Best Chainsaws For Firewood Business 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Do you have a firewood business and you are looking for a chainsaw that can help you complete your tasks effectively? If that is so, you have come to the right place. In this page, we will guide you about the Best Chainsaws For Firewood Business available on the market right now. You surely don’t want to invest money on a chainsaw that cannot perform the tasks well. We will help you find the perfect chainsaw that can help you with completing your tasks efficiently and quickly.

Best Chainsaws For Firewood Business (Comparison)

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf59.8 cc

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher60.3 cc

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Blue Max 5354352 cc

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Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf

The Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is a chainsaw that can help you to perform heavy-duty tasks and everyday tasks as well. The chainsaw is designed for homeowners and landowners. It can cut a large amount of firewood and can help to clear the dirt on lands spread due to storms and other climate changes. You will not be disappointed with this machine because it will help you to perform and complete your tasks in a quick period. The chainsaw wouldn’t disappoint you and is made from durable materials. It promises durability and versatility and will allow you to perform various tasks. The machine is easy to start and comes with some of the best features that can help to manage a massive duty task. Some users have mentioned that it took them a little time to get used to it, but once you have mastered the skill of using it, you will be glad that you chose to buy it. The machine is large, and you should buy it only if you are used to using heavy-duty and powerful engines. If you have wood cutting experience and have used a chainsaw before then, this model would be a perfect buy for you.


The design of the chainsaw is functional, and it is easy to start and use. It comes with a power head unit that helps you to perform massive duty task efficiently. The fuel tank doesn’t need refilling or replacements often. You can also check the fuel level with the help of oil tank feature. The design of the chainsaw is futuristic and is suitable for professionals and beginners.

Professional Grade Engine

The engine of Timber Wolf oozes power, and this gives it the capacity to deal with some of the most demanding tasks. The pro engine cleaner system helps you to prolong the life of the engine. The engine is powerful and can work for hours without stopping or interrupting your work.

Chain Oil System

The automatic adjustable oiler keeps the machine lubricated, and that helps in better functioning of the device. The oilers that are present in this machine are often found in very expensive chainsaws. You don’t have to apply oil to the chain manually as the machine gets lubrication automatically via the oiler.

Safety Features

The chainsaw comes with some of the best safety features that can help to keep you safe during the use. Your hands stay protected, and you are prevented from injuries when you are using the Timber wolf chainsaw. The automatic chain brake stops the chain immediately once the operation gets over. The hand guards can protect your hands from the dirt and debris that comes out of the machine. If you want to stay safe during the operation, you should always make sure to use the machine according to the user manual of the Timber wolf chainsaw.


The chainsaw comes with a lot of accessories that can help you to stay protected and safe during the operation. The operator’s manual is informational and guides you well about how to operate the machine effectively and safely.

PowerfulBit Bulky & On The Heavier Side
Excellent Cutting AbilityDoesn't Come With A Carry Case
Comes With Good Safety Features




Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

If you are looking for a chainsaw that can help you dealing with your Firewood business, then Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw can be perfect for you. This chainsaw can perform tasks quickly and efficiently. It can help to cut down your fatigue and also helps to save a lot of your time. The Husqvarna brand is known for making exceptional and high-quality chainsaws and this model is promising and performs efficiently. The chainsaw has beastly qualities and can help you accomplish even the most robust and most challenging tasks. If you have been using a chainsaw that isn’t performing well, then it is probably time that you replace it with a new and high-quality chainsaw. The affordable chainsaw model by Husqvarna will help you achieve your target in a short period and will help you to manage your farms and lands in an organized way. The powerful engine lets you work for hours without any interruptions. The fuel tank is spacious, and it can fill in maximum fuel in it. The best thing about this chainsaw is that it consumes less fuel. The machine is durable and doesn’t create problems in functioning in the long run. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that is durable and efficient, then picking up Husqvarna chainsaw isn’t a bad idea at all.

