Best Pipe Beveling Machines 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Pipe beveling is a complicated process of forming an angle between the edge and end of the pipe. There are many standard pipe bevel machine that is perfect for welding. These machines can also help to form J-Bevels at the ends of the pipe or tube. Some of these pipe beveling machines are automatic and can help you in your welding tasks. Here are the Best Pipe Beveling Machines available on the market today.

Best Pipe Beveling Machines (Comparison)

Pipe Beveling MachineBeveling Angle 
H & M HM01360°

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CS Unitec EKF 300.330° to 45°

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KUNHEWUHUA LY-8350° to 37°

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H & M HM01

H & M HM01

H&M is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing the best pipe butting and beveling machines. The machine has a durable construction and is durable enough to stay with you for many years to come. The machine is lightweight and easy to live and work with because of its compact size. The H & M HM01 beveling machine is made with hard-anodized aluminum that can help in easy transportation. The pipe cutting machine is suitable for job sites that require cutting and beveling. It will let you take care of your task quickly and also economically. The machine can work well, even under the most challenging conditions.

The pipe cutting machine comes with a ring gear and saddle that is precisely machined and calibrated and makes it one of the highest quality pipe cutting machines in the market. The machine is constructed with a standard rear-mounted short saddle that helps in cutting and beveling in places where there are tight spots and locations. If you are looking for precise back-beveling that this beveling machine can help you complete the operations successfully. Here we look at some of the best features of this pipe cutting and beveling machine.


H&M’s beveling machine comes with a unique “split horseshoe” design that will help you with an easy placement over tight pipe sections. The machine is also equipped with a quick-operating boomer. The boomer helps to securely lock the machine and connect it tightly to the pipe and gives it an entire 360-degree rotation. You don’t have to reposition the machine over and over again.

Minimize Downtime

The beveling machine comes with an efficient H&M’s Cuboid Spacer system and helps the machine minimize your work time. H&M Pipe Beveling Machines will help you to save the welding preparation time and money and makes welding a lot easier as compared to hand cutting.

Easy To Follow Manual

The beveling machine offers easy-to-follow manuals that are written in easy words and can be understood by a non-professional as well. The manual includes detailed instructions, and by following instructions for a few minutes, the operator will help to make it easy for you to precisely cut and bevel with the machine.


The H & M Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine help you to make fast and accurate operations. The beveling machine is also versatile and helps you in multiple welding operations. A single operator of the machine can position and angle the band and beveling becomes easier and convenient. The machine comes with a head-on 48″-diameter pipe that allows you to complete your tasks in about five minutes.


The H & M comes with a motorized beveling head which is constructed with cast aluminum. The machine is lightweight and has a compact design. The machine allows easy one-person setup and helps you to operate it individually without any help.

Steel Bands

The beveling machine comes with different stainless steel bands and will provide you with a cutting range of 10″- to 96″-diameter pipe. There are also plus amazing bands and will help cut the pipe that is up to 20 feet in diameter.


The beveling machine is automatic and automatically compensates for pipes that are over-sized or under-sized. It helps to make the cuts conveniently despite the size of the pipe. The machine is unaffected by the coating on the pipe and can bevel and cut efficiently.


The saddle comes with four cuboids and allows the users to bevel and cut through four specific pipe sizes. The design of the saddle also helps to reduce the risk involved in the welding procedures. The warping of the saddle is managed automatically during the back-beveling.

Cuboid Spacer SystemDoesn’t Work With OD Of 4" Pipe
Split Horseshoe Design
Lightweight & Durable




CS Unitec EKF 300.3

CS Unitec EKF 300.3

CS Unitec’s EKF 300.3 is a multi-purpose machine that is portable and lightweight. It is a hand-held beveling machine and conveniently deals with all the welding projects. It is designed and manufactured to Bevel and cut through 30°. It can weld seams on steel and can also cut stainless and nonferrous metals. The machine can also cut off brass and plastics and will allow you to complete your welding tasks. The machine can be conveniently used to chamfer and straighten the edges. The internal and external radii of the machine make it an effective beveling machine. The pipe cutting machine is designed with countersink holes that have a 7/8 inch diameter and can cut wide and deep pipes as well. The CS Unitec is a portable and compact beveling machine that can weld seams and also cut all kinds of pipes efficiently. It is one of the finest machines in the market, and most professionals buy it for the fantastic features it offers. The following are the features that makes this machine one of the best in the market.

