Best Metal Lathes For Home Shop 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you deal with hard materials at your home workshop, you must get a metal lathe that can help you make your work easy. There are some excellent quality metal lathes available in the market, and you must get one that comes with some of the best features. Metal lathes can help you to metal shaping in a refined way and can make it easy and less exhausting. Metal shaping can be a challenging task if you do it manually, and it can also take hours to do it, so you should get a metal lathe for your home shop. Let’s take a look at three of the Best Metal Lathes For Home Shop that are high quality and budget-friendly.

Best Metal Lathes For Home Shop (Comparison)

Metal LatheMotor 
Grizzly Industrial G0768600 W

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Shop Fox M1049559 W

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Grizzly Industrial G0768

Grizzly Industrial G0768

The Grizzly Industrial G0768 metal lathe comes with some of the most power-packed features as it comes from a reliable brand. It is excellent for handling challenging tasks and can help you to cut and shape metal in the best way. The metal lathe is perfect for a workbench and can perform tasks in a short period. If you are not familiar with the working of metal lathes, then Grizzly Industrial can be the best option for you. The metal lathe comes with high-quality components and works best for handling metal shaping tasks. It is a valuable tool that you must have in your home shop. It is one of the most durable and high-quality metal lathes and can give a world-class performance. The metal lathe has a variable speed lathe and functions well in your workshop. It works well in reverse and forward direction and can cut and shape metal in the best way. It can hold multiple tools simultaneously, which can help you complete your tasks a lot quicker than before. The metal lathe can be a convenient tool because turning and tossing the metal can be easy and less exhausting. The Grizzly Industrial metal lathe is best for small and medium-sized jobs. The brand has been in the industry for a long time now, so they have a lot of experience in manufacturing the best power tools. Grizzly’s metal lathes are of high quality and reliable, and the brand has many satisfied customers.


The powerful motor of the Grizzly Industrial metal lathe can give the best performance when working in your home shop. It is a small model but can accomplish many heavy-duty tasks. The lathe is perfect for home use and may not be an ideal tool for professional or industrial use. The metal lathe comes with a single-phase motor and will give a compelling performance. The metal lathe can handle your home shop tasks effectively.


The Grizzly Industrial metal lathe comes with a functional design and can work effectively at your home shop. The excellent quality lathe can allow a perfect metal turning and can give a good shape to the metal. It will provide precise and accurate turning without any defects. The metal lathe has a compact design and will fit small and tights spots in your home workshop. The metal lathe has the perfect design that can fit well in a home shop.

Variable Speed

Turning metal can be challenging and needs a lot of concentration while you are performing your tasks. You will get more accurate metal cuttings if you have the option of variable speed. The model of the metal lathe allows you to change the settings and speed according to your convenience. The variable-speed function can enable you to move the machine into any direction.

Good Value For Money

Grizzly Industrial metal lathe is the best value for money as it comes at an affordable price and has many features. At this price, you wouldn’t be able to get so many features. The metal lathe can handle heavy-duty tasks at such an affordable price. It is also reliable and durable, so you wouldn’t have a problem replacing it or maintain it.

Made With High Quality & Durable MaterialsDoesn't Produce A Smooth Finished Surface
Variable Speed
Suitable For Small & Medium Sized Tasks





If you are looking for a machine that can help you deal with metal turning and other similar tasks, then TECHTONGDA WM180V Mini Metal Lathe is the best option for you. This is one of the very few metal lathes in the market that wouldn’t disappoint you. The metal lathe is a premium grade and can give a high-quality performance. The high-quality construction offers durability, and you don’t have to spend money on the repairs. The machine will guarantee long-lasting performance and promises an outcome that would make you happy. The device is time-saving as it operates flawlessly, helping you to complete your tasks fast and quick. The tool comes with a powerful brushless motor that can help to perform and complete tasks efficiently. The machine comes with some of the most incredible features and has very few flaws. It is a bit costly as compared to the other metal saws available in the market. It isn’t that overpriced but might not be an affordable option for most people. The metal lathe can be accessible for people who have more significant workshops. The mini metal lathe can help you to perform various home shop tasks. It comes with a powerful motor but it might not be perfect for industrial use. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that is a little costly, then TECHTONGDA Brushless Motor Precision Mini Metal is the best buy for you.

