Best Dust Collectors Under $500 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

You must know how vital a dust collector can be for your workshop if you are in the woodworking business. It can be hard to work in the dusty environments for an extended period, so a dust collector is a must-have tool for every woodwork business owner. If you have a small shop and don’t have a big budget, you must be looking for the Best Dust Collectors Under $500. In this guide, we will be presenting the three models of dust collectors to you that you can buy under that budget.

Best Dust Collectors Under $500 (Comparison)

Dust CollectorMotor 
Delta 50-723T21 HP

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Shop Fox W17271 HP

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Shop Fox W16851.5 HP

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Delta 50-723T2

Delta 50-723T2

If you are looking for a dust collector that is available under $ 500 and still has extensive features, then Delta 50-723T2 dust collector is the best choice for you. The machine comes with power-packed features and can perform brilliantly. It can help provide a healthy and clean environment for your workshop as it can easily clean the dust and dirt. The machine has an industry-standard performance and can handle large scale projects. The single-phase motor has all the power that can help to keep it running all day long. You will now be able to complete your dust collection tasks in a few minutes. If you have been sick and tired of using dust collectors that are not durable and have spent a lot of your money on replacing the machines, then Delta Power equipment can offer you durability. The budget-friendly machine comes at an affordable price, but that doesn’t mean that the brand has compromised on the quality and performance of the machine. The tool can outshine similar products in the market and can even beat some models of dust collectors that are more expensive than it. The power equipment is one of the leading dust collectors in the market and is a top-selling item. If you have been looking for a dust collector that is built to last and has some of the best features, then Delta power equipment is the best option for you.


The Delta power dust collector comes with some of the best features, and it has an engine with a brilliant capacity. The fan cooling motor doesn’t let the engine heat up and promises a long run time. The engine is lubricated will be able to be in action for a long time.


The machine can deliver an unmatchable performance and doesn’t disappoint you. You will be able to handle even the toughest of tasks and complete them in a few minutes. The machine is quiet and doesn’t create any noise when it is under operation. The massive weight performance can allow you to deal with the super challenging task.


After a hard day of work, the post-cleaning at your workshop can be exhausting, so it is essential to get an active dust collector for your help. The delta power dust collector can clean the mess that is caused due to woodwork. It also keeps the air clean and cleans the dust particles easily.

Filter Bag

The Filter bag of the delta power is durable and can sweep up the right amount of dust inside the filter bag. The filter bag should be cleaned regularly because it will help you maintain the machine for long. The filter bag is easy to use and is removable. It can be cleaned easily and can be attached back to the dust collector easily.


The dust collector is portable and adjustable, and it can be assembled easily. The steel-based wheels make it easy for the machine to move quickly from one place to another. The bottom is sturdy, and it can take the weight of the device.

PortableThe Quality Control Is Not That Good
Seamless & Power Packed Performance



Shop Fox W1727

Shop Fox W1727

If you want to keep your workshop clean from all the dust and dirt, then the W1727 dust collector by SHOP FOX will be an ideal buy for you. SHOP FOX is a reliable brand and has been manufacturing woodworking tools for a long time now. The brand is known for building high-quality, sturdy equipment that is built to last for a long time. The machine has a durable built and offers productivity and functionality. The super powerful motor cleans the dust from the surfaces in a fraction of seconds. The high-performance machine does the cleaning job effectively that might not be possible for you to do manually. The device is portable and lightweight and is compatible with a lot of cleaning machines. The tool can be installed on various cleaning machines and can provide you with a breathable and fresh environment. The device will provide you with trouble-free working for many years to come. It comes with a two-year warranty, and if you face any issues with the operation of the machine in these two years, then the team of experts from SHOP FOX will fix the problem without any extra cost. It ensures safe and reliable operation and makes the user relaxed and calm during the cleaning job. It comes with some of the best safety features that provide you that you are safe and wouldn’t run into any problems while cleaning the dust and debris from your saw. The machine has passed the safety standards and is certified to be one of the safest tools to use. The dust collector is ideal for small shops and small scale projects. If you are looking for a dust collector that you can buy under $500, then SHOP FOX dust collector can be the perfect deal for you.

Compact Design

The Shop Fox dust collector has a compact design and is easy to move from one place to another. It can be easily carried and installed on other cleaning machines efficiently. The tool is lightweight and can be moved around easily during the operation. The built is sturdy and durable, and the dust collector will give a commendable performance.


