Best Post Hole Diggers For Rocky Soil 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Post hole diggers can be useful tools for various purposes. If you have a new birdhouse and want to install it, then post hole diggers can be the best option. The tools can make deep and wide holes. If you plan to plant an oak tree and want to make deep holes, then a pole hole digger can help you install the tree. Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking to dig a deep hole, then a post hole digger is a must-buy for you. The following are the Best Post Hole Diggers For Rocky Soil.

Best Post Hole Diggers For Rocky Soil (Comparison)

Post Hole DiggerRPM 
ECO LLC 1E44F-5B8000

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Landworks Earth Auger320

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Tazz 35365n/a

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Do you want to install a post fence? If that is the case, you would need a post hole digger to do the job. ECO LLC 1E44F-5B 52cc 2.4HP Gas Powered Post Hole Digger can help you to get your desired results. Digging a deep hole can be challenging, and a good quality hole digger can be the best option for you. The machine offers a wide range of lengths and widths and can help you deal with digging on rocky soil quickly. The auger bit selection of this machine is reasonable, and it helps you to perform conveniently. It comes with two auger bits, and this gives the machine a lot of power to dig deep into all kinds of lands. The machine can fulfill all hole dig requirements and help you install decks, tree planting, etc. It comes with a powerful gasoline engine that can dig deep holes with great comfort without any hassles. The machine can dig multiple holes in one session and can complete your digging task fast. The machine is equipped with alloy steel blades that can help to drill the surfaces of the ground quickly. You will be able to achieve maximum digging performance with this machine, and it offers versatility. The machine is equipped with a steel handlebar that can allow you to prevent the machine from any damage. It is stable and durable and can be adapted for any project. The digging inside rocky soils can be tough, but ECO LLC 52cc 2.4HP Gas Powered Post Hole Digger does extra care and caution.

Gasoline Engine

The machine is equipped with a 52CC gasoline engine. The auger of the hole digger is ideal for drilling into any earth, including the rocky soil and terrain lands. The holes can be drilled inside the ground that makes it possible for you to install any post fence. The gas engine will let you dig deep and install trees, fence posts, and poles. The auger can be handled well if two people join together and can be used to drill holes for various kinds of tasks.

Multiple Size Drill Bits

The machine is equipped with bits of 6” and 10”.This can help to meet the requirements of your various tasks. The tool can help you to drill various holes at the same time. Your task is made easy and convenient because digging holes in rocky soil can be hard to do manually.

Perfect Dirt Digging

The best thing about ECO LLC 52cc 2.4HP Gas Powered Post Hole Digger is that it is lightweight and easy to start. The machine can help you to dig holes in the dirt and on rocky soil. You will have full control over the machine, and your land will be in your hands.


The tool comes equipped with various accessories that make it a useful machine. The fuel mixing bottle can help you to mix the fuel and well and add it to the machine easily. There is a convenient and useful tool kit that comes with it. If you have purchased the item from the Amazon warehouse, then the entire package accessories would come packed in a single package. If you have bought the machine directly from the seller, then the auger and bit will be transported separately because they are heavy.

Powerful Gasoline EngineNot Durable
Suitable For Rocky Soil
Easy Fuel Delivery System



Landworks Earth Auger

Landworks Earth Auger

Landworks is a brand that offers premium quality products. This model from Landmarks has many features that can help to make your post hole digging tasks easier. The machine comes equipped with an electric powerhead auger that can make your work easy and useful. It is a high-performance machine and can be a perfect tool for you to make your hole digging tasks easy. The old fashion and old-fashioned ways of digging holes are not a thing anymore because it can get tiring and exhausting and will also not be able to do the digging procedure accurately. Landworks has made this fantastic tool to help you dig holes by using these outdoor power equipment. Digging post hole isn’t a tough task anymore because the Landworks post hole digger can do the job. The electric power post hole has all the features that can make your hole digging tasks convenient. The machine comes packed with a charger and a rechargeable battery. The machine is of superior quality and can beat all the similar products available in the market. The machine comes with a three gear motor that can dig holes deep and wide. The machine offers consistent speeds and can dig holes in rocky soil easily. It comes with a silicone grip handle that can help you to balance the machine well. The quick safety release feature can help you to protect yourself from injury. The battery-powered augers will help you do a quieter operation, and the tool wouldn’t create any smog as well.

