Best MIG Welders For Aluminum 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Are you looking for a welder for Aluminum? Aluminum is harder to deal with as compared to steel alloys for a welder. Aluminum requires a tool for higher conductivity and lower point of melting. If you do improper welding, that can result in burns.

If you want to choose the best method for welding aluminum, you must consider many things. You should consider the materials used in the production and the price you will have to pay for a product. We examined the best BIG welders for Aluminum so that you get the best results. You can check our reviews of the Best MIG Welders For Aluminum so that you can get the perfect results.

Best MIG Welders For Aluminum (Comparison)

MIG WelderAmps 

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Weldpro MIG200GDsv200A

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Hobart Handler 140 500559140A

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The LOTOS MIG175 is one of the most versatile welders that you can buy in the market. It can weld Aluminum with the help of a spool gun. It is a quality machine that can help you to work with Aluminum efficiently. The machine is designed with the best transformer technology and helps you to weld correctly. The machine is reliable and comes with the most durable. MIG175 can be connected quickly, and you can connect it with the existing 220V wall outlet. The setup is done quickly, and you need 10 minutes to complete the setup procedure. The machine can handle the industrial standard 4″ or 8″ wire spools and can also provide you with re-settable overload protection. This feature assures you that the welder will have a long life.


Whether you want to weld steel and Aluminum, this welder will help you finish the projects smoothly. The manufacturers have improved the features and have made this model with an IGBT technology. The machine can help you to convert to high voltage and also control each functional parameter easily.


The MIG welder is portable and very easy to use. It offers increased flexibility and convenience, and the included handle will help you move and control the welding procedure. The control panel of this welder has perfect knobs and rows that allow you to control the settings.

Two Stepper Trigger

The machine comes with a Two-step trigger, which helps to release the gas first. You can also use the arc that can help you to do seamless welding. This machine also comes with auto timed 3-second bursts, and if you get familiar with the rhythm, it allows you to easily weld with Aluminum.


The welder allows you in the welding of Aluminum. It comes with the wire feed that is adjustable to the speed required to weld the Aluminum. The machine is robust and cheap and is one of the best MIG welders available in the market. This tool is perfect and can help in the fabrication process as it can help you handle the load. It is easy to use and helps you to do your work fast.

175 A Welding Output

The machine is suitable for welding stainless steel and mild steel, Aluminum. It can also weld other metal materials easily with convenience. The machine is designed with a transformer technology and is one of the most reliable and durable products. MIG175 can help you to connect with any wall outlet easily and allows you to start your operation quickly.

Spool Gun Included (Aluminum Weld)

The welder comes with a High-speed MIG spool gun that is perfect for aluminum welding. It is compatible with 10 feet 4 inches long. It also comes with a 4-prong end connection and 1lb aluminum wire with dia. 0.9 millimeters that can make your welding procedure easy.

Aluminum Wire FeederDoesn’t Support Grid Work
High Quality Spool Gun
Multi-use Machine




Weldpro MIG200GDsv

Weldpro MIG200GDsv

The Weldpro MIG200GDsv 200 Amp is a Multi-Process welder. It is a solid budget welder and allows you to perform the best welding procedure. The machine is suited for beginners and is the ideal machine to allow you to perform multi processes. It also offers beyond entry-level performance and is one of the best versatile machines that can help you weld Aluminum. If you are looking for a MIG welder that is affordable and performs best, then Weldpro can fulfill your demands as it has manufactured the best welder model. The Weldpro 200 Amp is a MIG welder allows you to connect the TIG weld using a single compact unit. When the welder arrives in the package, you will find the manual instructions and provide you with an updated version. You can update the version online and can perform the welding operation efficiently. Let’s get to know more about the features of this MID welder for Aluminum. Here are the best features of the this powerful MIG welder that can help you perform the best welding for Aluminum.

Great Value For Money

The MIG welder is an affordable welder and is ideal for construction and fabrication. It is also suitable for farm work and can also be used for general DIY work. It is one of the best entry-level equipment, and you will be surprised about this machine’s scope. The machine is an excellent value for the money because it comes with wonderful features at this price range.

Multi Purpose

The value of the MIG welder is further enhanced because it has a multi-purpose nature. It comes with three processes that are rolled into a single unit. The machine’s price tag is low, and you will be able to use this machine for multiple operations.


