Best Drill Presses For Milling 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you want to choose the best drill press for milling, then you must consider a lot of factors. There are various drill presses available in the market, and not every drill press can be suitable for your project. Drill presses can be the best tool to add to your workshop so that your milling task can become more comfortable. If you are looking for a heavy-duty and high-performance drill press for milling, then this is the right place for you. Here are three of the Best Drill Presses For Milling.

Best Drill Presses For Milling (Comparison)

Drill PressSpeed (RPM) 
WEN 4225280 - 3300

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JET 716000530 - 3100

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WEN 4214580 - 3200

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WEN 4225

WEN 4225

If you are a busy professional, then it might be difficult for them to find a proficient and massive duty drill press from WEN. WEN drill press never fails to deliver an excellent performance and will help you to complete your task in the best way. WEN 4225 is one of the best models in the market and will help you deal with your projects with comfort. It comes packed with many benefits and is packed with powerful features. It is a small and compact tool that can be helpful to complete your projects. It is simple to use and can be perfect for daily use. It is easy to bring along different job sites as it is compact and lightweight. It is easy to carry and can be moved easily while you are at work. It is a great drill press for projects of milling and can serve as the best machine if you are looking for a heavy-duty machine. If you want to drill serious holes, then this drill press can be the best option for you. The advanced features of this tool make it one of the top-rated tools that can be bought at a budget-friendly price.


WEN 4225 has a powerful motor that delivers an excellent performance. The sturdy and robust engine can drill through the hardest of materials, making it an efficient machine. The machine can cut through hardened steel and softwood and can help you ease your job. The powerful motor will help you to deliver a performance that is standard and professional. The machine finished look of your task will make you feel that this is one of the best tools available in the market right now. It is not the most powerful drill presses that WEN offers. There are other models of WEN that are even more powerful than this machine.


Speed of a drill press is one of the most critical factors that make this tool the best buy in the market. It has a fast and efficient speed and lets you complete your task at a fast rate. The speed is variable and adjustable, and any preset speed does not bound you while you are using the tool. The machine is versatile and offers a wide range of speed adjustment. If you are a professional, then you must know how important it is to have a drill press with high speed. The speed control knob helps to adjust and change the speed easily.


The size of the WEN 4225 is relatively large, but it isn’t a bad feature as drill presses are usually significant. You can work with large-sized materials with ease as the machine is significant. This can help you to complete your task fast. It can drill any extensive material that is commercially big and large. The device is perfect if you want to use it for a commercial project.


WEN 4225 has a sturdy and robust construction and makes this machine one of the most powerful machines in the market. The table and base of the drill press are made with sturdy steel and can last for a long time. A stable base of a drill press will help to perform your tasks with accuracy and comfort. The sturdy metal construction of this machine makes it one of the most durable drill presses in the market. The drill press is designed to last for long and will help you to manage the challenging tasks regularly. It looks professional and will give a nice finish to your projects.

Powerful MotorComparatively Expensive
Variable Speed ControlHeavy
Thick & Stable Iron Cast Table




JET 716000

JET 716000

The JET 716000 Drill press is beneficial for your milling projects and is one of the most powerful drill presses in the market. It is an essential tool that every professional and workshop owner must have in their tool kit. It can come handy in various kinds of projects and can help you to complete your tasks efficiently as compared to doing them manually. The drill press can be useful in completing milling and construction projects, and Jet drill press can work wonders for you if you are looking to complete a large scale milling project. The Jet drill press is likeable and is one of the most popular tools in the market. You will find this drill press in every professional’s workshop as it offers efficiency. The machine gives accurate performance and consumes less space during the operation. The motor of the Jet drill press is powerful and can provide excellent performance when you are doing a challenging and demanding task. It can drill at variable speed and is efficient to perform brilliantly. The machine is portable and can be easily moved to one place to another.


The Jet drill press delivers a skilful performance and can help you deal with heavy-duty tasks. The machine is made with top quality materials that ensure that it gives an excellent finish to your projects. The device is preferable as compared to other projects as it is capable of delivering the best performance.

