Best Floor Drill Presses For Woodworking 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Drilling isn’t an easy task, and you need a high-quality drill press that can help you to work efficiently. The right tool can help you to make your woodworking tasks easier. There are many good options available in the market, and you must suit the one that best suits your needs. The drill press should have all the right features that can help you to do your drilling tasks efficiently. We made sure to choose the products that have the best features. So have a look at the Best Floor Drill Presses For Woodworking that we have compiled for you, below.

Best Floor Drill Presses For Woodworking (Comparison)

Drill PressSpeed (RPM) 
Shop Fox W1848250 - 3050

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Genesis GFDP160210 - 3840

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JET JDP-20MF150 - 4200

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Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox is an international brand that is famous for manufacturing some of the best floor drill presses for woodworking. The brand has become popular because it manufactures some of the best quality drill presses. Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press is a good quality model that has a durable construction. The drill press comes with some of the best features and can perform efficiently. The drill press also comes at an affordable price and can be the best option for people who are interested in a budget-friendly option. This is the best power tool that you are looking for and can be the perfect option for your woodworking project. The drill press has a great design and is also functional. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get a good quality drill press because SHOP FOX offers a drill press that is high quality and also available at affordable rates. It has all the features that you will need for drilling and woodworking projects. The machine can deliver great performance and does work with accuracy and precision. It gives additional accuracy to your woodworking projects, and the outcomes you get are extraordinary. The drill press is made with cast iron and offers a durable operation. If you are looking for a stable and secure machine, then SHOP FOX drill press is the best option. The drill press is designed to last for a long time to come. The machine comes with all kinds of accessories that can help to make to enhance the woodworking projects. The machine has a robust construction and helps you to enjoy a reliable operation. It is a versatile machine and can help you to complete various projects.


The floor-mounted drill press has a robust and durable construction that makes the machine powerful. It offers a lot of power and versatility and can help you to complete your projects in a short period. It has been designed with rugged parts that offer excellent performance. The machine comes with durable construction, and you don’t have to be concerned about any mechanical damage. The best thing about this drill press is a well-designed table. The table helps to make the woodworking easy and comfortable. The tilting table helps to adjust the wooden plans and accommodate your projects in the right way. The machine also comes with dust ports that are easy to clean.


The SHOP FOX model comes with a powerful engine that helps you to perform your tasks efficiently. The machine can adjust speed according to your needs. The variable rate promotes flexibility during your woodworking projects. The drill press comes with 12 different speed settings, and this can help to perform your tasks in a fast and quick way. The floor drill press has an oscillating feature that allows performing the sanding operation. The sanding drums work efficiently, and the users get satisfactory results.


Just like the other models of SHOP FOX drill presses, this model also can give an excellent performance. The construction quality of this machine is excellent that helps to operate the machine efficiently. It is abundant in size and makes the drilling process more straightforward. The device comes with powerful features that make your operation secure. The tool can be adjusted to several positions and angles as it is large. It can accommodate all kinds of projects as it is versatile and flexible.

Sturdy ConstructionInstructions Provided Are Not Clear
Adjustable & Tilting TableNo Laser Alignment Feature
Various Speed Settings



Genesis GFDP160

Genesis GFDP160

The Genesis GFDP160 comes with a powerful motor that gives a high-quality performance. The machine does a quiet operation as compared to other floor drill presses available in the market. The drill press has a smooth operation and drills accurately through the hardest of woods. The machine is versatile and offers a 16-speed selection. It is an excellent tuned drill press that helps you to get satisfactory results. It is a must-have tool for every woodworking professional because it comes packed with some of the best features. The floor drill press can be mounted on the floor quickly and can be installed easily if you follow the instructions. The machine is easy to adjust, and you can adjust it to the height of the floor efficiently. The drill press can be perfect if you want to deal with some sanding projects. The drill press looks modern and has a futuristic design. It has a modern and unique design and also functions well. The durable machine makes it possible for professionals to work for hours with the machine. It comes with a tilting table that can help to adjust all the wood locks and other materials. This model has so many great features to offer at an affordable price that this might be the drill press that you have been looking for. If you are looking for a high quality drill press with great drilling performance then this model can satisfy your demands.

