Best Dust Collectors For Table Saw 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Dust collection is essential for every wooden shop. Wood dust can be a hard and challenging task to clean up because it can make you exhausted and tired. If you want to make your dust collection task more comfortable, then quality dust collectors can help you sort out this issue quickly. The table saw has the most wood dust in the woodshop, and you must get it cleaned if you want to keep your shop clean and neat. In this post, we will have selected three of the Best Dust Collectors For Table Saw that will help you in doing your work with a tidy outlook as well as efficiently.

Best Dust Collectors For Table Saw (Comparison)

Dust CollectorMotor 

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SHOP FOX W16851.5 HP

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There is a vast range of dust collectors available in the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right dust collector for you. SHOP FOX dust collectors are one of the best dust collectors that can help you to clean the table saw with perfection. SHOP FOX W1727 will remove and clean the saw dust entirely from your table saw and make it look like a brand new. This will fit your basic needs and will help you to clean the table saw correctly. Your workshop will be pure and breathable once you get SHOP FOX dust collector for you. This is the perfect tool that every wooden shop needs because it will help you to keep the environment clean. It is a quality machine that will purify the surrounds of your wooden shop and will keep your shop free of dust and all kinds of impurities. The machine is designed to be functional and portable and can be moved easily from one place to another. It can be stored easily and is made with high-quality materials. It is easy to carry and can be carried easily by a person with an average physique. It is so lightweight and portable that even women can use it. It comes assembled, and you can start using it instantly. The machine is easy to use, and if you follow the instructions carefully, you can use it for the first time with perfection. The manual has clear and easy to understand instructions and will make you well informed about the product. If you are sick of cleaning your table saw and get exhausted and tired after the cleanup, then SHOP FOX dust collector is perfect for your needs.


The best thing about this machine is that it is removable and it can easily be attachable to another cleaner. If you are looking for thorough cleaning of your table saw and have cleaning equipment, then this dust collector can be installed with it easily. It is compatible with many other similar machines and can solve your cleaning purpose.

Dust Collector Bag

The machine comes with a dust collector lower bag that helps to collect all the dust when you are cleaning your table saw. The lower bag is spacious and can store a lot of dust. Once the dust is stored inside the lower bag, you can detach it to the machine and throw the dirt away conveniently. The bag is also easy to clean and can be easily be attached to the machine without much hassle.


The dust collector comes with handles that help to carry the machine. This feature adds comfort and can help you to use it conveniently. You can take it and detach it easily with the help of the handles. The handles can also make it easy for you to adjust the machine the way you want to.

Safety Switch

The dust collector comes with a safety switch that can help you to use the machine with convenience. It comes with a removable key that can help you to prevent unauthorized use of the machine. The paddle switch allows you to stay protected and safe while you are operating the machine. You don’t have to fumble around to locate the switch off button as it can be located easily on the surface. You have to swap the paddle down, and the dust collector will shut down.

Doesn't Make Any NoiseDust Bag Is Hard To Detach
Compact Design
Easy To Assemble





When you are working tirelessly for long hours in a workshop, then you feel so tired and exhausted to clean up your table saw. The table saw can take hours to clean up, and if you do it manually, it will take up a lot of your precious time. If you want to save your time and energy, then SHOP FOX W1685 dust collector can save you from all the hassle. This can make your floor and table clean and also help to clean and purify the environment of your workshop. The dust particles can pollute the air around you, and it can cause damage to your health. In such situations, you really need a high-quality dust collector that can serve as the best cleaning machine for your workshop. You will fall in love with this dust collector the moment you use it because it has such a powerful motor that helps you to clean the table saw in a few minutes. It is one of the most effective and powerful dust collectors available in the market and can help you to clean the machine productively.


People that have large workshops don’t have to worry anymore as this model of dust collector comes with some of the best features. It has exceptional features that can help you to clean all the dirt and debris away from your workshop. It has a heavy-duty motor that can help you to perform the tasks at high speed.


