Best Mulching Heads For Skid Steer 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you own a farm and want to clear bushes and small tree logs on your farm, then a mulching head attachment for a skid steer is a good option. It can help you clear all the dirt and debris that are stopping you from starting your project. The mulching head attachment is a sturdy attachment that is being used in the commercial market as well. Let’s take a look at the Best Mulching Heads For Skid Steer available on the market so you can make a better decision out of them.

Best Mulching Heads For Skid Steer (Comparison)

Skid Steer AttachmentCutting Width/Size 
Titan SEFGC15560”

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Harleman Brush Beaver72″

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Titan SEFGC17569”

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Titan SEFGC155

Titan SEFGC155

The Titan SEFGC155 60” Skid Steer Flail comes equipped with hydraulic remotes and has a wide range of accessories. The machine will not fail to disappoint you and become one of the most useful tools you own at your worksite. The machine comes with a hydraulic remote that will help in the smooth operation. The machine comes with some of the best features and includes Case, Bobcat, Cat, Yanmar, and more to help you make your task more efficient. The Titan Attachments are durable and will for a long time to come so you can rest assured that once you have invested money in buying one of the products by the brand, you wouldn’t be disappointed. The heavy-duty gearbox will allow you to attach it with your skid steer with convenience. The attachment is easy to connect and install, and a beginner can easily install it to the skid-steer. The knife shaft of the attachment is sharp and can clean the dirt and debris conveniently. When attached to the skid steer, the attachment will help you clean even the dirtiest of fields. The farmers often have complained about the failure of the machine not being able to clean the mess on their lands. If you get this Titan attachment, you can rest assured that your cleaning job will be done efficiently. The attachment comes equipped with a forged flail hammer that will allow you to cut down the thick undergrow. The thick fields and small bushes can be hard to clean and clear, but everything becomes easy and quick with this attachment. You will be pleased to know that your work site becomes clearer and organized with this attachment. This is one of the most necessary skid steer attachments that you must get if you want to clear your farmland. The decomposing procedure will be made more accessible, and you will be able to clear the bushes conveniently. The quick tach system can help you to maintain your fields, orchards, vineyards, or farmland in an organized way.

Heavy Roller

The Titan attachment comes equipped with a heavy roller that is situated on the back of the attachment. It can help you to deliver a smoother performance. The rough areas and terrain can be taken care of quickly because the heavy roller can move everything. You can now clear your yard, farmlands, and other areas because Titan attachment will not fail to disappoint you.

Flail Mower

The attachment has flail mowers that will help you cut the overgrown and tall grass without any issues. The attachment works vertically and horizontally perfectly and wouldn’t let the brushes fall off on the ground further. The grass and bushes will be cut in a more delicate form, and they wouldn’t be disorganized on the floor like before. The land will have an excellent finish, and the cleanliness will be maintained correctly.

Adjustable Roller

The attachment has a high-quality Adjustable roller that will efficiently cut the grass and tall trees. The attachment reaches wide and tall and will help you cut the more extended and taller tree logs and roots easily. The cutting height provided by this attachment is noteworthy as a lot of other attachments do not offer it. The adjustable roller will help you to maintain your land and keep it clean at a cost-effective price

Universal ConnectionDoesn’t Come With Knife Tools
Forged Flail High Quality Hammers
Heavy Duty Construction



Harleman Brush Beaver

Harleman Brush Beaver

If you are looking to cut big trees that are 10 inches tall or want to clear some bushes on the land, this Harleman Brush Beaver Heavy-duty cutter shredder will be the best option for you. It can help you to organize your land in the best way possible. The cutting shredders of the attachment are sharp, and they will help you cut large and big trees easily. The trees are rough and hard, and you need high quality and sharp attachment attached to your skid steer to cut down the roots and logs. The brush clearing job is made easy with the help of this attachment. It comes from a reliable brand and has all the features you might need to do the cleaning job efficiently. The model is designed with a high-performance massive duty brush beaver to clear the land efficiently. The beaver has a broad reach and can cut and clear bushes that are many feet away. The model comes with some of the best features that make it one of the best cutting and land-clearing attachments for your skid steer. The cutter shredder is sharp and can cut through lands and farms. This is one of the most durable mulching attachments available in the market as it comes with a powerful cutter. The cutter gives you the maximum performance and helps you to clear all the dirt and debris on your land. If you plan to start a project on your land soon and wish to clear the land as soon as possible, then investing in this high-quality attachment is a good option. The attachment has a light design and will help you to attach the brush beaver easily. The cutter shredder is a massive duty brush beaver that will make your job easier and convenient.

