Best Post Hole Diggers For Clay Soil 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Digging in clay soil can be a tough job. If you do it manually, it might take up a lot of your effort, and you still might not be able to complete the job successfully. This is where a post hole digger comes in because it can help you to dig holes deeply and efficiently. The digging tool can help to create a hole in the ground in a professionally. We will examine the three best post hole diggers for clay soil available on the market today.

Best Post Hole Diggers For Clay Soil (Comparison)

Post Hole DiggersPower Source 
Southland SEA43843 cc (Gas Powered)

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Earthquake 9800K173 cc (Gas Powered)

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Landworks LAB010011400 W (Battery Powered)

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Southland SEA438

Southland SEA438

Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger has powerful features that can dig through areas like clay soil. The powerful engine can dig deep holes and can allow you to perform your tasks efficiently. The machine performs efficient drilling and can help you make the necessary holes in your preferred areas. The post hole digger comes with a translucent fuel tank that indicates you beforehand about the fuel level in the machine. Many competitor hole diggers in the market have similar features, but none can perform like this product because it has an efficient auger bit. The product has an easy manual start and is perfect for people who have just started using digging holes. The machine is user friendly and also comes with a detailed and easy to understand manual to guide you about the application of this machine. The heavy-duty construction of this hole diggers assures you that you haven’t invested money in a useless thing. It will go on and on forever until you are tired of doing the job. The machine has durable body parts and will give you an efficient performance. The butterfly handles of the hole digger help to complete the operation in the best way possible. The handles make it easy to hold the machine and work efficiently on the clay soils. If you are worried about digging holes on clay soils and don’t have an idea that which hole digger would suit you the best then without thinking twice you should buy Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger. The machine works efficiently depending on the condition of the soil and changes speed automatically. It also comes with a two-year warranty which means that you can call the customer support and ask for repairs without paying any extra money. If you are looking to dig holes in clay soil, then this machine is the perfect buy for you.


Southland is a reliable brand that has been manufacturing outdoor power equipment to help you complete useful operations and tasks. The earth auger is sturdy and lightweight and will let you complete your tasks in the best way possible. The machine can start digging holes in no time as it starts manually in one go. It comes with great features that promote quick and fast drilling. The machine will let you complete your tasks comfortably and efficiently within a short period.

Easy Start

Most people get annoyed when the earth augers take so much time to start. The Southland earth auger has a manual recoil start that helps to start the machine quickly and efficiently. The moment you reach your job site, you know that you will be able to start your work instantly because this machine doesn’t waste your time. It includes a gas powerhead that makes it easy for it to start manually and starts operating. The auger bit is sold separately, so you have to buy it also once you plan to buy this machine.


The auger head is surrounded by wide butterfly handles that allow you to perform your job efficiently. The handles give a perfect balance to the machine and also promote convenient storage. You should make sure to use pre-blended fuel when you are using this product. The throttle location on the handles is easy and convenient, and it makes the machine easy and convenient to use. It comes with an 8-inch auger that makes it easy to operate while you are doing the drilling jobs.

Easy StartCannot Handle Tree Roots Well
Owner’s Manual Comes With Easy To Understand InstructionsDoesn’t Have A Reverse Feature
Detachable Butterfly Handles




Earthquake 9800K

Earthquake 9800K

The Earthquake 9800K 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead comes with amazing features that deliver a powerful performance. It can help you dig the holes on the toughest grounds like clay soil. Digging on clay soil cannot be an easy task, and you need a powerful digging machine to complete the digging task on a clay soil efficiently. If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use a machine that can dig holes efficiently on clay soil, then Earthquake 9800K 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead wouldn’t disappoint you. It comes with a 4 Cycle Kohler engine that helps you to dig holes deep even on the most robust lands. The construction of this machine is super sturdy and will help you to go on for a long time. The machine is surrounded by a steel cage that protects the hole digger well when it is performing at the construction site. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and can also last for a long time because of the durable construction. The earth augers are sold separately, and you have to buy them after you have bought the machine. The full handlebars are mounted on the machine, and they can help you to operate the machine efficiently. The earthquake has been in the business since the 1960s, and they have upgraded this model with new and powerful features. The dominant equipment by Earthquake is powered by fantastic features and promises to deliver the best performance. It can be perfect for digging holes in the clay soil and other lands. The product is backed up by a US customer support system and comes with a five-year warranty.


