Best Jackhammers For Concrete 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Are you in the construction business and looking for a reliable tool to help you complete your tasks? If that is the case, jackhammers might be the most efficient tool to help you with cutting through wood and completing other industrial jobs. The tool can help you cut through the most robust materials and will give you results that you are looking for. A good quality Jackhammer can be challenging to find because not all of them can live up to the expectations. Our team of experts has picked up the three Best Jackhammers For Concrete available on the market right now that can help you with your tasks efficiently.

Best Jackhammers For Concrete (Comparison)

XtremepowerUS 61108-XP2200W

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TR Industrial TR893051700W

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TR Industrial IS-5001800W

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XtremepowerUS 61108-XP

XtremepowerUS 61108-XP

If you are looking for a high-quality jackhammer that is perfect for residential and commercial use, then XtremepowerUS 61108-XP is the ideal pick for you. The product has got great feedback from the users and can give a powerful performance. It can handle all kinds of work with perfection and will never fail to satisfy you. If you are looking for high performance and efficient machine that can cut through the toughest of materials, then XtremepowerUS is the one for you. The Jackhammer arrives at you in a well-packaged packaging and has an easy to follow instructions. It can be suitable for beginners and can also serve professionals very well. If you haven’t used a Jackhammer before, you don’t have to worry because it is easy and straightforward. It has excellent safety features and will protect you from getting hurt or injured during the operation. It comes with an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to use. The handle helps you to push and pull the machine, and the handle can save you from getting exhausted. You can perform extensive work without getting tired and fatigued. The Jackhammer is made with excellent quality materials and can perform a variety of tasks. It might take a few days to get used to it, but once you know the skill, then this can prove to be one of the best tools that you own.

Speed Control

The machine comes with a speed control feature that can help you control the machine’s speed during different operation times. You can maintain a constant speed and can also change the required speed according to your needs. The speed control feature serves as one of the best safety features as it can help you to save yourself from any injuries.


The XtremepowerUS is lightweight and compact, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of giving a massive duty performance. The users of this product have appreciated the lightweight feature of this product because the machine is easy to pull and handle because of its compactness. It has a simple mechanism and can operate well for extended hours without making you tired. It is so lightweight that even women can use it. It is also perfect for people who have a slim and tiny frame.


The machine is durable, and it can work all day long and can demolish for extended periods. It comes with a significant impact and force and can perform the required task in a fraction of seconds. You will be able to complete your task quicker than ever before and will be able to move on to the next job. The machine is efficient and durable, and once you have invested your money on it, you will be assured that it will last with you for a long time. You can be assured of maximum removal because of the high capacity of the machine.

Comes With A Lot Of Accessories Including ChiselsErgonomics Could Have Been Better
LightweightSometimes Can Get Stuck In Concrete & Can Halt The Procedure



TR Industrial TR89305

TR Industrial TR89305

TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Jack Hammer is one of the most heavy-duty and durable jackhammers. It can perform brilliantly and can take your demolition tasks to another level. It can perform tasks in the shortest amount of time as it comes with some of the best features and a powerful motor. It has a significant impact on frequency and power and can complete your tasks in the most efficient way. The machine is made with robust core technology and can meet the most robust challenges. If you want to break the concrete or wish to remove the asphalt merely, the machine can perform at its best. It comes with a flat chisel that can help you to complete your tasks with efficiency. The product comes with great features that can make you feel comfortable while performing the tasks. You wouldn’t feel tired during the operations and will be able to work for extended periods. The machine can be assembled quickly and can also be disassembled most easily. It can maintain a high temperature consistently and can help you to perform your demolition tasks with perfection. It has a powerful motor and has a great force and impact. The machine has a fore grip that makes it easy and comfortable to use. The dual handle that comes attached to it has a non-slippery grip and can allow you to use the machine without any obstruction. The handle will let you carry and use the machine with ease and comfort. The heavy-duty machine can perform even the most challenging tasks and can be your savior when it comes to heavy-duty jobs. If you are looking for a heavy duty machine with a powerful motor then this Jackhammer can serve as the perfect tool for you. It is durable and has  robust construction and is also easy to use.