Superior Design

The brush beaver cutter shredder has a superior design and will help you operate the skid steer conveniently. The design will help you to function well and cut the logs and grass efficiently. This will help you to maintain your fields efficiently and organize your lands in the best way. The attachment can be for all skid steer sizes and proves to be one of the best mulching head attachments.

Easy Operation

The brush beaver cutter is easy to connect and can be installed to the skid-steer easily. It connects to the skid steer system and allows you to work with the machine on the field efficiently. The attachment is easy to attach and comes with a manual that can help a beginner connect it to the skid steer. Generally, it is easy to install it on the skid steer, and you wouldn’t even have to look at the manual.


The beaver cutter is a heavy-duty attachment that has a durable construction. It has a steel construction that can withstand all kinds of harsh environments. It is also weather and scratch-resistant and can go on for years to come. Once you have invested money in buying it, you would not have to replace it for years.

EfficientThe Speed Can Be Too Fast
Radial Load Spindle
50,000 PSI Steel




Titan SEFGC175

Titan SEFGC175

A particular PTO does not drive the Titan SEFGC175 Hydraulic Skid steer mulching attachment; instead, it has hydraulic remotes that are equipped on each side of the skid steer. The hydraulic skid steer is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox. The gear box’s best thing is that it has 1:3 ratios that can turn the knife shaft quite quickly. The skid steer’s operation is smooth and will help you forge the flail hammers and cut down the entire thick under grows of various materials. You can brush everything with ease and decompose everything a lot quicker than before. This titan skid steer’s best quality is that it can easily connect and is compatible with a universal skid steer. There is a massive roller at the back of the machine, making the performance smoother and faster than before. Even if the surface is rough or terrain, it won’t hinder the excellent performance. The adjustable roller is a top-notch feature, and you can take care of the cutting height according to your convenience. You can maintain your land in a neat and organized manner without increasing your budget. The powdered coated steel body will not rust even after continuous use, while the hydraulic hoses are 78 inches long. There are ½ inch flat faced male and female couplers included, giving the users a lot of comforts. The weight of the skid steer is 651 lbs, and it comes at a fast rate.

Universal Skid Steer Connection

The hydraulic skid steer is made of unique design, and the bucket can fit well with almost all the skid steer loaders and tractors. It is versatile in the real sense, and you can use it with different tractors brands, including Ford 8n, 9n, Kubota, BX, Kioti, etc. The connection of the universal skid steer is something that you cannot get in other brands.


Unlike other skid steers, it is operated with a hydraulic, and you can connect with a 3-point tractor. The quick tach system will help the user take care of the field, orchards, vineyard, farm, and other land types much faster. You can use the hydraulic remotes bobcat, cat, Yanmar, and use this skid steer efficiently. Hydraulic hose and couplers are also included in the package.


You can cut the tall grass and a sturdy brush by moving the machine vertically and in other directions. Whenever you are cutting the bushes or dense grass, it will fall on the ground rather than on to the sides, which is a plus point. You can clean it off once your cutting has been done, and it will not take much time either. It is easy to maintain fields, construction sites, and lakefront properties as well.

Forged Flail Hammers

The best thing about Universal hydraulic skid steer is that it has 28 forged flail hammers. It is ideal for handling the tall bushes and grass, and the cuts are even and distributed at regular intervals. You will get a neat and cleaner appearance, while the decomposition will also be fast. This titan skid steer’s best quality is that it can easily connect and is compatible with a universal skid steer.

Heavy Duty Construction

Titan Distributor’s hydraulic skid steer has got a heavy-duty construction because it is made of steel. There is a 69 inches skid steer flail cutter that is constructed with ¼ inches steel on all sides. The hydraulics can move the hydraulic motor at a fast speed and make the operation very smooth. The powder-coated steel body will not rust even if you are using it continuously.


The hydraulic skid steer is equipped with a gearbox that is constructed with good quality steel. It can move the knife shaft because it has plenty of power, and the one year warranty will help you organize the repair if it malfunctions. The weight of the skid steer is moderate and can be moved to different locations if you want.

Blade Swing

This skid steer’s blade swing is a unique feature that you will not find on other skid steers. The cutting area of each blade swing is around 14 inches, and it can mulch up materials up to 3 inch diameter.

The Skid Steer Connection Is UniversalShort Roller Bar
Construction Is Sturdy
1 Year Warranty



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