SHOP Fox is known to build products that are designed to last for many years. You don’t have to pay extra costs on the maintenance of this machine as it is made with durable construction. It is simple and easy to install and performs at its peak every time you start operating it. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so if you run into any issues with the machine, then the customer support can be of help to you.

Filter Bag

The filter bag of the machine is removable and can be attached again conveniently once you are done cleaning it. The plastic bag is reusable and can be used again and again. You can also replace the filter bag with a new one if you are not happy with reusing the filter bag many times. It is easy to remove the filter bag from the dust collector, and you have to lower the bag and clean the dust inside it efficiently. The dust collector also has a lower dust bag, and when the filter bag is lowered down, the dust falls in the lower dust bag.

Lockout Key On Safety SwitchLimited Capacity
Easy SetupBottom Bag Is Hard To Install
Durable Filter & Collector Bags



Shop Fox W1685

Shop Fox W1685

Shop Fox W1685 dust collector will keep any workspace free of dust and debris. The air you breathe in will be fresh and clean. It is considered one of the best choices for woodworking machines. The dust collector is packed with powerful features and equipped with a 1.5 horsepower. The single-phase motor is convenient and operates best at 3,450 RPM. There is a hefty duty steel impeller, which is 12 inches wide and can handle big projects quite easily. The steel impeller can move 1,280 Cubic feet per minute (CFM). The outlook of the dust collector is pleasing as it has a powder-coated finish. You can feel assured that the machine won’t scratch, chip, fade, or wear even after long term use. It is a durable, functional, and economical choice for everyone. The best quality is that the dust collector can work both as stationary and mobile, and the performance won’t be affected in any way. The 2.5-micron filtration makes sure that the pores of the collection bags are not clogged. The dust and other harmful particles will trap inside, and the clean air will extract out at regular intervals. Shop Fox dust collector is built to last and it will give you a trouble free service.

Mobile Or Stationary

The shop fox dust collector can be operated as either mobile or stationary, which feels very comfortable and convenient. You can also use it as a central dust collector or a proper mobile unit for handling a variety of projects. It will keep your workspace free of dust and debris, and the air will be free from harms. The single-phase motor which is attached inside can deliver 3, 450 RPM. The 2.5-micron filtration won’t let the pores clog and will be easy to clean.

Inlet With Y-Adapter

Shop Fox W1685 dust collector features a 6 inches inlet and it is attached with a removable Y-fitting. Two four inches are opening on each side, which will make the tough projects look easy. The Y fitting is generally used to form different lines of branches, and they are compatible with various machines.

Multi-Machine Setup

The dust collector is suitable for a multi-machine setup, and if you want a convenient and comfortable machine, you can consider buying it. Two ports are attached to the dust collector, and if you don’t need both, you can remove one fitting. The 6 inches inlet will expose as you remove the 4 inches inlet.

Steel Impeller

The sturdy dust collector features a steel impeller that can handle wood, debris, or dust in an instant. The steel impeller passes through a 2.5-micron filter bag. Most of the impellers which are constructed with plastic are not long-lasting. The steel impeller can move 1,280 CFM. The best thing is that the steel impeller is 12 inches wide and can handle challenging tasks.

Safety Switch

The dust collector includes a well-designed safety switch, and you can protect yourself from unauthorized use. The switch provides more excellent safety over other switches, which may be a cause of concern. Sometimes the oversized peddle and removable lockout key can create issues while doing the tasks. The off button is easy to locate, and once you slap down peddle, the main switch will power off.


The weight of the dust collector is 108 pounds, and the static pressure happens to be 10.1 inches. The base size is portable, and the air suction capacity turns out to be 1,280 CFM. The sturdy motor amp can deliver 110 V while the motor size is 1.5 HP.

Two Year Warranty

The W1685 is built to last, and it is designed in such a way that it will help the customer gain a trouble-free service. The rigid quality can ensure a safe and reliable operation for many years. There is a two-year warranty which will benefit the users in a lot of ways.

Quiet Operation

The dust collector gives a powerful performance but has a smooth operation. It will not create a lot of vibration, and the dust will be extracted quickly. You will be shocked to see how powerful the unit is, and the power switch is easy to use.

Powder Coated FinishThe Steel On Top Is Easily Stretchable
Standard Bag 2.5 Micron Filtration



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