Less Consumption Of Fuel

The powerful engine of this model doesn’t consume a lot of fuel and lets you work for long hours. It uses fuel slowly, and as a result, you can work for a long time with the machine without refueling it. If you hate taking a break during a task and don’t like to stop for maintenance, then this feature would appeal you a lot.

Safety Features

The machine is a bit on the heavy side because the engine is significant and is bulky. It might not be suitable for people with a light frame, so if you don’t have any prior experience in working with chainsaws, avoid buying it. If you are strong enough and can carry the machine, then it can be an ideal buy for you. The vibration control feature can help you to reduce stress and fatigue while operating it, and it is also a great safety feature for the users.

Adjustable Oil Flow

The adjustable oil pump can be adjusted and set up according to your needs and requirements. It can be adjusted according to the weather you are working in and can also be adjusted according to your needs.

FastOutside Case Is Made With Low Quality Material
Powerful EngineHave To Buy The Accessories Separately




Blue Max 53543

Blue Max 53543

The Blue Max 53543 Gas Chainsaw features a 52cc power and 20 inches chain and bar. It has a single-cylinder and a 2-stroke engine which is easy to start. The design of the chainsaw is pretty to look at, and the colour blue looks pleasing to the eyes. The cutting speed of this chainsaw is 2,700 -3,400 RPM and the astonishing thing is that it can reach the highest rate of 10,500 RPM. You can use this cutting equipment for clearing trees and cut wood for firewood business. The low range of kickback chain brake provides additional comfort and can prevent accidents. Blue Max has an automatic and well-designed bar chain. It has a high oil feed system which can keep the chain lubricated for every use. The saw is balanced from the centre, and the anti-vibration handle will provide maximum comfort and control and eliminate the fatigue given to your hand. It is the best choice for professional arborists and others, and you can use it for your home purposes too. The chainsaw won’t disappoint you as it is durable and easy to use.


Gas Powered Chainsaw

The Blue Max gas chainsaw features 52cc 2-stroke engine. It can easily cut trees which are more than 36 in diameter. It doesn’t run any load on 2800 RMP which is why it is easy to handle. The chain gauge is 0.058, and the kickback nose and automatic brake are perfect. The bar oiler is either automatic or fixed, and you can see this before buying a chainsaw for your cutting projects.

Cutting Speed

The chainsaw features a high cutting speed, and the maximum it can reach is 10,500 RPM. The engine is so powerful that it can reduce emissions and power consumption all at once. It does require some proper maintenance but can last for many years. The safety chain brake is another beautiful feature which can prevent you from getting into an accident. It is the first choice of many professionals, and beginners are also giving their great feedback.

Automatic Bar & Chain Oil

The best thing about Blue Max saw is that it comes attached to an automatic bar and oil chain. It will keep the chain lubricated and help the saw to run as smoothly as possible. There is an excellent constructed tank oil, and it can fill up 18.6 oz gas in one go. The cutting bar and chain are 20 inches in size and can cut any tree which is more than 36 diameter.

Ignition System

The capacitor discharge will quickly fire up the spark plugs, and this makes it easy for the engine to start. The driver won’t cool down even when you stop the machine to adjust your position. If the motor becomes cold, the saw doesn’t work well, usually. You can clear a portion of 6 acres, and the performance will be high end.


The gas chainsaw comes packed with a one year warranty, and the weight of the saw is about 15.5 pounds. The saw is so well constructed that it will hardly give you any issues. The one-year warranty offer gives you a chance to get the machine replaced or repaired.

Easy To Use

The gas chainsaw is light in weight and easy to use. It gives an excellent performance like a heavy-duty saw. It is not only easy to maneuver but will get your job accomplished without wasting any time and effort. You can cut through tree logs smooth and naturally.

Easy To Start & AssembleNo Anti Vibration System
High RPM EngineComparatively Expensive
Decent Weight Figure



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