Best Chainsaws For Clearing Land 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Chainsaws aren’t just a prop that is used to scare the audience in horror movies. They can be beneficial and can help in clearing land that is filled with tree branches and logs. They can help prune small trees and help the professionals remove a property filled with dirt and garbage. No matter what kind of chainsaw you are buying, it is essential to know that all chainsaws can be dangerous. Whether you are performing a minor or a high-end task, it is necessary to buy a chainsaw that comes with excellent safety features. Here are three Best Chainsaws For Clearing Land available on the market right now.

Best Chainsaws For Clearing Land (Comparison)

Husqvarna 440 II e-series40.9 cc

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher60.3 cc

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Dolmar PS-610061 cc

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Husqvarna 440 II e-series

Husqvarna 440 II e-series

The Husqvarna chainsaw can be expensive and cannot be affordable for everyone, but it is worth buying. Husqvarna 440 II e-series comes with great features and can satisfy all your demands. It can help to clear away even the dirtiest and messiest lands. It can be a bit heavy to carry, but it proves to be a machine that wouldn’t leave you disappointed. The machine is perfect for professionals who have used chainsaws before because it comes with advanced features. The advanced features offer high clearing capacity and can work wonders for professionals who are given multiple tasks of clearing the land. The fast machine can help you to complete your job in a short amount of time, and you can conveniently move on to your next project. The chainsaw might not be suitable for people who don’t have an excellent built because it can be challenging to carry and use for the people with a slim built. It has a great ability to cut through wood efficiently, and it can also clear away all kinds of massive wood logs and tree branches quickly. The refueling is easy, and you don’t have to face any inconvenience in refueling the tank often as it consumes less fuel while it is at work. The air cleaning system automatically cleans the machine, which helps increase the durability and life of the chainsaw. If you are looking for an option with some of the best and most advanced features and can afford an expensive little machine, then this chainsaw by Husqvarna can be an excellent option for you.

Smart Start

Most chainsaws can be hard to start with because Husqvarna’s model makes it possible for you to start the machine in one go. It comes with an air purge feature that can help you to start the engine without much of a hassle. The feature has been designed to ensure that the start of the chainsaw doesn’t take much time. The resistance in the starter cord is not at a high level and is reduced to 40 percent, which helps start the machine instantly.

Vibration Damping System

The machine comes with a low vibration damping system that allows the user to experience less fatigue. It helps to reduce the vibration from the transmission and engine, and as a result, the operation is made a lot easier. The operator doesn’t have to invest a lot of energy and effort while performing the tasks.

X-Torque Engine

The chainsaw comes with an X-Torque engine that can help you to work in a healthy environment. The chainsaw doesn’t emit germs and harmful chemicals from the machine. It also promotes lower fuel consumption, and as a result, you don’t have to replace and refuel the tank again and again.

Air Injection

The air-cleaning systems help clean the particles and dust from the machine and prolong the life of the chainsaw. It also improves the life of the engine, allowing you to work with the chainsaw for hours. The air filter is cleaned automatically, and the dust doesn’t get stuck inside the machine.

Easy & Safe To Use

The best model by Husqvarna offers the safety and ease of use. The machine has a slim and sleek body and has a flat underside that makes the machine easy to operate and functional. The right-hand guard can protect your hands while you are working with the machine. The chain catcher gives you full control over the machine and allows you to perform a safe operation.

Safe To UseThe Engine Doesn’t Always Stay Warm When It Is In Use
Excellent Value For MoneyNot Suitable For People With A Weak Build
Comes With A Fitted Chain



Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Chainsaws by Husqvarna don’t need any introduction because the brand is known for making one of the best outdoor tools. Husqvarna 460 Rancher is no exception, and Husqvarna has made a high-quality machine capable of giving a powerful performance. If you are looking for an extremely high capable chainsaw, this model is the best option. It comes with some great safety features that can protect your hands and body from the dangerous operation of a chainsaw. The power allows you to enjoy power, quality, and safety, and you wouldn’t be disappointed after making this purchase. The chainsaw will prove to be a powerful tool for you, and it comes from the brand that has built its position in the top 5 brands in the market. The gas chainsaw can handle any task, including land-clearing tasks, and promises to deliver a power-packed performance. It offers you full control over the machine and can allow you to feel soft and hardwoods.


