Best Milling Machines For Small Shop 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

A high-quality milling machine is a must-have tool for you if you are looking to take up milling projects. These machines help you to complete your tasks correctly in your first try. There are many great milling machine models available in the market that can help you produce products with a perfect shape and size. The milling machines help to create structures accurately. In this post, we will take a look at the best milling machines for small shops.

Best Milling Machines For Small Shop (Comparison)

Milling MachineSpeed (RPM) 
WEN 33013100 - 2500

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Proxxon MF 705000 - 20000

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Klutch 49657100 - 2500

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WEN 33013

WEN 33013

WEN 33013 is the best benchtop milling machine that can help you complete your milling projects successfully. The tool will help you to remove and clear the materials with comfort and ease. The milling projects can be hectic if you do them manually, so it is best to buy a milling machine. If you are looking for a high-quality milling machine perfect for small shops, then WEN 33013 4.5A can be the best option for you. The compact benchtop milling machine will help you to complete your milling tasks precisely with less effort. The device comes with aligned channels that can help to craft beautiful structures. The device can cut through various materials like wood, plastic, and many more products. The WEN 33013 4.5A is a versatile machine that can help you to complete multiple projects. The milling machine is well designed and does the operation efficiently. It comes packed with amazing features that can help you to complete your milling tasks efficiently. The woodworkers require an excellent quality milling machine so that they can complete their tasks precisely and efficiently. The device is compatible with various cutters and mills. The milling machine has a high capacity and can provide you with versatile working. It comes with a cutter head that can help you move the device to the left and right efficiently. The milling machine comes with many tools and accessories that can make your milling projects easier.


WEN 33013 4.5A comes with variable speed and goes 100 to 1,100 RPM, even on the low setting. The variable speed of the machine can be adjusted and can make the process of milling easier. If you set the speed on high, then it can generate up to 100 to 2,500 RPM. The speed is adjustable, and it can help you to change the settings according to your needs and requirements. The speed settings are easy to adjust, and if you take a look at the instructions carefully, you will be able to easily adjust the speeds of the machine.


The WEN 33013 4.5A has a compact design and is also lightweight. The machine has a functional design and works efficiently during your milling projects. The design of the device is durable and is made with cast iron. The cast-iron design is compact and will help you to use the tool for a long time to come. The device is scratch-free and is also water-resistant. The cast iron material is useful because it has a sturdy design.


If you are looking for a high-quality machine, then WEN 33013 4.5A gives a sturdy performance. It is a reliable heavy-duty machine, and it helps you to work efficiently during your projects. The machine also comes with pre-drilled bolt holes, and this helps you to use the device with ease and comfort. The machine is stable and will give you the option to works for hours without any obstruction.


WEN 33013 4.5A comes with some of the best safety features and will help you safely work during your operations. The emergency stop feature gives you the chance to work safely with maximum security and safety. The operation will be safe and secure, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting injured or hurt. The machine also comes with many replaceable parts that can help you change and replace the parts of the machine that gets faulty over time. This enhances the safety and security of the machine because it can improve the security of the machine.

Variable SpeedSome Components Are Missing
Comes With A Bevel HeadDoesn’t Come With A Chuck Key
Functional Design



Proxxon MF 70

Proxxon MF 70

The Proxxon MF 70 has a compact and small design and helps you take care of small milling projects. Proxxon is a famous brand that has been manufacturing milling products for a long time. The manufacturers have the experience to build some of the best tools that come packed with the best features. The machine comes with features that make the machine reliable and trustworthy. The device is entry-level and is perfect for the beginners. It is also ideal for people that are hobbyists. If you want to take up a relatively smaller project, then this machine is a must-buy for you. The device also works well for you if you are a professional, but it is more suitable for beginners looking to take up smaller projects. The milling machine can process the woods and other materials quickly. The device is perfect if you are interested in engraving jewelry or milling doorbell signs. The tool can be excellent for engraving and drill and can take care of your small projects efficiently. It is compact and small in size and can be stored easily if you have a small shop. The cutting depth of the machine is excellent and will allow you to make cuts and engraving precisely and efficiently. The printed circuit boards will help you to carve and engrave easily in your small projects. The machine is inexpensive and will give you maximum precision and cutting speed. If you are looking for a machine that is affordable and also comes with great features then this model can be a good option for you.


