Best Jackhammers For Digging 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

A good quality Jack hammer for digging is not something that is commonly found because not all Jack hammers have the ability to perform brilliantly. They might not be as powerful as you expect them to be, so it is essential to find a Jack hammer that can satisfy your needs. Best Jack hammer for digging is crucial for every construction site and using the right tool to ensure that safety is essential. In this post, we will be going through three of the Best Jackhammers For Digging available on the market to help you meet your needs.

Best Jackhammers For Digging (Comparison)

XtremepowerUS 61116-XP2200W

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TR Industrial IS-5001800W

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EZ Travel Distribution Jackhammer1500W

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XtremepowerUS 61116-XP

XtremepowerUS 61116-XP

The XtremepowerUS 61116-XP is a reliable and durable Jackhammer that will help you to perform the digging tasks efficiently. The electrical demolition tool can handle heavy-duty and average digging responsibility and will be a valuable tool on your site. The Jack hammer is lightweight and performs at its best when it is in the process of operation. It works exceptionally well and will prove to be a useful tool for you. The tool comes with many powerful features that make this machine one of the best and most powerful machines in the market. It delivers excellent impact energy and will let you complete your tasks in a short period. It doesn’t make noise and isn’t a powerful tool while operating. It is well made and comes with a lot of power and is suitable for various heavy-duty tasks of digging. The users of this machine love the high-quality design and durability of the machine. The machine has received a lot of good reviews by the users, and they praise the product for its functionality and performance. If you are looking for a high-quality machine at an average price, this machine would be ideal for you.

Impact Force

The machine has a powerful impact force and will allow you to dig faster than ever. It has high impact energy, which is sufficient for performing heavy-duty tasks. The Jack hammer can dig deep into the most terrain lands and surfaces.

Reduction Of Vibration

The digging Jack hammer comes with vibration control features that reduce the vibrations and keep them at the minimum. The machine isn’t loud and wouldn’t disturb people around you and wouldn’t obstruct you during your tasks. It can go on for hours and doesn’t let the Jack hammer cause any unnecessary vibration.


The Jack hammer comes with two positions and durable design that will help you to work effortlessly with the tool. You can work with the machine horizontally and vertically. You can optimize work angles according to your needs and preference. The Jack hammer wouldn’t disappoint you and will allow you to perform your tasks in a practical and organized way.

Variable Speed Control

Most users complain that the jack hammers can’t maintain a constant speed. The Jack hammer by XtremepowerUS can maintain a constant speed during application. The speed is also adjustable and can be adjusted according to your needs. The speed control features also count as a great safety feature as it can protect you from injuries.


The machine comes with the 1-year warranty. You would be able to fix any faults in the machine without paying any extra cost for one year. Most users have reviewed the product as a durable one, and customers didn’t face any issues with the machine.

LightweightCord Of The Jackhammer Is Short
Comfortable To UseRequires Regular Maintenance
Operating Costs Are Low



TR Industrial IS-500

TR Industrial IS-500

If you are looking for a powerful jack hammer that can perform the digging tasks more efficiently, then TR Industrial IS-500 Jackhammer can be perfect for you. The Jack hammer comes with extra accessories that make this Jack hammer one of the most functional tools available in the market. It features a high-performance motor that can help to operate this machine quickly, and the job is done efficiently faster and quicker. The non-slip handle and the rolling wheels make this tool one of the best models of jack hammers for digging. The non-slippery handle is a must feature that you must have in a jack hammer during a digging task using Jack hammer. This feature can help you to hold the Jack hammer with a good grip, and it wouldn’t slip away from your hands, making the job faster and easier. The rolling wheels make it easy for you to roll the machine wherever you want. The Jack hammer is one of the most inexpensive Jack hammers available in the market and promises a power-packed performance. You can dig large holes and work for extended periods, and this tool wouldn’t create any issues. The Jack hammer can be a bit heavy for people who have a thin frame, so they should be careful when they are operating the Jack hammer. The case of the Jack hammer is made with high-quality materials, and it has a durable construction. It is reliable and easy to use and can help you to complete your tasks faster. The Jack hammer is powerful and efficient, and you should follow all the safety measures because the tool is a bit heavy. It is easy to swap the parts of the Jack hammer, and you can also change the oil quickly. The Jack hammer surpasses its price and performs brilliantly. It can beat the expensive models with its massive duty performance. It is an excellent value for money and is highly recommended by the professionals.

Best In Class

TR industrial jack hammer is one of the most powerful models that can deliver world-class performance. It has an anti-vibration design and can give a high-level performance. It can handle even the most challenging and demanding digging tasks. The hammer design can deliver consistent and satisfactory performance.

