Best Post Hole Diggers For Tractor 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Post hole diggers for tractors can help you to take care of your farming projects. The holes can be drilled in a better way and can also be used for planting purposes. The drills of the post hole digger can be easily adjusted on the tractor. The post hole diggers will allow you to dig the hole. If you are a farmer and are looking for a post hole digger for tractors, you must get high quality and efficient tool that suits your needs. Here are the three Best Post Hole Diggers For Tractor.

Best Post Hole Diggers For Tractor (Comparison)

Post Hole DiggerSizes 
Tool Tuff Pole-Star 4006"/9"/12"

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Tool Tuff Model 10006"/9"/12"/18"/24”

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King Kutter PHD-09-SC-YK6"/9"/12"

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Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400

Tool Tuff Pole-Star 400

Pole-Star 400 post hole digger from Tool Tuff Pole is an advanced and highly efficient tool that can improve your farming tasks. The digging jobs can be time-consuming if you do it manually, but the post hole digger would help you work efficiently. The drilling jobs can be the best option for you if you are looking to ease your tasks. Most farmers want to dig deep holes in the field at a super-fast speed, and the Tool Tuff Pole star can be helpful for you. It comes with fantastic features that will make your tasks easier. The product can be attached to the tractor easily, and you would be able to easily dig the holes. If you want to create an orchard area and look to post hole diggers, this machine can serve you the best. The Tool Tuff Pole star post hole digger can help you to plant trees and dig holes efficiently. It would be best to have a good cement mixture and easily dig the soil and land. A post hole digger is a high-quality machine that can help you to perform heavy-duty tasks. The heavy-duty machine comes with a spiral drill that can help you to perform your tasks efficiently. The heavy-duty augers can help to dig the post hole diggers deeply in a less amount of time. The machine is made with heavy-duty construction and a premium design. If you want to handle tough digging jobs, then Tool Tuff Pole star can be the best option. The heavy-duty construction is all that is needed to deal with heavy-duty tasks. It comes with a versatile system and is suitable for dealing with all kinds of ground environments. If you are looking for high quality and heavy-duty machines, then Tool Tuff Pole Star point tractor post hole digger is the best choice for you.


If you are looking for a quality piece that can help you deal with tough digging jobs, then Tool Tuff Post hole digging machine is the best option. The machine is built with strong and sturdy materials and can withstand any harsh environments. This is one of the best post hole digging equipment and can help you deal with heavy-duty digging jobs.

Safety Features

The machine comes with the best safety features, and it is equipped with the power to deal with tough tasks. It helps to shield you from all kinds of injuries. It can be challenging to install the post hole digging machine to your tractor, but as this machine comes with so many safety features and can prevent you from getting into injuries.


This machine’s auger is so powerful and can help you install it to the tractor easily. Auger is so independent and powerful that it attaches efficiently to the tractor. The tractor that you are attaching the machine should also be powerful because the machine’s assembling is done in a better way if tractor and post hole digger is compatible.

Heavy-duty Angle GearboxFits Only Small Tractors
Efficient Safety ShieldDesigned For Smaller Lift Arm Spacing
Exceptional Customer Service



Tool Tuff Model 1000

Tool Tuff Model 1000

Tool Tuff Model 1000 3 Point Post Hole Digger is powerful equipment that would help you deal with the digging tasks efficiently. The machine is durable and can help you to go on for many years. This is a powerful tool that can help you to deal with outdoor jobs. If you want to complete your tasks efficiently, this powerful hole digger is the best. The product has a premium design and comes with a plethora of features. The digging jobs will be easy and straightforward and will help you to do the jobs hassle-free. You don’t have to manually use a shovel and do your digging jobs because this post hole digging can be the best option for you. The machine is easy to operate and can help you to dig deep and wide holes. It is an efficient machine that can serve you best in case of tough digging jobs. This is a top-notch point post hole digger that would be ideal for tractors. The machine is compatible with most tractors, and it doesn’t matter which kind of tractor you have. The unit has excellent quality and comes packed with many features. It comes with adjustable holes and canister that can help you to dig the soil deeply. It has a high strength frame and comes with a hardware kit. The hardware kit comes packed with so many accessories that can make your digging jobs easier. The tool is manufactured by a good brand that is reliable and trustworthy. It has a sturdy built and has a long-lasting life span. If you invest in buying this machine, you will be able to enjoy the machine’s durability for a long time. The machine is backed up with a comprehensive warranty and will assure you that it can last for a long time. There are a lot of auger options available and are suitable for managing different tasks.