The Earthquake post hole digger comes with an auger power-head and features accessories that can help you to operate the machine efficiently. It features with a ball bearing, and an allow gear drive that can help you to dig holes in clay soil. The fantastic features can help you deal with the toughest of jobs. The machine has a durable construction and will last for a long time. It is a dependable machine and comes from America’s best brand. The world-class brand has an excellent customer support and will help you if you have any issues with the machine.

Built To Last

The machine comes with powerful augers and wouldn’t fall out in the field. It is built to last and has a durable construction. The machine can help you complete your tasks year after year. It is constructed with strong and durable materials, and the welded steel handlebars help you to hold the machine and drill efficiently in rocky soils.


The machine is powerful and can help you perform your digging jobs with efficiency. It is versatile and can dig through even the toughest of lands. The rugged and sturdy construction of the machine allows you to dig through clay soil. It is the best value for money and is easy to use because of its innovative features and construction.

Reliable MachineEarth Augers Are Sold Separately
Sturdy Construction With A Welded Steel Cage
Ergonomic Design



Landworks LAB01001

Landworks LAB01001

Landworks LAB01001 Earth Auger power head is made with steel and a 2Ah lithium battery. It will give high performance and delivers 48V. Due to the busy lifestyle, the world is moving very fast, and there is no time to waste. Old fashioned way of cutting isn’t accepted anymore as there are many tools which are introduced with the latest technology materials. Land works have always brought innovative earth augers, and they can be used outdoors with a lot of conveniences. You can now easily dig post holes, bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, fertilizing shrubs, water aeration. Even the heavy-duty weed/root removal is also handled exceptionally well with this earth auger. You can’t forget those gophers because they are always in need of course correction. You can purchase this Landworks earth auger powerhead and conquer everything. The auger is built with a 3-gear planetary brushless motor. The user can achieve the power to weight ratio under different load conditions. It can deliver a high-efficiency transmission throughout. The maximum speed of this tool is 320 revolutions per minute. There are a horse power and a torque which can deliver maximum wattage of 1400 Watts. The battery life indicator will let you know how much of it is consumed while the overall tool is an excellent source of power. The price of the tool is affordable and is the best choice for professionals.


The Landworks earth auger powerhead utilizes a universal thread bolt connection. It is considered one of the most prominent and reliable methods used in the professional and commercial industries. The auger bit is ½ connected with universal power, and you need to put your safety first and dig like a pro.

Easy Connection

The auger has a secure connection and fitting, and it can lock securely in one place. It is equipped with a 1/2 threaded socket cap bolt. The design features a new threaded bolt and will fix the loose connection when appropriately secured. It will eliminate the play in any auger bit and gives the user a comfortable experience.

Circle Upper Hand

The auger has a cutting edge circle upper hand, and the new technology will empower the everyday life and project of the users. It can be used for digging post holes, bedding plants, bulbs, seedlings, fertilizing shrubs and water aeration. The lithium power battery can last longer than expected, and it can be used for the aluminum shack or ice and fishing.


Most of the gasoline augers emit gas and may be harmful to the lungs. If we talk about the battery-powered augers, they will not produce any smog and don’t create any noise. The handles are wide-spaced and help in improving the balance during operation. The tool is eco-friendly and will save the user and environment as well.


The powerhead is designed with unique features and will handle the work of the user quiet successfully. It is designed with a 3-planetary gear mechanism and delivers a high level of transmission throughout the user. The brushless motor of this auger makes the process of digging smooth and comfortable. Construction is done with heavy-duty steel, and it won’t get any scratches quickly.


The weight of this tool is only 22 lbs, and you can easily transport it from one area to the other. It will include a 2Ah battery which is constructed with a lithium-ion, and there is a charger included in this system. The optional 4 amp hour battery is additionally available for the purchase. If you are not satisfied with one battery, you can use the other one for better convenience.

Advanced Technology

The advanced technology used in this auger is a high end, and you can boreholes on land or ice. Feel assured that this auger is always there for you. It is of superior quality and built by prominent manufacturers. It is perfect for your garden, landscape and agricultural needs. The maximum speed is 320 RPM and the running wattage load is 150W / 100W.

Overload Protector

There is a special overload protector which works as a unique feature and prevent the powerhead from heating up. It is used in the commercial industries by professional people.

Eco-friendly & SafeFoot Diameter Is Short
Efficient & Convenient



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