The machine is stable and is made with cast iron that is grey. The machine foot has a drill hole that can help you drill the device quickly to any benchtop. The machine can be rapidly installed and also comes assembled well. The tool minimizes vibrations and doesn’t slip when you are doing your operation. The device’s design is functional and makes it a perfect tool to work efficiently during a project.


The machine comes with accessories that can help to adjust the machine easily. It can help to adjust the machine, and you will be able to make accurate cuts. The adjustable machine makes the operation more precise and accurate. You can make deep cuts and will be able to complete your projects with perfection. Most people complain that milling machines are not accurate enough and don’t give precise cuts. Proxxon MF 70 is known for its accuracy and precision.

Functional Spindle

The machine comes with the best features, and a functional axis is a notable feature that makes the machine one of the best in the market. The machine can be easily connected to the socket of your workshop. The machine also comes with a switch on button that can help you perform efficiently during your work. The machine also comes with a spindle speed adjustment and will help you adjust the machine’s speed conveniently.

Easy To OperateLimited Power
Variable SpeedWork Piece Size Is Limited
Portable & Lightweight




Klutch 49657

Klutch 49657

The Klutch 49657 Mini Milling Machine is a milling machine that can handle cast iron milling efficiently. It will run with no vibration and give a very smooth operation to the user. The ½ HP motor is powerful and can deliver 110V during a procedure. The speed motor is variable, and that will mean you can adjust it according to your requirements. The 2-speed gearbox is another beautiful feature and can deliver 350 Watts with a lot of power. The milling head and column can tilt to 45 degrees during various operations. You can move it to the left, right, horizontal, or vertical with many conveniences. It can add up a lot of versatility to your operations, and milling becomes quite easy. The mini-milling machine can handle all your bigger and smaller projects. The worktable boasts of 35/8 inches and makes the cutting area across the travel line is easy. The headstock travel is seven inches wide, which is another excellent and powerful feature. You can feed control of the course required for the best quality drilling as you can drill into any hole. The best thing about feed control is that it can provide an accurate height setting. The drilling capacity is enormous and is smooth enough to give you the best quality and precise results.


The drilling capacity of the Klutch Mini Milling machine is massive. The ½ HP motor is powerful enough to deliver a power of 350 Watts. The ½ HP motor will add a lot of conveniences, and you can handle milling projects without any fear of deadlines. The high-quality vertical aluminum column is durable, functional, and can manage many projects.


The worktable can make or break the performance of a milling machine. You will be surprised to see that the Klutch milling machine’s worktable can cover a cutting area of 35/8 inches. The travel across X, Y, or Z-axis can move freely into different directions. The head level stock is also seven inches wide and helps you a great deal. The drilling capacity of the worktable is ½ inches.

Feed Control

The feed control of the Klutch Milling machine is versatile. You can drill any hole or cut down any significant materials, and this feature can offer an accurate and precise height setting. You can move it according to your requirements, be it horizontal or vertical.

2-speed Gearbox

The two-speed gearbox is powerful enough to deliver 350 watts and 100-2500 RPMs. The head and column of your milling machine is also perfect and give you a powerful and noise-free operation. The head and column can tilt to 45 degrees left or right, which will improve the versatility to a new level. The headstock can travel across the Z-axis, which is seven inches wide.


The Klutch mini milling machine can handle cast iron milling with high efficiency. It can run smoothly and doesn’t create any noise or vibrations. It has a spindle, collet, and drawbar, and they all offer smooth working capacity. There is a handy chuck, which is ½ inches wide, and you can set it up on top. The design is visually appealing and is made with sturdy materials that can last for long term work.


The size of this milling machine is compact, and you can carry it around anywhere you want to. It can be the right choice if you have a small workshop as it won’t take up much space. The spindle is easy to adjust, and the dials are easy to read. It can help you as a perfect mini drill and the drill bracket series.


The Klutch milling machine is easy to assemble if you follow the right instructions which are given in the manual. If you are not able to do it on your own, you can call an expert. The central column is easy to attach within the base. The four bolts are attached inside the machine and will support a high level of precision.


The milling machine is versatile enough to handle many projects. It is a suitable choice for handling electronics, jewelry, optician, and other building projects. You will also see them commonly in the labs.

Vibration-freeThe Feed Control Could Have Been Better
Milling Head & Column Are GoodHeadstock Level Is Small



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