The machine comes with a great gripping handle that can help you to use the machine smoothly. Hole digging is a challenging task, and it requires a high-quality machine with a good handle. A handle that is poorly designed can make your tasks fail. This machine comes with an excellent handle and can make things easier for you.


The post hole digging machine has an excellent blade that can help you to complete your tasks efficiently. It comes with big blades and can help you to grab more dirt from the soil. It also comes with the right quality blade, and your work can be undertaken in the best way. The blades are strong and sturdy and can withstand rocky grounds. The blade is made of high quality and can make the operation smooth and efficient.


The post hole digging tool is made with high-quality materials. It is made of stainless steel and has a sturdy and robust body. The hole diggers made with wood are not that durable, and those made with steel are long-lasting. This machine is durable because it is made with sturdy material. The machine’s sturdy construction can enhance the machine’s performance and extend the life of the machine.

High Performance MachineDoesn’t Come With An Auger Bit
Safe To Use



King Kutter PHD-09-SC-YK

King Kutter PHD-09-SC-YK

King Kutter PHD-09-SC-YK PTO posthole Digger is packed with powerful features, and it is brand new with high quality. It can perfectly match with your galaxy, and it is constructed with the material of TUP. You can give your galaxy extra protection, and this hard case, which is on the top, will give it extra strength. The color of the machine is yellow, and the after-sale value is also excellent. King Kutter is the manufacturers, and the quality is very high. The hole digger features a 3 point CAT, and a unique quick-Tach TM threaded auger can cut various materials. There is a slip clutch driven gearbox, and they are available in 6, 9, and 12 inches wide. It features a heavy-duty square tube frame, and the machine is designed and built for safety. The post hole diggers are designed for farmers, contractors, and other vital projects. A safety shield has been integrated into the structure, and the PTO slip clutch is another additional accessory. The cutting edges are treated with heat and easy to replace. The weight of the product is 350 lbs, and the height for assembling is 28 inches. It can easily handle any size of the tractor, and the engine of the motor is 20-50 HP. The users can make use of this machine for different projects.

PTO Power

The PTO power of this posthole digger is easy to operate, and it can dig holes quickly. The assembled length is 77 inches, and the width is 16 inches. The butterfly flighting has round edges and safer as compared to spiral fighting. The safety shield is also integrated inside the PTO power.

Cast Steel Construction

This auger’s construction is done with steel, and split up auger can rip through severe and complicated soil. The design is durable and robust enough to handle different projects. The auger design is quick-tach threaded and much safer than bolt-on auger.

Cutting Edges

The cutting edges of this auger are easy to remove and can be heated according to your requirements. There is a slip clutch PTO that will not require any sheer pin to operate the machine. The frame is in the form of a square tube and is durable.

Horsepower Rating

The tractor horsepower rating is very high, and the engine has boasted of 20-50 HP. As it is a post hole digger, it will deliver 540 RPM at the highest level. The depth of each hole is around 40in, and CAT features a 3 point hitch. The RPM is high as compared to many other machines which are available in the market now.


The King Kutter PTO posthole digger uses high power to dig holes of different sizes and that too quickly. It can rip through severe and complicated soil while the cast steel used for the construction is also sturdy. The numbers of safety features that are available in this drill are high end. The weight of this digger is moderate, and you can store it anywhere you want.

Spiral Flighting

The posthole digger has a different design than a standard bolt-on drill, and the butterfly flighting has got rounded edges. It is much safer than spiral flighting, and the integrated safety shield is constructed with very high-quality materials. There is a new digger which you will get in this package. There are some spare parts which are also included as different accessories.

Easy Operation

Shoveling dirt or earth is a challenging and messy, but you can make it easy when you have this auger. You can dig a variety of holes at a mailbox, fence, or plant different trees. It can ease the hassle of digging holes and make your job less tiresome. There is a simple as well as a manual model which will make things easy and convenient.


If you are looking for a high level of performance, consider this posthole digger. It is affordable enough to fit in your budget, and you can also keep your safety in mind. You can prevent yourself from the danger of any accidents because there is a safety lock feature. No matter what the condition of your lawn is, you can handle it well.

Easy To InstallAssembling Is Not Easy
Efficient & Powerful
Fast Speed



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