The Weldpro 200 is versatile, and the overall machine is impressive and comes with the best features. You don’t have to invest in multiple machines because it is versatile enough to perform a wide range of tasks. It can be the best machine for a busy workshop, and it can help you cover several bases.


The MIG welder comes with a synergistic design and allows you to adjust the voltage and wire. The machine’s speed can help you simultaneously use the simple dial when you are performing the MIG welding. The machine will eliminate the need to do essential fine-tuning and can help you to perform at your best. The menu button will allow you to further adjust the voltage by +/- 20% and gives you unbeatable flexibility. It can create repeatable welds and can help you to perform the best aluminum welders.


The MIG welder is lightweight and comes with a broad scope of functionality. The dimensions of the machine measures are 17 ¾ x 8 ¾ x 15 inches. The display easy to read and the controls of the welder is a pleasure to use. It also comes with a reasonably small footprint. It comes with a lot of accessories that include:

  • MIG torch (10 foot)
  • TIG torch (13 foot)
  • Earth clamp
  • Electrode holder
  • Flowmeter
  • Gas hose
  • Brush hammer


Compact Space-saving UnitOperation Fans Are Not Durable
Dual Digital Display
Overload Protection With Indication




Hobart Handler 140 500559

Hobart Handler 140 500559

Hobart Handler 140 500559 MIG welder is built with quality, functionality, and durability. Handler 140 is one of the most popular and prominent items from the makers. The welder is easy to operate on a standard 115V household current. It happens to be a perfect and versatile welder, and you can work on an auto body. The household repairs, farm projects, and yard art projects are easy to deal with. The five positions tapped voltage control selector that gives the user an ability to fine-tune your arcs. The welder has a smooth and stable arc on all kinds of thicknesses. The best thing is that the welder is built with an industrial cast aluminum drive system. The heavy-duty work clamp delivers a perfect wire welding package and that too with industrial performance. The manufacturers have offered the right quality safety equipment to make things easy for all the users. There are accessories and safety types of equipment include welding helmet, gloves, and jacket. The input voltage is in the range of 110/115/120V. The five-position voltage control selector will add a smooth and stable arc at the welding thicknesses. It is easy to weld 24 gauges inside the ¼ mild steel. You can weld plenty of weldable materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials. It is the right choice for beginners as well as professionals.

Welding Processes

Hobart MIG welder offer welding processes that are MIG (GMAW) and Flux Cored (FCAW).It is easy to operate the welder, and it will deliver 115Volts with standard household current. The speed range of the wire is 400-700 IPM, 50-740 IPM at no load at all. The amperage welding range offers 25-140 A and a 20 percent duty cycle at 90 Amps at 19Volts. The constant voltage and current will help the user weld various materials all at once. The welder is made with good quality and sturdy materials that are suitable for beginners and professionals.


There are many accessories included with the welder, including 10ft HR-100 MIG gun, 10ft work cable with clamp, Power Cord, Dual-gauge regulator with gas hose. The quick select drive roll, sample spool of flux-cored wire, and the material thickness gauge offer a lot of versatility. All these handy accessories offer a perfect solution to all the problems regarding various projects. Torch welding is easy to do when you have so many beautiful accessories with you.


There is a lot of buzz surrounding this welder, and people have good things to share. Users can use this machine for welding aluminum in the perfect way. The Hobart handler 140 MIG is mostly known for its excellent quality and sturdy design. It can perform well on all levels, including commercial and industrial level. The high-quality materials and widely known duration of the welders are the best choices for all the customers. Aluminum is one such material that requires a lot of heat, and the welding machine offers plenty of control. You can handle aluminum sheets and thin plates without much effort. The warranty given on this product is five years, and you don’t need to invest money in the replacements.


The welder will work correctly for the household project, no matter how difficult it is. The machine will help you complete all the tasks very quickly. The welder can work correctly with welding aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and many other materials. Moreover, it is relatively easy to set up and operate. Even the thinner and thicker materials are easy to work on. There are a lot of accessories that come up with this welder. Versatility is one of the top qualities that the welder has to offer. It is easy to use, and the setup doesn’t take much time either.


The weight of the welder is light, and it is easy to carry and hold. You can finish all your projects successfully without caring much about the deadline of the project. The product has been improved with the latest technology, and features are quite powerful too. It will be easy to control the voltage and move the processes according to your requirements. The weight of the welder is 57 pounds, and the power source is corded-electric.

Easy To Use & SetupNo Safety Gear
A Lot Of Accessories Offered With The Welder
Built-in Storage




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