The machine has a powder-coated finish and makes the dust collector look modern and stylish. It doesn’t corrode and is scratch resistant which makes the construction of the dust collector durable and sturdy. Once you have bought the machine, you wouldn’t have to maintain it as it is maintenance-free.

Filter Bags

The dust collector comes with easy to use filter bags. The bags can help you to collect the dust and debris in an organized way. The dust bag is spacious and can collect a right amount of dust. The filter bag is removable, and it can be detached from the machine to help you clean it effectively. Filter bags have an excellent filtration capacity and can help to filter the dirt and debris with convenience.

DurableFan Is A Bit Noisy
Powerful Motor
Suitable For Large & Small Workshops





POWERTEC DC1080 portable shop dust collector is a powerful and versatile dust collecting workhorse which comes at an affordable rate. If you need something wonderful for your workshop, you can consider buying this one. You can buy it in stationary, centralized or portable options and choose the best one according to your convenience. The dust collector is compatible enough to work with woodworking machines and deliver an efficient performance. It has a 1 HP motor which is suitable for handling a variety of work purposes. It is designed in such a way that it can give the user a functional and versatile performance. It doesn’t require any unnecessary accessories which are used for dust collection. The best thing is that the shop dust collector can keep your workspace clean and neat. It will remain free of dust and debris. The upper bag of the dust collector will clean, purify and filter the air surrounding your workshop. The dust collector is so efficient that it can even collect the smallest of dust or debris, pollutants and allergens all at once. When the dust and other harmful particles are filtered, the fresh and clean air will return into the room. The extracted dust will go down into the collection bag, and you won’t have to make any effort. Many users are giving positive reviews, and you can purchase it without any confusion.

Versatile & Powerful

The Powertec dust collector is a powerful, versatile and functional workhorse. It is compatible with a variety of woodworking machines. It is available in portable, stationary and centralized options and can be purchased at a reasonable price. It can keep your workspace free of dust, debris and pollutants and other harmful particles. You will not require any additional accessories which will not only consume space, but you will have to pay extra money for it.


The dust collector is equipped with 1 HP motor, horsepower and a single-phase motor. The engine is powerful and will deliver 3,450 RPM in an instant. There is a keyed switch which prevents the machine from unauthorized use and effectively collects the dust. Most of the people are using this dust collector in their workshops, and they are quite happy with the performance.

Collection Bag

There are two collection bags in this dust collector which makes the cleaning process perfect. The upper filter bag is useful as it can trap 99% of dust particles in one go. The lower plastic bag is helpful in its way as it can capture large dust particles with ease. It can even collect debris and woodchips in the blink of an eye. The top filter bag will filter, clean and purify the air leaving the harmful particle inside the container. Even the smallest of debris, dust, pollutants and allergens will be cleaned from the air.

Inlet Elbow Connector

The dust collector comes packed with a 4-inch inlet elbow connector which is set at 90 degrees. The best thing is that it allows the collector to connect with a variety of woodworking machines. You don’t need to put in any extra effort for it, and everything will be done on its own. You don’t have to think twice and purchase this dust collector.

Four Casters

The dust collector is equipped with so many useful features that you will be pleased with the performance. The portable base has a 15-inch size, and the caster wheel makes it easy for the user to use it as a mobile or stationary dust collector. The best quality is that it will maximize the space of the shop by cleaning the harmful particles.

Powerful Supply

The power supply of this dust collector is 120/240 V, and the speed of the motor is 3450 RPM. The standard bag filtration can clean 2.5 microns while the primary inlet size is 4 inches. It is a durable and long-lasting dust collector who can make things easy for the user. The powerful motor can allow you to clean up the mess quickly saving a lot of your time.

Versatile MachineComparatively Expensive
Dual Dust Collection BagsSometimes The Wood Chips Get Skipped



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