Best Gas Auger For Post Holes 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you’re building a fence in your yard or running a company that installs fences for others, you would need a post hole digger. The tool will make your job less tiresome and would help you to complete your tasks quickly. Whether you want to buy the simple manual model or require a professional level gas auger, our top choices will help you choose. The following are the Best Gas Auger For Post Holes available on the market today.

Best Gas Auger For Post Holes (Comparison)

Post Hole DiggerEngine 
PROYAMA 520051.7 cc

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Tazz 3536543 cc

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The PROYAMA 5200 Auger will help you to make efficient and quick drills. It can dig deep into the earth and can help you drill in all types of severe and rough lands and surfaces. The hole is set in the ground quickly, and with the help of this tool, you don’t have to put in a lot of your effort. The tool can help you drill and dig deep in the ground to drill for installing fence posts, poles, trees, shrubs, and many other similar tasks. The machine is ergonomically designed and assures durability and stability during the operation.

If you are looking for a machine that drills accurately, then PROYAMA Gas post hole is for you. It is easy to use and also comes at an economical price. If you are looking for a gas-powered post hole digger with amazing features, this machine will not disappoint you. The machine comes with some of the best features that include auger bits of 4″, 6″ or 8″. The earth auger can help you to drill holes efficiently of various diameters. With the help of this machine, you will get professional results. It is also suitable for beginner users because it comes with a detailed and easy to understand manual. It will help you do your professional and home tasks quickly and conveniently.

​The machine comes with such amazing and useful features that you can expect to get some extraordinary results. The Proyama one-person earth auger performs brilliantly and will allow you to get results that you expect to get from ages. The ordinary earth auger machines available in the market wouldn’t beat the performance of this tool because it amazes you with its brilliance. The earth auger comes with a bigger engine than most gas augers available in the market right now. The machine comes with a lot of extra accessories that add value and brilliance to the machine.

EPA Certified Engine

The machine comes with an EPA certified engine that will ensure you about the safety of this machine. You can rest assured of your safety because it will protect you at all costs during the operation. The machine discharges less fuel gas to maintain a cleaner and healthy work environment for you. This can also help to expand the life span of the machine because it consumes less energy. The best part about this earth auger is that it doesn’t cause any pollution. You would be able to breathe freely without worrying about the harmful air or germs in the air.


If you are looking for high quality and useful earth auger that can give you the maximum protection, this machine is the one for you. It can guarantee full protection because it comes with many useful accessories to protect you while you are at work. The machine comes with a Vibration reduction handle that doesn’t cause vibration while moving the machine during the operation. It also comes with gloves and glasses that you can wear during the operation. The gloves ensure that your hands are protected during the tasks, and the glasses help protect your eyes from any harm.


The earth auger comes with a lot of extra torque, which helps you drill through even the toughest grounds and surfaces. The auger has a lot of power, and it churns out power and can drill through soil and rocky grounds accurately and smoothly. It works so smoothly that it doesn’t require any pressure or speed to drill through hard soils. The earth auger has rubber-clad handles that have a good grip and provide you with extra comfort and ease during your operation.

Powerful EngineCannot Dig Well On Rocky Soil
Environmentally Friendly
Easy Starter Machine



Tazz 35365

Tazz 35365

The Tazz 35365 earth auger is a high-performance tool that would satisfy your needs if you are looking to build a fence or plant a tree in your garden. It can also be a great tool if you want to complete a post hole digging task. The machine is powered by a 43cc engine with all the power to perform heavy-duty tasks. The engine has the power to drill through all kinds of soils and lands. This machine’s operation is smooth and accurate, and the results that you get will be of a professional level. Tazz has all the power and skill required to dig deep holes in the ground or soil. It is durable and has a sturdy construction and will help you keep digging for as long as possible. The machine is built with robust components and comes with accessories like an alloy gear. The ball bearing transmission helps you to complete your tasks at a quicker speed. The tool also comes with welded steel handlebars that assure you that the machine will handle all kinds of abuse. The plunging and digging through the earth and ground can be challenging, and not all machines can withstand that. This high-quality machine has all the power to complete your hole digging tasks efficiently. Tazz 35365 Earth Auger/Post Hole Digger is one of the best tools to help you perform efficiently and dig deep holes in the ground and soil.


