Best Floor Drill Presses For Metal 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Floor drill presses can help you to handle heavy-duty tasks with more comfort. The large scale projects can be handled well with the help of floor drill presses for metal. A floor drill press has more power and strength as compared to a benchtop model. The floor presses have more death and can work more accurately than other drill presses. Let’s look at the three of the Best Floor Drill Presses For Metal that can help you narrow down your choices.

Best Floor Drill Presses For Metal (Comparison)

Drill PressMotor 
Shop Fox W16801 HP

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Shop Fox W1848¾ HP

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Shop Fox W1680

Shop Fox W1680

W1680 drill press by Shop Fox is a perfect machine for a medium-sized workshop. The device comes with a powerful motor and has all the power that can make your tough and challenging metal jobs more comfortable than before. The SHOP FOX floor drill press can be mounted on the floor quickly, and you can even do it yourself. You have to follow the instructions, and you will be able to assemble and install it yourself. If you are looking for more power, then SHOP FOX is the best option in the market. The brand makes the best drill presses that can beat other products in the market. The floor drill presses can be a bit expensive, and if you are looking for a powerful and efficient machine that you will have to spend a little extra money on this model. Although it is a bit expensive, it is durable and can stay functioning for a long time. This tool’s action is smooth and refined, and it can cut through even the hardest of metals. The floor drill by SHOP FOX is stable and can perform for hours. The cutting and drilling with this drill press are smooth, and you will never be disappointed with the results. The build and design quality of this tool is incredible, and the machine is built to last for years. Once you have invested your money, you will know that it was worth it. It gives you a variety of drilling options and also comes with the feature of variable speed. It is versatile and can perform various tasks. The SHOP FOX floor drill press will be the best buy for you if you are looking for a high powered machine with some of the best features.

Tilting Table

The best thing about SHOP FOX drill press is that it comes with a large and spacious table that can be tilted into any direction. This helps to make your work more comfortable because you can move the table and machine in the required direction. You can work from various angles, and your job is done with more accuracy and perfection. The table can also be adjusted to any height and can perform flawlessly. The machine is versatile and can carry out various applications. The performance of the drill press by SHOP FOX delivers unmatched.

Safety Features

The SHOP FOX drill press is one of those machines that comes with the best safety features. The tool has a chuck guard that can help to control the motion of the device. It prevents accidental contact with the moving parts of the device during the operation. The tool changing is also safe and secure, and when you are using the tool, you will know that you are doing a safe operation. It also comes with a paddle and locks out the key to conveniently help to on/off the machine. The drill press by SHOP FOX has one of the best safety features and also has the best features.


The floor drill press by SHOP FOX gives a reliable performance that will not disappoint a professional. The tool is perfect for small workshops and can even satisfy professionals who have been working with drill presses for years. The drill press is designed with a solid and stable steel iron that makes it durable and sturdy. If you buy the model, you can be assured you are using one of the best drill presses in the market right now. The massive duty drill press comes with quick-adjust handles that make it easy to handle and use. The machine also has a built-in light that can help you to work with higher efficiency.

Solid Cast Iron ConstructionDoesn't Operate In Reverse
Two Year WarrantyHeavy





The JET JDP-20MF floor drill press is the best option for professionals and for beginners who work at a home workshop. The machine is versatile and can perform various tasks. The device comes with a working lamp that can provide excellent light to perform more accurately. The high powered motor makes the operation more comfortable and can help you drill through thickest of metal. The machine is versatile and has the power to manage a wide range of jobs with convenience. The user will be able to work efficiently with this powerful machine, and drilling precise holes will not be a challenging task anymore. It comes with a vast sped range that makes the tool super powerful and suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. The floor drill press can help you deal with large scale commercial tasks. Most professionals in the business own JET drill press because it comes with so many power-packed features. It has a smooth action, and the outcome of your projects turns out to be amazing. The machine ranks high when it comes to durability and power. If you want to machine that is low maintenance and will last for years to come, then JET floor drill press is the best buy in the market. The high-quality drill press can work flawlessly and can reduce your workload by performing efficiently. If you are looking for a good quality machine for professional and home use, then JET floor drill press can be a good option for you.


