Best Chainsaws For Felling Trees 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Are you looking for a chainsaw that can be used for managing felling trees? On this page, we will introduce you to best chainsaws for felling trees because this tool can help you to complete your task with ease. You surely don’t want to buy a chainsaw that cannot meet your demands. A flawed chainsaw can put you in danger and can make you feel frustrated while using the chainsaw. We are here to help you choose the Best Chainsaws For Felling Trees that can make your work life more comfortable.

Best Chainsaws For Felling Trees (Comparison)

Makita EA7900PRZ179 cc

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Husqvarna 455 Rancher55.5 cc

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Echo CS-40040.2 cc

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Makita EA7900PRZ1

Makita EA7900PRZ1

Managing the felling trees can be a heavy-duty task and to take care of such tasks, it is essential to get a high-quality chainsaw. EA7900PRZ1 chainsaw by Makita comes with top quality features and has all the power that can help you perform your tasks with efficiency. The chainsaw can cut through logs, branches and durable woods efficiently. It is designed to improve the quality and standard of your work and can also help you to manage your work at a fast speed. Many professionals complain that most chainsaws don’t come with excellent safety features. This model of chainsaw by Makita comes with some of the best safety features that can protect you from all kinds of possible injuries. The user will feel comfortable and safe while using the chainsaw and will be able to complete the task with perfection. You can work hard and complete your job without having to worry about the tool getting damaged, or you experiencing any injuries. The chainsaw is capable of performing well in the most extreme conditions and situations. If you are looking for a high-quality chainsaw with super powerful features, then the chainsaw model by Makita will be the best choice for you.

Lightweight & Compact

This chainsaw by Makita is super lightweight. Most chainsaw users complain that most chainsaws are heavy, and it becomes difficult for them to use and carry them with convenience. This chainsaw model is lightweight and is easy to hold and carry. It is perfect for prolonged use and can be useful for commercial projects. The chainsaw is also great for home use and is ideal for beginner level and professional level. The compact size of the chainsaw can help you to store the chainsaw in a small and compact space. It is so lightweight that a person with an average built can use it for hours without experiencing fatigue.

Decompression Valve

The chainsaw by Makita comes with easy and convenient starting features. You can start the machine in one go. You don’t have to apply any extra force while trying to start the chainsaw. Many users complain that chainsaws from other brands can take a lot of time to start, and because of that, their work routine is delayed. This chainsaw saves your time and begins at a quick pace.

Chain Compartment

The design of the chainsaw includes a chain compartment that can help to clean the machine in a better way. The chain compartment helps to remove the internal parts of the machine, and cleaning them becomes more comfortable. It also becomes easy to clean the chips and other small pieces of dirt and debris that get stuck in the chainsaw. This can help to extend the life of the chainsaw and make it more durable and efficient.


The machine comes with a guarantee of a limited one year. You can get the machine fixed free of cost if you face any problems using it. The customer support team will connect you to the team that can help you to fix any issue that you experience with the chainsaw. It also comes with the benefit of a 30-day return policy. You can return the chainsaw within 30 days of your use if you don’t like the product or are not satisfied with the performance of the chainsaw. The company will take back the product and will give you a full refund.

LightweightBit Loud When Operational
Excellent For Heavy Duty & Demanding ProjectsHave To Buy The Bar & Chain Separately
Affordable Price



Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna is a trusted brand and is manufacturing chainsaws for a long time now. Husqvarna 455 Rancher comes with super powerful features and helps you to perform various tasks. If you need a reliable and powerful tool, then this model by Husqvarna can be ideal for you. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is a powerful model that can handle the most significant tree felling projects. It also can manage small scale tasks and can be perfect for beginner and professional level. The model is of high quality and can perform various tasks. It also comes with excellent control for smaller projects and can be an efficient tool for handling small scale projects. If you are a contractor and you have to manage a large amount of trees, then this powerful tool can help you manage heavy-duty tasks.