Eco Friendly & Safe

The tool is made with eco-friendly material that is safe for the environment. The battery-powered auger makes it possible to do a quiet operation, and it also doesn’t create any smog. The gasoline engine is noisy, and it also creates a lot of mess while it is operating. The machine also comes with an overload protector that can help you to use the machine safely. The overload protector prevents the machine from getting overheated.

Wide Spaced Handles

The Landworks hole digger comes equipped with wide-spaced handles. These handles help you to maintain a perfect balance and control the machine conveniently. During the operation, the handles make sure that you hold the hole digger properly to make the holes efficiently.


The machine gives high performance and delivers higher transmission efficiency. It comes equipped with a brushless motor that makes the operation smooth and easy. The hole digger is lightweight and is easy to carry and move around.


The seller of Landworks is GreatCircleUSA, and it is an authorized seller that provides the customer with the best shopping experience. If you purchase the item, the customer will be able to enjoy a free shipping delivery. You can buy the product with confidence because the customer support team is always there to help you experience any issues with the machine.

High PerformanceComparatively Lower Performance
Brushless Motor For Smooth OperationThe Kit Lacks Some Tools
Higher Transmission Efficiency



Tazz 35365

Tazz 35365

The Tazz 35365 Earth Auger is a well-constructed tool required to attack the fencing, tree planting, deck building, or even a post hole digging project. A 43cc two-cycle engine powers the hole digger. It is a powerful tool to continue digging deep down, no matter how challenging the project may be. The alloy gear is a built-in robust component that continuously works, and the ball bearing transmission is another beautiful feature. There are welded steel handlebars, which will ensure that Tazz can withstand any acute conditions. Plunging through the earth will seem like an easy task. If this is not enough, other features like breakaway clutch and a shock-absorbing spring will help the user navigate through obstacles like rocks and roots. They can be taken out very safely without taking a lot of time and effort. The augur bit is 8 inches wide while there are a hardened blade and a fishtail point. These features are useful if you want to make an earth drilling application. The augur is well designed, and the performance is powerful because a three-year warranty backs it. You can complete your tasks instantly, and the Tazz Earth Auger is the perfect tool for anyone. It is suitable for a variety of projects and even tree planting. You can use this powerful and efficient tool to attack heavy soil or dirt.

Powerful & Efficient

A well-constructed 43cc engine powers Tazz Earth Auger. The tool is so powerful that it can attack any soil or dirt. The unit is easy to start as you need to pull recoil, and the next thing is to engage the throttle and dig all at once. You can drill about 30 holes, which can be used for hitting roots, rocks, glass, and metal.


This tool’s 43cc engine is efficient, and the engine is made with quality materials like EPA and CARB. The translucent gas tank on the top will allow the user to check out the fuel quantity whenever it needs to be included inside. You can use this tool for a tree-planting project and move on to other big projects with this efficient and durable engine.

Tough & Durable

The Tazz earth auger is designed to drill repeatedly into the ground. The strong and sturdy features like aluminum casting, alloy gears, and ball bearings are constructed with suitable materials. They can withstand any harmful element and pressure. The steel handlebars are welded, and they offer durability and that too rugged. It is suitable for a different type of job types.

Shock Absorbing

The torque transfer will be minimized due to a breakaway clutch and protect the user from getting into an accident. You can clear out all the rocks, roots, and many other obstacles during digging. The heavy-duty spring is shock-absorbing, and this will allow a safe and smooth operation for the user.


When it comes to Tazz earth auger, it can save your time, effort, and energy. The hole diggers that are used manually are not only exhausting but time-consuming as well. On the other hand, earth auger can save your money, and you can use it for various projects. Customers who are using this tool are quite happy with the performance. You can also check out the reviews on Amazon. If you purchase it you will not be disappointed as well.

Additional Features

The drill diameter is 8 inches wide, and it can comfortably accommodate four by four posts. The drilling depth is 36 inches, and the mixes fuel consists of equal oil and gas ratio. The weight of the product is 39.2 pounds, and it is 47.5 inches wide. Speed of cutting is fast and the operation is not time consuming either.

Support & Service

The support staff offers a three-year warranty on this handy tool, ensuring your satisfaction level like never before. If you are a heavy user and dealing with such projects where this tool is required every day you can get the spare parts from the company. They also offer the user to replace the malfunctioned parts like blades and fishtail points. The best thing is that they will be available in large quantities.

Excellent Choice For Tree Planting & Deck BuildingDepth Is A Little Shallow
3 Year Warranty
Powerful Engine




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