The Husqvarna chainsaw offers an incredible power that can help you perform your task at a quick rate. The power capacity can be astonishing for people who aren’t used to using chainsaws before. The incredible amount of power can let you perform all kinds of high-end tasks. If you haven’t used any chainsaws before then, you must take proper caution before using the machine for the first time.


The design of the chainsaw matters to a lot of people, and some users have complained that the design could have been better than this. The design might not be perfect, but the design is functional to provide the best comfort to the users. The design wouldn’t transfer a lot of vibration on your hands and would feel comfortable in your hands while you use it.


Safety is one of the essential features when you are buying a chainsaw. This one comes with great safety features that can promise a safe and comfortable use for long hours. It has been designed by keeping beginners in mind. Even if you haven’t used a chainsaw before, there are almost no chances for you to injure yourself. If you read the manual carefully, then you wouldn’t have any problems operating it safely. You wouldn’t have any threat of injuries and can operate it even if it is your first time using the chainsaw.

Comes With A Lot Of PowerDoesn’t Come With Many Accessories
Comparatively Efficient
Fewer Carbon Emissions




Dolmar PS-6100

Dolmar PS-6100

The Dolmar PS-6100 is an ideal chainsaw which comes packed with 20 inches bar and chain. It consists of a 3/8th pitch, which is big enough to clear any piece of material or land. You get 61 cc ranges because the metal crankcase is of good quality. The handlebar is strong and durable, and it has become the first choice of professionals. The regular price is economical, but it has become even more affordable due to no shipping costs. The weight of the Dolmar chainsaw is 13.2 lbs and can quickly deliver 13,800 RPM. The design of this saw is very professional, and you can use it quite efficiently. It is completely redesigned using the latest technology, and it will give out an exemplary performance to the user. It comes packed with so many features that you will be astonished to see this little tool having so much inside. The tool-less air cleaner is a high end, and it can be cleaned with pure fabric. The external sprocket rim has an easy to use side chain tensioner attached to it. Super light power to weight ratio is one such feature that is hard to find in other chainsaws. The anti-vibration mounts are easy to adjust and will give your hand much-needed comfort.


The chainsaw comes with a 20 inches bar, which is suitable for felling large trees. It would help if you cut a tree, which is at least 2 inches thinner than the blade length of the saw. It is the best way to save you from getting a kickback, which can cause an accident. The side chain tensioner, which is attached to the chisel chainsaw, protects the user from an accident. It can be adjusted according to your requirements as well.


There are unique anti-vibration mounts which prevents the tool from making any vibrations while in use. There will be fewer emissions and low consumption of fuel. The range of the chainsaw is 61 cc, and it can deliver 13,800 proper RPM. There is a unique feature that boasts of super-light power to weight ratio.


The weight of Dolmar chainsaw is 13.2 lbs, and it is so light that even if you use it for prolonged hours, it won’t make you tired. It is powerful enough to cut any size of the tree because of its proper length. It is portable, and you can move it from one area to the other without any difficulty. Even though it is light in weight and portable, it is one of the most durable chainsaws available today.

Safety Features

The tool-less air cleaner can be used to clean the air filter so the dust and debris can be removed successfully. When you are clearing a tree or its branch, you have to make sure that it should be few inches thinner than the length of this chainsaw. The tool-less change and easy cleaning are two features that give a lot of comfort and convenience to the user. Apart from these handy features, you have to keep yourself protected by wearing protective clothes and gloves. They come packed as additional accessories, and you can save some bucks too.


The durable crankcase, which is manufactured using magnesium, will adjust the carburetor automatically. The filter is so well designed that it can clean up in a matter of few seconds. The adjustable oil pump needs minor adjustment, but it can work efficiently. The chainsaw is durable and happens to a right choice if you are looking for something economical.

Bar & Chain

The chainsaw comes packed with 20 inches bar and chain. You have to correctly fit in the chains inside the bar chain if you want the saw to work correctly. Thankfully the process is easy as there is a comprehensive manual given for the benefit of users. If we talk about the design, the Dolmar chainsaw is known as a professional grade saw.

Suitable For Beginners As Well As ProfessionalsFuel & Oil Caps Are Not Of Good Quality
Lightweight & Portable
Doesn’t Require Regular Maintenance




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