The JET floor drill press has incredible power and can work well with a variety of tasks. It has a dynamic speed range and can help you to perform tasks at a quick rate. The machine is stable and can perform a variety of jobs efficiently. It can deal with more significant as well as average projects. The results you will get will be professional because this machine has all the power that it takes to make a drilling metal project successful. The device is stable even at variable speed and performs at its best because of its versatility and power.


The floor drill press by JET has a sturdy and durable body and can last for years to come because of its robust built. The machine also looks good and can match the interiors of your workshop well. It also comes with a built-in light that helps to view the drilling process. This helps to make refined and deeper holes in a quick time. The work light doesn’t have a bulb included, but it still gives great light to make your projects easier. The spindle speeds can be changed rapidly as the speed of the machine is adjustable. The drill press can be mounted on the floor and can be used with convenience. The device is made with a cast iron that makes it highly durable.

Powerful & Efficient MotorBelt Tensioning Is Inadequate
Precise & Accurate
Built-in Work Light




Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press has all the unique features that can satisfy user needs and requirements. It is suitable for drilling and has an oscillating spindle, which is efficient for counter sanding. The floor door press is 13.25 inches wide and can handle both sanding and drilling projects efficiently. The best thing is that it can be converted from sanding to drilling in a matter of a few seconds as the settings are easy to adjust. You have to follow some simple tool-free steps, and your work will be done. Oscillation will reduce heat and vibration at the same time. The finishing of the sanding will be very smooth, and you will be happy to see good results. There is a table attached to the floor press drill, and it can move to left and right or tilt to 90 degrees. You can adjust the height of the table according to your project requirement. It can accommodate according to the height of the workpiece and achieve a special kind of drilling. The sanding angles will come out fine and smooth without exerting any pressure on your hands. Shop Fox is known for bringing quality floor drill press, and the shoppers are mostly satisfied with what they have to offer. You won’t have any complaints from this drill press, and it will make your tasks easy to handle.

3 Piece Spindle Sander

Shop Fox W1848 comes packed with a three-piece spindle sander drum kit, a mandrel, and grit sanding paper. It can easily fit in 1 or 1-1/2 inches of drums. These entire accessories combine to give a powerful and efficient performance. The oscillation can reduce the amount of heat produced and protect the machine from any internal damage.


The drill press has a powerful ¾ motor that can deliver 110 Volts and the range of speeds vary between 250-3050 RPM. The drill chuck and swing are excellent features that can work well for both drilling and sanding. The rhythm is 13 inches wide, and it can move into different directions. The ON and OFF placement switch is easy and convenient, and there are no safety issues with it either.

Height & Size

The overall height of the drill press is 63 inches, and each table has a 12-inch size. The floor drill press can add both capacity and weight for managing to give a high performance. It has a rock-solid build and a high level of sanding capability. The weight of the machine is 180lbs, which isn’t massive. It is an affordable choice as compared to other drill presses and the features are powerful too.

Tilt Table

The floor drill press has a tilting table that can tilt to 90 degrees from left to the right. It can adjust according to your requirements, while the grit sanding paper is another feature for doing sanding. Even if you don’t want to use the table, you can move it away and use the machine efficiently for sanding and drilling. The drums of each table are 1 -1/2 half inches wide. You don’t have to pay for the additional accessories, as many are already packed inside. The table has a small hole for sanding drums. The set of sandpaper is standard in size.


The construction of the drill press is solid and made with quality materials. It can withstand pressure and won’t get affected by some high impacts. The range of speed varies from 250-3050 Rpm. The three pulley change system helps the drill press to convert to different uses without any issues.

2- Year Warranty

Shop Fox is a renowned company, offering excellent quality drill press for commercial and industrial use. You will not find any problems with their products and even if you do they will solve your problems. The two-year warranty is a good option for the users and saves some amount of money too.


The floor drill press is easy to assemble and is specially designed in such a way that it can give trouble-free service. The built is rugged, and each part of the machine is manufactured with high efficiency. It will offer a safe, functional, and reliable operation to the users.

Reliable & SafeDrums Are Not Easy To Assemble
Powerful Motor
Capable Of Handling Drilling & Sanding



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