Fine Adjustment

The beveling machine comes with a fine adjustment feature that can help in slight chamfers when you are deburring and preparing the weld seams.


The machine is ideal for a wide range of applications. It can be the perfect machine for mould making and can help to straighten edges. It is also an efficient machine for internal and external radii. The countersink holes can cut through 7/8 inches wide pipes.

Multipurpose Machine

The EKF is a multipurpose beveling machine and can conveniently design and bevel 30˚ or 45˚. It can also weld seams on the steel and other stainless steel. The machine is also suitable for nonferrous metals and can cut through brass and plastics.

Smooth Operation

The beveling machine helps you to perform a smooth operation. It is designed to make sure that the results are smooth and accurate. You will be able to make straight and round Corner edge bevels with the help of this pipe cutting machine. It comes equipped with a 1-horsepower and also has a brushless motor and a powerful torque.

Cutter Heads

The pipe cutting and the beveling machine comes equipped with a milling type Cutter heads and is also designed with carbide inserts that helps to provide precision. The beveling with this machine will give you a pristine finish and can help you get a clean cut that makes your welding robust and efficient. The machine also provides you with curved radius beveling options and also helps you to complete the beveling and welding tasks efficiently.

Portable & HandheldMight Not Give You Precise Cuts
Can Bevel 30˚ or 45˚ Weld Seams
Ideal For A Wide Range Of Applications






KUNHEWUHUA LY-835 pipe beveller machine is equipped with a portable pipe beveller. It is an electric pipe which is compact in structure. The machine is light in weight and easy to install or carry. It can process the groove, chamfer and edge of the U and V weld of carbon, stainless steel alloy steel and many other pipes made of different materials. The best thing is that you can also process half and plane flanges and that too with a raised face after suitable welding. The quality of the groove is good, and the speed is break neck, and the operation is also quite simple. It is equipped with an automatic walking tool function because of which the pipe beveller can move smoothly in a different direction. The cutting quantity is easy to adjust while the groove angle from 0-37 degrees will help make arbitrary choices. The portable pipe beveling machine works using electricity, and it is also used in the installation of pipeline engineering. The repair operations in petroleum can also be handled well using this handy machine. It is also used in chemical, natural gas, boiler, nuclear power, construction of the stadium, and so many other industries. The weight of the product is 35.9 pounds, and it is an affordable choice for many users. The beveling machine can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial projects.


The pipe beveling machine from KUNHEWUHUA offers accurate preparation of welding in a matter of a few minutes. It is equipped with a beveller pipe that can easily connect with many 32-80mm complete beveling machines. The machine delivers 110V and works comfortably with the use of electricity. The automatic pipe will be featuring an ISY-80 that is used for deburring the cut ends for safety and aesthetic reasons. Being a stationary pipe beveling machine, it can save a lot of time and work very fast to deliver results. It will reduce the cycle times and improve the workflow as well. The quantity of cutting can easily be adjusted according to the requirements, and the groove angle is also very smooth.


The pipe beveling machine is widely used in the installation and repair operations in many industries. You don’t need to get into any dirty operations such as hand grinding or torching that will take a lot of time and effort. The cycle time is usually between 5-20 seconds, depending on the volume and size of the work you are handling. It is safe for the user as all chips will remain inside the machine. The construction is done with sturdy materials, and this is why the machine can last for a long time. It is compact and light in weight so you can carry it anywhere with you.

Suitable For Beginners & Professionals

The pipe beveling machine is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Even if the operator isn’t skilled, it will not matter much, and you can handle chemical, natural gas, stadium construction and many other essential tasks with it. You can also form J-bevels with great precision while it is quite suitable for torching.


The automated beveling machine provides a safer, accurate and repeatable pipe beveling than the manual methods. The cutting and beveling of pipes will become accessible as the radial pipe cutter which is equipped inside the machine is quite good. The measuring length of the machine is integrated with a front roller bench. You can measure the correct position and analyze from where the welding has to start and handle it in a few minutes.

Axial Feeding

The CNC program of the machine will help the user preset many standard bevels. The bevels are usually of two types that are 30 degrees and 37.5 degrees. The shape is either V or J and will facilitate fast welding by moving into different directions. The machine has radial as well as axial feeding. It can be adjusted according to the requirement of different shapes of bevels. The pipe cutting and beveling machine offer a lot of conveniences as it has got many powerful features. It is not only limited to the thickness of the wall. The machine can be used for handling large quantities and handling industrial purposes.

Simple Setup & OperationComparatively Expensive
Groove Quality Is Good



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