Induction Motor

Genesis GFDP160 comes with an induction motor that gives a quiet performance. Most professionals who work in the woodworking business have complained about the drill presses being too loud. The loud noise can be hard to bear, especially if your projects are lengthy and time-consuming. The motor also has a smooth operation and can help to smooth the process of your drilling jobs. The engine has so much power that it helps to drill through sturdy and hardwoods.


Genesis GFDP160 is versatile and can perform various kinds of tasks. It is perfect for sanding jobs and is also a must-have option for every professional who is in the woodworking business. It comes with a choice of 16-speed settings that can help you to adjust variable speeds according to your needs. The machine comes with improved accuracy and can help you to drill through wood quickly. The device helps you to dig deep and accurate holes in fast and quick.


The floor-standing drill press has a durable and stable design and guarantees to last with you for years to come. The tilted table of the drill press is made with cast iron that doesn’t need any repairs even if you use it for years. The machine can work efficiently for long hours continuously and will help you manage the woodworking tasks efficiently. The tool wouldn’t need to get any repairing because it is made with durable materials. You can fine-tune your drilling projects with the help of this machine and can get results that you have always been looking for.

Variable Speed MotorInstallation Is Difficult
Versatile & Durable Tilting TableDoesn’t Come With A Laser Guide
Easy To Use & Adjust





If you are looking for the floor drill press which can be perfect for woodworking you should consider purchasing JET JDP-20MF. It has a powerful and efficient motor which will give you an enjoyable experience. There is a hinged metal belt while the pulley cover provides much-needed access to the tool. You can adjust it according to your requirement and make your work easy. It will be easy to adjust the speed of motors. The worktable is made with quality materials, and it will offer the user a tension-free operation. You can angle drilling according to your convenience and change the worktable when woodworking has to start. The external diameter has real depth, and it has a range of 0.5 meters. It will give you a variety of drill press accessories that are inbuilt and provide a lot of power to the drill press. You can handle a variety of work projects. The only restriction is that you can’t use it at the highest of speeds as it may cause vibrations. You will get accuracy, stability and versatility all at once and the best thing is that it offers a good range of spindle speed. All the drill presses provided by JET are reliable, and they offer a two-year warranty which makes things easy for the users.


JET 354170 is 20 inches wide and comes packed with a hinged metal belt. The pulley cover will help the motor adjust into different directions quite easily. The rapid changes in the spindle speeds will be easy to handle, and woodworking will become easy. You can execute your task in a useful way without wasting any precious materials.

On/Off Switch

There is an on-off switch which is located on the top head of the drill press. You can conveniently start and turn it off and start your project no matter what it is. The tension spindle is adjustable and can rotate into different degrees. There is a drill chuck and a key included inside.

12 Speed Motor

The 12 spindle speed is equipped with a lot of power, and if you are interested in tackling different drilling tasks, this drill press is for you. The 1.5 horsepower is another unique feature and is the heart of the machine. The spin speeds will vary between 150-4200 RPM and is how it becomes an easily customizable tool.


The drill press can provide a high level of capacity for drilling and woodworking. It is constructed with 1 inch of the iron cast and ¾ inches of mild steel. It is not only long-lasting but a durable option as well. The worktable has a total length of 18.5 inches and will help you in a lot of ways. The built-in work lamp will work in the darkness of the night and will be the right solution if there is no light around you.


The worktable of this drill press is easy to adjust and hold. It can rotate 45 degrees in left and right direction. You can do angled drilling quite efficiently as the table is equipped with a quick-release clamp. You can raise or lower the height of the worktable and make your work easy.

Three Nut Locking

The floor drill press features ½ inches of an external depth while the three nut locking system will give you easy tool adjustment. The chuck size of this drill press is ¾ inches can accept various sizes of materials and make your work effortless. The specially designed quill will move the drill hassle-free.

Easy To Assemble

The drill press is equipped with many features, but the best thing is that it will be easy to assemble. It will hardly take some time, and the installation will be done. There are a built-in worktable, work lamp and an adjustable spindle setting. All these features make it a versatile option. There is a manual which contains useful instructions for a proper setup.

Two Year Warranty

The drill press manufacturers are offering a two-year warranty. It will serve as a quality and reliable craftsmanship, and the assembly instructions are comprehensive. You have to take the drill press out of the box and enjoy a blissful working experience.

Powerful MotorHeavy
12 Spindle Speeds




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