Powerful Performance

The chainsaw comes with a powerful engine that can help you to cut through tree logs and branches comfortably. It can easily cut the most durable wood and branches and can make it possible for you to perform the tree felling jobs with convenience. It gives you full control and can help you to make excellent and organized turns when performing your tasks.

Good Quality

When you take a unique look at the chainsaw, you will realize that it is made with a solid material. It has a perfect balance, and it doesn’t tip in any wrong direction. The design of the chainsaw is strong and durable and can allow you to use the machine for years to come. The chainsaw is easy to use and starts in one go without putting in much force.


The chainsaw is functional and can allow you to perform your tasks quickly and easily. It comes with many fancy features and has all the features that you will require in right quality chainsaw. It doesn’t take much of your effort to start the chainsaw, and starting it in the cold weather is also not severe. The chain doesn’t rotate until or unless you hold the trigger and move it around. It is versatile and is functional to last for years.

Ideal For Landowners & HomeownersComplaints Of Oil Leaks
Perfect For Performing Tough Jobs



Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400 gas chain happens to be an excellent choice for all professionals. It delivers what it promises, and you can cut absolutely anything with it. The weight of this chainsaw is about 10.1 pounds, and the best thing is that it comes packed with power-packed features for the convenience of users. The 5-year warranty is the icing on the cake. The cutting speed is very fast as it can cut through a 10-inch square beam in an instant. Your hands won’t feel any pressure, and if you are wearing protective gear, you can save yourself from an accident too. You have to wear a safety dress also because regular clothing can catch up a burn which is dangerous. The smart startup makes it easy to start, and you can use it for long hours without any hindrance. It doesn’t consume much fuel as it is powered by gas. The chainsaw has an 18 inches bar and chain, and once you have taken care of the chains properly, you are good to go. It is durable and provides excellent value for money.

Powerful Engine

The best quality is that this chainsaw can give you high performance due to a 2-stroke engine. There is engine oil which comes packed with the chainsaw, and the machine is fully assembled when it reaches your house. The engine features a 40.2 cc professional-grade and is very popular among customers. You can cut trees and bring it for your home use or take it to a lumber mill if you are working for them.

Cutting Speed

The Echo CS-400 gas chainsaw has a breakneck cutting speed. You can cut 10 inches big trees in an instant. They can be used in the jungles, and the tree cutting process will be made accessible. You can carry it with you to different places without any fear, and it will deliver the best of performance. You can cut the tree into logs by making exceptional moves and cuts will be smooth. It will not take much time to start or stop, and even if the machine is too cold, it won’t take much time to start.


When you take a look at this chainsaw, you will understand that it is made up of solid materials. The steel cut off switch is reliable and easy to use. The balance is perfect, and it doesn’t move from one direction to the other when you place it. The chainsaw boasts of practicality and comfort, and once you purchase it, you know what is getting.


The dampening anti-vibration is a different kind of thing which we don’t see in most of the other chainsaws. The inner side of the chainsaw is made using rubber, and that will stimulate the coil and fuel pump from the inside. The spring which is placed inside the chainsaw helps it deliver the best performance. The anti-vibration system won’t lose its resistant even after long term use. The chain will not rotate unless you hold the trigger in the wrong direction.

Metal Switch

The metal switch, which is used to turn on the chainsaw, is easy to use. Even when you are cutting a tree, and a log suddenly struck inside with a lot of force, the performance of the machine won’t be affected. You will realize that the chainsaw doesn’t get a dent even after prolonged use. There is a special screw which can be used to adjust the chainsaw. You can see how much gas the chainsaw is receiving and this feature is useful, especially when you are cutting very tough wood.


The chainsaw boasts of functionality and sustainability all the once. It is 10.1 pounds in weight which means it isn’t cumbersome and you can transport it anywhere you like. You can cut thick and hard timber and even cut down logs in a small and elegant touch. It doesn’t have many features, but the few features are good enough for it to deliver the best for its customers. You need to give proper maintenance to your chainsaw so it can last for more time. You can also avail the 5-year warranty and get the chainsaw repaired.

LightweightComparatively Loud
Engine Is Potent & Can Start Easily
Anti-vibration System Is Good




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