The machine comes with back-saving features. It is equipped with a breakaway clutch that can help you control the machine and maintain a perfect balance. The shock-absorbing spring will help you to control the machine and navigate away from facing any obstructions while you dig through rocks and roots.


The tool comes with an 8” auger bit designed with a hardened blade and fishtail point. The features are designed for perfect drilling purposes. The earth drilling is made easy because the hard steel blades and the engine have all the power to complete heavy-duty tasks.


The heavy-duty and high-performance machine can help you complete all the tasks efficiently. This auger is power and sturdy and comes with a three-year warranty that assures you that if anything goes wrong with the machine, the customer support service is always there. The customer support team is US based, and they are highly efficient in responding to you instantly. The machine can help you to complete your projects quickly. If you are looking to fast forward your projects and perform hole digging tasks accurately, this machine is for you.

Powerful & EfficientNon Compatibility With Other Auger Bits
Tough & Durable
Shock Absorbing






RICE Hydro DIRTDAWG-CUB auger post hole digger is one of the best equipment we have in the market today. It is designed and assembled in the USA and is always ready to complete the most difficult tasks. The product is mostly sold in the rental industry, and some customers are interested in having a small-sized tool with some toughness of rental grade. Rice Hydro auger post hole digger is included in the rental grade club and is packed with one of the most powerful features. DirtDawg manufactures every product in the USA, and this auger is no exception. The auger is powder-coated with durable 3M products. There is an exclusive Honda engine that is equipped inside the hole diggers and augers. It is robust, reliable, and has many commercial qualities so the professionals can work on their projects successfully. The best thing about Honda 4- stroke engine is that it doesn’t need any gas or oil to work just like most stroke engines do. The performance is quite, and the 360-degree operation further facilitates the user for proper and smooth operation. The rotatory –slinger lubrication system keeps up with the storage facilities with ease. The 3m powder coated finish will ensure that it can be used long term and provide storage up to 24 months altogether.

8-inch Auger

DirtDawg cub post hole digger features an 8 inches wide drill, and it is equipped with a replaceable pilot bit. The teeth are designed to give the user a lot of conveniences when dealing with the standard ground. When the soil is healthy, it can be used to dig narrow and small holes and install different posts. It is also the right choice for gardening and other home uses.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

The auger post hole digger is constructed using heavy-duty steel and is assembled in the USA. It is made with quality 1-inches square tubing and built to last for a long time. There are no nuts or bolts involved, and there is no need for assembling too. The construction is durable and functional. It is an excellent choice for commercial projects and used by professionals.

Safe To Use

The post auger is ergonomically designed and is safe to use. The operation is smooth due to 18 inches hand span, and it also provides better leverage. There are rubber grips that will feel smooth on the hands without giving them any injury. The hip saver pad is another feature that adds comfort and convenience.

4-stroke Engine

The DirtDawg club post hole digger is equipped with Honda GX35 4-stroke engine. You don’t need to mix oil/fuel as it can work on its own. It is light in weight and can easily be stored or moved from one place to the other. The engine is extensive and packed with many features. Beginners can also use it because the product doesn’t need any assembly.


The hole digger is not only light in weight but efficient too. It will give a clean, precise, robust, and quiet performance. Many such machines make a lot of noise when you are using them, but it will not be the case with this digger. The overall package of this auger is compact and functional. You can work in your garden with this tool.

Powder Coated Finish

The best thing about this post hole digger is that it is powered with a coated finish. It is suitable for the product’s visibility, and no doubt it will provide a durable and long-lasting touch. The powder-coated finish is resistant to scratching, fading, chipping, and rusting to not worry about anything.


The weight of this product is 14lbs, and this is why it is light and portable. All the products offered by DirtDawg are known for offering the best features and quality performance. This item will work best and give the user a lot of comforts.


The manufactures’ one-year warranty is one other important feature that makes this product even more reliable. It is built to last, and in case you have any issues with the parts, you can get them replaced without going out of your budget.

Well BuiltSlow
Well Placed Controls
High Capacity Engine



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