regular uses are pretty happy with the performance. The top-quality performance is easy to clean and smooth.

Filter System

The filter system has a long life and can work for an extended lifetime. There is a tool-less change that is easy to clean. You can cut anything with this chainsaw, and it will give an excellent performance.


The power of this chainsaw is incredible, and it can handle a full chisel chain in one go. It is fast and easy to use because of the 61cc power range. It won’t bog down on anything as it can cut any material easily. Cutting down the big trees will become an easy task, which is a much better choice than milling.


The engine is made up of the latest technology, and it reduces the consumption of fuel. Smart Start technology makes it easy for the machine to start. The vibration level reduces even when the chainsaw operation is going on. The engine has a power of 61cc, and the horsepower has 4.6, which is easy to use.

Air Injection

The air injection filter works best, and it will keep the large pieces of dust and debris from reaching inside the air filter. It is made up of the right technology and will give out an excellent performance. The magnesium crankcase is durable and won’t break down even if it gets a hit. The air filter is well designed and easy to clean.


The chainsaw is light in weight, and you can take it anywhere you want to. It is a budget-priced saw which is efficient enough to work for long hours as compared to a traditional chainsaw. It can work at a much faster rate. If you are looking to cut something around a more substantial property, you can take it with you. It is easy to prepare firewood, and the debris will remove from the inside.


The chainsaw is durable, and light in weight and the side-mounted chain will allow quick chain adjustments when you are working. It is always ready to cut and give a steady performance throughout.

Auto Chain LubricationComparatively Noisy
Sturdy & Provides Fast Cutting
Simple To Use & Easy To Repair




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