Rugged Construction

The base of the drill press is made with cast iron that can help to complete your projects with ease and comfort. The rigid construction makes this machine powerful and portable. It has a flexible base and can be positioned at various speed and angles during use. The rollers that are situated at the base make it one of the most robust and heavy-duty machines in the market. The knobs of the drill press are large that make it easy to adjust and control.


The drill press is made with components that make it extremely versatile. The machine is flexible and can perform different tasks. The induction motor can help you to finish off your milling jobs with convenience. The device is flexible and you can adjust various speeds on the machine and can set up the machine to the required speed. The machine comes with multiple features that make it easy to operate. Starting and switching off the device is easy, and the construction of the machine is durable.


The machine delivers perfect and efficient performance and gives an exquisite finish to your projects. The lasers that are installed in the drill press make it bright for excellent visibility. It is lightweight and can be moved from one job site to another easily. It dampens vibrations efficiently and isn’t loud when it is operating. It is consistent and helps you to drill small holes with convenience.

Firm Construction & Perfect BalanceLacks Some Features
Efficient MotorAdjustment Of The Laser Is Difficult
Easy To Use



WEN 4214

WEN 4214

The WEN 4214 Drill press is made with high-end materials and is one of the top picks among customers. You can take care of drilling projects quite easily. One of the greatest features the drill press has its adjustability and is functional as well. The drill is made up of iron cast, which is resistant to intense weather conditions. The table roller extension can easily support the table and is 17 inches wide. There is a handy work light that is attached to the drill, and it can illuminate the wood or drilling surface. Even if the entire room or area is dark, the laser light can brighten up space. You can continue to do your work with precision and accuracy. There are so many beautiful features which make the drill press an easy tool to handle. The motor voltage is 120 Volts, and the speed is also variable, and it can be adjusted according to your requirements. You can change the speed of the spindle, and it can deliver the highest and lowest power of 580 and 3200 RPM. The mechanical system of WEN has a variable rate; the display is easy to read because of the LED display. You can cut wood, metal, plastic and other materials with this variable speed drill press.

Variable Speed

WEN 4214 drill press has a variable speed which is a convenient feature for the users. The range of speed delivered will be580 to 3200 RPMs. The best thing about mechanical variable rate is that it can provide an equal amount of torque on every possible scale. The readout display speed is quick, and it is equipped with LED.

Spindle Travel

The speed of spindle travel is 3-1/8 inches wide, and it is easy to read. You will get a reliable, efficient and accurate drilling speed and operations throughout your work. There is a locking linear depth stop which makes the process of this drill quite easy to handle.


WEN 4214 drill press has 22 inches front to the back of the motor. The diameter of the quill is 2.17 inches, and it gives the torque a lot of power to handle the machine. The table roller extension can move up to 17 inches and provides a great space to your workpiece.


The motor of the drill press is powerful, and it delivers 120 V at 60 HZ. The laser module is class three, and HP induction motor is durable and provides an ample amount of torque.2/3 HP motor will deliver the best while you work on different projects.


The drill press is manufactured with cast iron and is orange in colour. There is a work table which also boasts of cast iron. The rack and pinion makes it possible for the user to adjust the height while it can bevel up to 45 degrees. The angle can move left and right, depending on your requirements. The cast iron base will prevent walking and wobbling during every operation.


The drill press comes packed with many additional accessories. It includes drill press, mechanical variable speed, laser and table roller extension. There are tools for assembling, and the chuck keys are also available inside the package. All these accessories make it an affordable choice for many.


The height of the drill press from top to bottom is 37 inches wide, and the LED light on the display makes it easy to read. The best thing is that it can cut wood, metal, plastic and other materials without taking much time and effort.

X-pattern Laser Locks

The drill press has X-pattern laser locks on the top of each drill points. It can save your guesswork and save up all the expensive materials. When people are working with a drill, they waste a lot of stuff, but here this won’t be the case.

Depth Adjustment Gauge

You can set up the depth adjustment gauge according to your requirements and limit the travel of spindle to different directions. It will give you reliable and repeatable drilling operations without any effort. There is a two-year warranty which is an added advantage.

Good Pick For Hard Plastic Drilling & WoodworkLimited Features
LED Light




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