Brushless Motor

The metal lathe has a brushless motor that helps the machine to deliver a powerful performance. It has reliable power and can complete the tasks in the most efficient ways. The metal turning tasks that are otherwise tough can be easy if you use this machine. The brushless motor is easy to maintain and makes the machine one of the most durable metal lathes in the market.


The metal lathe is multifunctional and can allow you to perform various tasks at the same time. It can hold a lot of tools and can also get connected to a lot of tools. It is an automatic tool and delivers quiet performance. It is easy to clean up and can help you perform your tasks smoothly and efficiently.


If you are looking for a high-performance machine that can help make your metal turning job more comfortable, then this brushless motor is the best bet. The metal lathe is used for dealing with various tasks and operates efficiently. It allows you to deliver accurate operation and will give a professional performance. It provides high precision and provides high-quality performance.


The design of the metal lathe is high quality as it is made with high-quality metal. The gears and bearings of the lathe are made with high quality and premium metal lathe and enhance the overall quality of the machine. The metal lathe can tackle any job and doesn’t demand high maintenance. The multi jaw chuck is made with good quality material, which makes it one of the most popular metal lathes in the market.

Easy To Maintain MotorHeavy
Variable Speed



Shop Fox M1049

Shop Fox M1049

If you are a Lathe lover, you must be aware Shop Fox is considered one of the top brands. They have been producing quality lathe which can be used for home shops and other purposes. Choosing one of the best lathes can be difficult, and it depends on your project and budget. Shop Fox M1049 Bench lathe is known for giving precise and comfortable metalwork. It is packed with various features and is light in weight. The operation is smooth, and it won’t take much time to complete your projects. You don’t need to pay extra money or go for the expensive lathes as this can fulfill all your requirements pretty well. The chip and slash guard are sturdy, and the threading dial is also useful if you are handling woodwork. The shipping weight of the lathe is 293 lbs and the best thing is that you can move the wheel manually as there are three handwheels. The M1049 cutter is nine inches in length, and it also includes a three-jaw scroll chuck designed in the center of the lathe. The cross slide handwheel and compound slide handwheel can move into different directions and control the working tool’s position. You can handle various projects without taking much time, and you will be delighted with the right results.


The construction of the lathe is well built because it is made of premium iron cast. The iron cast is a sturdy material that can eliminate vibrations when operating additional tools like a bed, base, headstock, and other essential gears are made with the iron cast. There are a lot of customization options that you can avail in this particular lathe. It is water resistant and won’t scratch easily as well. Iron cast is  a durable material which will last longer than your expectations.


The approximate shipping weight of the lathe is 293 lbs, and it is moderate in size. It is a benchtop lathe but has all the features which any other lathe will have. If you are interested in painting a job or give an excellent finishing to your wooden work, it will be a perfect choice. The lower horsepower is suitable for crafting experience, so don’t get confused in any way. It may not be suitable for a massive project though so this is the limitation here.

Powerful Motor

The lathe is constructed with a powerful motor and has ¾ horsepower inside it. The engine requires at least 110 V, and that is provided through a single phase. Excellent and smooth working experience will be given to the user. The gears are very well-tuned, and it will deliver the highest power of 2000 RPM. The lowest delivered RPM will be around 130, and both are perfect for handling different projects.

Compound Slide

The lathe is equipped with a compound slide, and you can conveniently use it for controlling the position of different tools. The feature is specially designed for users’ comfort, so they don’t have to work hard or get tired. The lathe can be the right choice for cutting, especially when it is in a parallel position.

Tool Post

The best quality of this lathe is that it is known for precision and efficiency. The four-way tool post is an exciting feature that customers have loved the most. You can turn the handle clockwise and anti-clockwise and load four of the tools to give a higher level of efficiency. The tool post is mounted at the top of the compound sides, and you can turn it the way you want.


The lathe has a well-constructed handwheel, which is longitudinal and crossfeed. The longitudinal handwheel can be used to move the lathe to the left and right size when you are cutting different materials. It can tweak the machine when threading or handling other activities. The crossfeed handwheel can be used to move the lathe in various positions as well.

Manual Feed Option

The M1049 lathe allows the user to move the cutting tool manually. The workpiece has three handwheels constructed on the apron, and you can customize them the way you want. The option can be useful if you are cutting tapers or setting up the tool for threading.

Good Build QualityComparatively Expensive
Vibration Free
Handwheels Provide Precision & Efficiency



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