Best Dust Collectors For CNC Router 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Safety is the most important thing for a wooden workshop. The dust collectors for CNC routers can provide the best safety to a workshop. The power tools used in the workshop can cause severe damage to the workshop and can even create a fire. Breathing and living in a harmful environment can be bad for your health. The harmful environment can also cause lung cancer, so it is essential to install a dust collector for your workshop. An effective and well-organized dust collector can help you to enjoy your work more, and the environment you work in will also be safe. We have reviewed three of the Best Dust Collectors For CNC Router below. Do check them out as they might prove useful in making a better selection.

Best Dust Collectors For CNC Router (Comparison)

Dust CollectorMotor 
Shop Fox W16873 HP

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RIKON 60-1051 HP

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JET Vortex Cone DC-1200VX-BK12 HP

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Shop Fox W1687

Shop Fox W1687

If you want to take your dust collection task to another level, then the Shop Fox W1687 dust collector can be the best option. The machine will help you to clean in a short period and helps you to do your cleaning task effectively. Cleaning up the filter bags will not be a big issue, and filling the bag up will be faster and quicker. The dust collecting bag is spacious and can fill up a lot of dust in one go. The machine comes with amazing features and is durable enough to give a strong performance. The machine will gather up and absorb all the harmful particles in the environment and provide you with a clean and breathable environment. You will be safe from all the germs because the SHOP FOX dust collector does a fine job of collecting all the dust and debris in your workshop effectively. The machine comes with a lot of accessories, including plastic disposal bags. The bags are reusable and can be used over and over again. The bags are also not expensive, and if you want to replace them, you can always buy a new one and get the old one replaced. The bags wouldn’t cost you much money. The lower bags come in 5 packs, and they can go along with you for a long time. The machine can connect to more than one machine alternatively. It can absorb dirt and dust from multiple machines at the same time. If you are looking for an effective and efficient machine that can give a powerful performance, then SHOP FOX dust collector can be the best option for you.


The SHOP FOX dust collector comes with some of the best features to make it your top choice for dust collection. The machine has the power to connect with various tools and can absorb and collect dust from different areas of your workshop at the same time. The process is quick and fast, and you can save your time and move on to another task quickly.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

The plastic bags are made with high-quality and durable plastic and can be reused a lot of times. They can be easily cleaned and can also be washed with a simple detergent. If you want to replace the bags, you can do that too, as the bags are available at an affordable price. The lower bags are spacious, and they can store a lot of dust in one go.


The SHOP FOX dust collector is built to last, and it can help you to use the machine for a long time. The dust collector is made using sturdy materials that makes the frame of the device durable. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that doesn’t get damaged easily, then this one is for you. It is scratch-resistant and is also waterproof. The device’s working is flawless, and it can be a good value for money as it is durable and has all the features you need in a powerful tool.

DurableHard To Assemble
Heavy Duty Plastic Lower Bag
Heavy Duty Motor



RIKON 60-105

RIKON 60-105

RIKON is a well-known brand that is a perfectionist in making woodworking machinery. The company is famous for producing high-quality products and uses new and advanced technologies. They have grown in the past few years, and their products have improved a lot. The RIKON 60-105 dust collector is one of the best equipment by Rikon. It is of high quality and durable and offers the best performance. If you are looking for a powerful tool for your workshop, then you must try Rikon dust collector. It can help to clean your workshop in split seconds. You don’t have to stand all day long and clean your dust-filled areas manually. Even if you manually clean the spaces of your workshop, you might not be able to clean them as efficiently as the Rikon dust collector does. It is an efficient tool that every workshop owner must get to keep the environment clean. The machine can help you breathe in a clean and hygienic environment, and it can save you from all the harmful health effects that you might experience at your workshop. The cleaning job can be done quickly, and the process of cleaning is also easy. The machine arrives in a great package, and the machine isn’t a hassle when you remove the package assembling. It can easily be installed, and you can start using it the moment it arrives at your workshop. If you are looking for a high-quality machine with great power, then the Rikon dust collector is the best option for you.


The steel base of this machine is flexible that can help you to store it easily. The dust collector is also mobile and can be carried easily from one place to another. The safety lock toggle can help to prevent the machine from being used in an unauthorized way. The dust collector offers maximum air velocity and can make your dust collection process more comfortable and effective. The design is easy to function and can help you to use the machine easily. The operations are straightforward, and the lightweight frame can make it easy for you to use it.