Anti Vibration Technology

The TR industry comes with an anti-vibration technology that can help to reduce vibration. It gives maximum balance and control and helps you to complete the tasks efficiently. The hammering action is consistent and satisfactory and will allow you to perform for long hours without any obstruction.

Safety Standards

Most people are concerned about the safety features of jack hammers because they can be a dangerous tool. The TR industrial jack hammer is TUV certified and offers excellent security and safety. It is safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or injured by operating it. If you are concerned about safety standards while buying a jack hammer then this tool will satisfy all your demands as it comes with some of the best safety standards.

High Quality

The users of the Jack hammer have claimed that the machine is impressive and is made with some of the most durable materials. The tool would be beneficial for you if you are involved in any DIY projects. The Jack hammer doesn’t vibrate when it is performing the digging task and can deliver a massive duty performance. It works perfectly and doesn’t overheat even if you work for long hours continuously. It can dig holes and breakthrough even the most solid holes.

Solid FramePoorly Written Instructions
Reliable & Durable
Comes With A Lot Of Extra Accessories



EZ Travel Distribution Jackhammer

EZ Travel Distribution Jackhammer

EZ Travel Distribution Electric Powered Jack Hammer set is perfect for digging and breaking. It delivers a power of 1500 Watt, which is massive and suitable for demolition. Everyone loves the high-quality design and smooth operation. There are many additional accessories like gloves, eye protection, three giant bits, and wrenches for maintenance. The manual contains complete instructions, and if you follow them, you can use this jack hammer easily. There is a sturdy trigger lock button that allows continuous operation, and there is pressure delivered on the jack hammer. The safety start pressure mechanism is easy to use, giving the user complete control over their work. When you dig deep or clearing concrete chips, you should wear safety Goggles; otherwise, it may harm your eyes. The heavy-duty jackhammer is one of a kind, and it delivers what it promises. If you are looking for a sturdy, durable and long-lasting jack hammer, think about purchasing this electric powered jack hammer set. No matter how long you dig or use the jack hammer for demolition, it won’t have any problem with clay or soil.


The Electric Jack Hammer set is powered by electricity and is easy to use. It is well constructed and suitable for digging and breaking concrete, brick, block, oil chimney, and much more. The weight of the jack hammer is 30 pounds, which isn’t massive. However, it offers professional-grade features and premium performance.


The best thing about this jack hammer is that it comes packed with many additional accessories. You don’t have to pay any extra money for it and get so many benefits. There are gloves, safety goggles, and three giant bits. Make sure you wear this safety gear well and protect yourself from an accident. Sometimes while digging slabs of clay or concrete fly in the air and they can be dangerous.


Users have a high opinion when it comes to this electric jack hammer. It is functional and gives out a high performance. It delivers a power of 1500 watts, and the voltage is 110, while the maximum impact rate happens to be 1400 blows per minute. The swivel side handle is easy to work with, and it protects your hand from getting any pressure or strain.

Swivel Side Handle

The swivel side handle is oversized and tilts to 360 degrees. The three giant bits include one chisel, one point and one spade bit. It is perfectly designed for handling difficult jobs like chipping, breaking, and digging. The chisel point is suitable for splitting and breaking concrete or rocks, and it won’t take much time either. The spade bit is perfect for hard clay or tough ground or surface.


The overall weight of the electric jack hammer is 30 pounds, and the frequency is 60 HZ. The safety start pressure is a top-notch feature which doesn’t give any trouble to the jack hammer and protects it from wear and tear. The trigger lock button allows the user to work continuously while the extra-long 9.5 power cable will help you connect with an electric device.

Clay Spade Attachment

The clay spade attachment comes as an additional accessory, and it looks like a mini shovel. Even if the ground is hardest, it works smoothly removes the clay efficiently. The tool is not only sturdy but well balanced too. The jack hammer comes packed in a metal case, and you can keep it clean and organized in it.


The jack hammer has an excellent manual that gives comprehensive instructions. The electric jack hammer is perfect for industrial purposes and can be used by professionals and beginners. The instructions are given so well that even if you read it once, you will be able to use it comfortably if you are a beginner.

Easy To Use

Undoubtedly, this electric jack hammer is easy to use, and once you take a look at it, you will fall in love with the extra accessories it comes packed with. You can easily break a 4-inches slab of concrete in about 35 minutes. It is perfect for handling tough projects on construction sites.

High Performance MotorMay Leak Oil At Times
Extra Accessories
Sturdy Metal Storage Case



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