The machine is powerful and can perform with excellence. It has 60 joules of impact energy and will allow you to enjoy a powerful performance. The high-performance machine can help you to perform heavy-duty tasks with comfort. You will be able to enjoy working for an extended period, and your assignments will be completed in a short period because of the power this tool delivers. The powerful motor will not disappoint you and you will be able to perform for long hours with convenience.


The metal housing built of the machine makes the construction durable and robust. It can perform well and can deliver heavy-duty applications. The construction is durable and can help you to use the machine for a long time. If you want a heavy-duty machine with a great build, this tool is the best option. It comes with a sturdy and robust construction and is best for long term tasks.


The machine comes attached with a lot of accessories that can help you to break concrete most efficiently. It comes with a bull point that makes it possible for you to perform the tasks most efficiently. The flat chisel can allow you to use the machine for extended use. The tool can also help you to complete the tasks in the shortest period. The dual handle helps to maintain the grip and can make the machine easy to use.

Perfect For Heavy Duty ApplicationsNot All Floor Scrapers Work With It
Ultra Fast DemolitionA Bit Noisy
Extra Long Power Cord



TR Industrial IS-500

TR Industrial IS-500

The TR industrial IS-500 Jackhammer is one of a kind and delivers high performance. It is packed with powerful features, and the anti-vibration design is of good quality. The best quality is that you can handle big demolition jobs efficiently. The most demanding demolition jobs will look smooth, and you will be surprised by the top-notch performance of this jackhammer. It features a 15 amp motor and is 36 feet lbs. It will deliver 1400 blows per minute and be constructed so that it can provide a consistent and satisfactory hammering action. The size of the jackhammer is only 42lbs, and the TR-Hex shank chisels are compatible with most of the electrical devices and air demolition hammers. The Industrial jackhammer is designed for industrial and job sites. It comes packed with a heavy-duty rolling storage case that has long casters that are durable. Many accessories are added along with the jackhammer. You will get the point and flat chisel, which is an additional accessory, built according to the UL standards. It has been certified by TUV and can fulfill the demanding demolition jobs on any site. The jackhammer has become one of the most preferred choices among people.

Anti-Vibration Technology

The TR industrial Jackhammer is perfect for any job site where demanding demolition work is going on. It will make your projects easy, and you can get your work done without any problems. The anti-vibration technology will reduce the vibrations, and it will not create much noise when working on the site.


The jackhammer is best in class and delivers a powerful and consistent performance. It will give maximum control and balance, making it easy for the user to hold and use it. The motor is 15 amps, 36 feet lbs, which means it will have a high impact on energy at regular intervals. It is a heavy-duty jackhammer that can break large pieces of concrete within a few blows per minute.


The anti-vibration design of the jackhammer will let you handle the most demanding demolition jobs. You will complete your work on the deadline without any fear of investing an extra amount of money. It will deliver 1400 blows per minute and has become the top choice on job sites.


The jackhammer can deliver satisfactory and consistent performance and is compatible with TR-Hex chisels from most of the major brands. The point and flat chisel come packed as an additional accessory. It comes at a moderate price and can beat its rivals by the right margin.

Storage Case

The industrial jackhammer arrives packed in a sturdy and heavy-duty rolling case. You can wrap the hammer and accessories in the storage case and take it to your job site without any issues. The most essential quality of this jackhammer is that it is certified by TUV and constructed, keeping in mind the UL standards.


The jackhammer is 42lbs in size, and the handle is made of rubber. The cord is extra-long and is given as an additional accessory. You can install it with a double plug, but the good thing is that it is compatible with every electric device. It is certified and can meet the safety standards of UL and CSA.


The mechanical jack hammer delivers exceptional 50 joules of impact energy, and it is the one that should be checked by every user. It is constructed with metal, which is resistant to water and other harmful materials. It ensures an ultra-fast activity because of the high capacity of producing 1400 blows per minute.


If you are wondering about the safety concerns, you should know that it comes packed with an extra-long cord. The cord is about 16 feet long, and it is water and weatherproof. The double format insulation works well and provides maximum safety to the user. Falling into an accident on a job site is easy if you don’t have good safety measures.

Anti Vibration DesignComparatively Heavy
Exceptional PerformanceMotor Requires Proper Maintenance



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