The dust collector is powerful and can clean the dust from your workshop easily. The airflow of the dust collector is powerful and is perfect for single machine use. The general clean up can be done in a few seconds with this dust collector, but if you are looking for a thorough cleaning job, it might take a while. The machine is powerful and can do the cleaning job efficiently.

Bag Filtration

The dust collector comes with a bag that can filter dust and debris in one go. The large capacity of the dust collector can help clean the workshop effectively, and even if there is a lot of dirt, the bag will have extra space to fill the dirt. The cloth bag can be replaced quickly, and you can always buy a new one because they are affordable.


The dust collector is versatile and can be used at workshops. The machine is a perfect fit for carpenters because it can clean efficiently. If you are looking for ideal cleaning, then the manufacturers recommend it for smaller shops. The dust collector is portable and has a convenient size. It can be easily stored in a compact place.

VersatileMachine Is Loud
2 Micron Cloth Bag



JET Vortex Cone DC-1200VX-BK1

JET Vortex Cone DC-1200VX-BK1

JET Vortex Cone DC-1200VX-BK1 dust collector features a 2 HP motor and comes packed with a Micron bag filter kit. It has an exclusive vortex cone, which will improve chip separation and prevent the filter from clogging. The best thing about this vortex cone is that it will increase the packing efficiency of the collector bag. It can eliminate all the harmful particles, including dust and debris, and filter the air most appropriately. You can get clean and fresh air inside the workspace. The dust collector is useful for industrial purposes and can be the right choice for small wood workshops. The high air velocity (CFM) can stand up to the competitive specification against the rivals. The industrial controls are designed in such a way that it makes the machine easy to deal with. At the same time, these easy controls ensure that the dust collector remains a durable choice. The collection bags of this dust collector have a snap ring attached to it, and this particular feature will make installation easy. Even if you want to remove the dust collector and clean it, the snap ring can be easily removed. The casters are so sturdy that they offer maneuverability within your shop or any other job site. It is built to suit the needs of customers and contains a stock of 40,000 replacement parts.


The dust collector will give you the most excellent performance as only fine particles move inside the filter’s chambers. The manual cleaning will become natural, and the health concerns will take a back seat. The Vortex cone makes sure that it improves chip separation and increases the efficiency of the collector bag. Jet is a good brand, and they have been manufacturing excellent quality products for a long time.


There is an automatic prevention feature in this dust collector that makes things easy and smooth for the user. It will eliminate the premature clogging of the filter, and the excellent performance can be sustained in the long run. When the screen is free of clogging, it will give clean and fresh air throughout the area.


The Jet DC dust collector contains well-constructed chips, which increase the packing density of the collection bag. The collection bag won’t require any changes even when it’s extracting out the most stubborn particles. You can use this dust collector free of any troubles or hassles. The best quality is that it can capture 96% of 30 Micron particles. It consists of a sound rating of 80 to 85 decibels.

Single Stage Design

The Jet Dust collector features a unique stage design, and the operation is quiet and smooth. Most of the dust collectors create noise while they are turned on, but this isn’t the case. The industrial controls are specially designed for long term use, and these controls remain durable throughout. The dual four inches dust port makes it compatible with other machines.

Collection Bags

The quick-connect collection bags are easy to remove and install. They have an elastic band that provides fast and easy installation. Even the removal becomes easy, and the user doesn’t have to make any effort. The high air velocity is also good quality, and it can stand out among other dust collectors. The filter bag is 32 inches long, and it blends well with the collection bag.


The length of the dust collector is 37.5 inches, and it comes packed with four sturdy casters. The casters are well designed, and they boast of total portability and maneuverability to the overall system. It is a portable machine which can be transported quite easily. The height of the dust collector is 22 inches and can carry a wide range of particles inside. The suitable length and height is an added advantage for users.


The HP motor is well built and delivers a velocity of 13,745 cubic feet per minute. It is permanently and adequately lubricated and, at the same time, fully enclosed. The fan-cooled motors don’t get hot and protect the collector from damage. The engine is rated well for continuous excellent performance, and it doesn’t need any frequent replacement either.

Good Value For MoneyRequires Bag Changes Most Of The Time
Long Lasting Performance
Heavy Duty Motor




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